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Test Scenario

The test scenario is a detailed document of test cases that cover end to end functionality of a software application in liner statements. The liner statement is considered as a scenario. The test scenario is a high-level classification of testable requirements. These requirements are grouped on the basis of the functionality of a module and obtained from the use cases.

In the test scenario, there is a detailed testing process due to many associated test cases. Before performing the test scenario, the tester has to consider the test cases for each scenario.

In the test scenario, testers need to put themselves in the place of the user because they test the software application under the user's point of view. Preparation of scenarios is the most critical part, and it is necessary to seek advice or help from customers, stakeholders or developers to prepare the scenario.

How to write Test Scenarios

As a tester, follow the following steps to create Test Scenarios-

  • Read the requirement document such as BRS (Business Requirement Specification), SRS (System Requirement Specification) and FRS (Functional Requirement Specification) of the software which is under the test.
  • Determine all technical aspects and objectives for each requirement.
  • Find all the possible ways by which the user can operate the software.
  • Ascertain all the possible scenario due to which system can be misused and also detect the users who can be hackers.
  • After reading the requirement document and completion of the scheduled analysis make a list of various test scenarios to verify each function of the software.
  • Once you listed all the possible test scenarios, create a traceability matrix to find out whether each and every requirement has a corresponding test scenario or not.
  • Supervisor of the project reviews all scenarios. Later, they are evaluated by other stakeholders of the project.

Features of Test Scenario

  • The test scenario is a liner statement that guides testers for the testing sequence.
  • Test scenario reduces the complexity and repetition of the product.
  • Test scenario means talking and thinking about tests in detail but write them in liner statements.
  • It is a thread of operations.
  • Test scenario becomes more important when the tester does not have enough time to write test cases, and team members agree with a detailed liner scenario.
  • The test scenario is a time saver activity.
  • It provides easy maintenance because the addition and modification of test scenarios are easy and independent.

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