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Test Case

The test case is defined as a group of conditions under which a tester determines whether a software application is working as per the customer's requirements or not. Test case designing includes preconditions, case name, input conditions, and expected result. A test case is a first level action and derived from test scenarios.

Test Case

Test case gives detailed information about testing strategy, testing process, preconditions, and expected output. These are executed during the testing process to check whether the software application is performing the task for that it was developed or not.

Writing of test cases is a one-time attempt that can be used in the future at the time of regression testing.

Test case helps the tester in defect reporting by linking defect with test case ID. Detailed test case documentation works as a full proof guard for the testing team because if developer missed something, then it can be caught during execution of these full-proof test cases.

Usually, there is no formal templet for test case writing, but the following components are always included in every test case-

  • Test case ID
  • Pre-conditions
  • Purpose
  • Steps
  • Actual outcome
  • Expected outcome
  • Assumptions
  • Product module
  • Product version
  • Revision history
  • Post-conditions

Test Suit

Many test cases can be derived from one test scenario, and sometimes multiple test cases are written for a single function of software, these multiple test cases are known as test suit.


A table containing test cases is given below:

Test Case

In this table test cases have been created to login into a system. All pairs of True, False and Result are considered as test cases. The tester develops these types of test cases for each particular function so that its functioning can be tested.

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