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Beta Testing

Beta Testing is a part of acceptance testing which is intended to validate the product for usability, functionality, reliability, and compatibility by the end-user. It adds value to the software as user validates it by providing real input values.

It helps in enhancement of the quality of software and leads it towards success. Also, helpful in deciding whether the software is worthy to invest more in future versions or not.

It is not controlled activity since it happens at the user's side. It is considered as final testing before delivering the software to the customers. Software released for beta testing is known as beta software.

Beta Testing

How to perform Beta Testing

The user of the software performs beta testing by giving real-time input values to all the executable functions. It is only users who can certify the application on required quality aspects. Users views are considered as a testing result, and these are also helpful in performance improvement and quality enhancement.

Beta testing lifecycle

Beta testing lifecycle starts from Plan and ends on Launch of the product as beta software. Design, Build, Test, Review are also a part of the lifecycle of beta testing.

  • Plan- Includes planning of the software.
  • Design- Includes designing of the software.
  • Build- Includes development of the software.
  • Test- Includes testing of the software.
  • Review- Includes alpha testing of the software.
  • Launch- Includes launching of beta software.
Beta Testing

Usually, software applications are deployed on online portals whereby a number of users can use it and convey their feedback about the application.

Advantages of Beta Testing

  • Issues like confusing application flow and crashes that may be missed in previous testing processes are detected by beta testing.
  • Beta testing uses customer validation approach which reduces product failure risk.
  • Customer feedback helps to improve product quality.
  • It is less expensive than other similar data gathering methods.
  • Beta testing focuses on customer's satisfaction.

Disadvantages of Beta Testing

  • Beta testing does not test the functionality of software in depth as software still under development.
  • Usually, a user does not test the function that is less useful; it only focuses on the most useful functions.
  • Testing on the feedback of some users who do not use the software themselves properly, waste the tester's time and money.

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