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GIMP Save Image as JPEG

GIMP allows us to save the file in different formats such as Jpeg, Png, Tiff, Gif, and many more. The default format of GIMP is "XCF". If we use the save option to save the file, it will save the file in the "XCF" format. For any other image format, we have to choose the Export or Export As option from the file menu.

In this topic, we will talk about one of the most popular file formats that JPEG. We will see how to save the file in JPEG format.

JPEG or JPG are both the same file format. The term JPEG or JPG stands for Joint Photographic Experts Group.

The JPEG is a working group of international standardization organizations. It is one of the popular file formats for compressing the graphical images; It uses the ".jpg/.jpeg" file extension. It is not good to compress in this file format because it reduces the quality of the image. The JPEG file format is generally used for web images with .jpg file format.

How to save Image in JPEG format

To save the image in JPEG format, use the Export As option from the file menu. let's understand it in detail:

To save the file, follow the below steps:

Step1: Open or Create Image

To open an image, select the Open option, and select the New Option from the file menu to create an image.

Step2: Edit the Image

Now, edit or draw the image. After completing the editing or drawing, the image can be saved in different formats.

Step3: Save the File In JPEG Format

When we have the final image, we can save it in any of the supported GIMP's file formats. The Save and Save as an option are used to save the file in GIMP's default format (XCF). If we want to save the file in any other format, use the Export As option from the file menu.

To save the file in JPEG file format, select the Export As option and specify the file name with .jpg file extension.

GIMP Save Image as JPEG

Select the Export option after specifying the file name. It will save the file in the provided file format.

To list all available file formats, Expand the Select File Type (By Extension) option. It will display all the supported file formats by GIMP.

GIMP Save Image as JPEG

We can select any of the listed file formats. For JPEG, select the JPG from this list by scrolling.

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