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How to cite a website

A Website citation is made primarily from the information found on a homepage. A home page is an introduction to the website we are building. It provides information about the content and the index of the content of the website. The home page for any website is placed on the Internet by both organizations and individuals.

The rules to cite a website are the same as those for Internet books. We have to locate the author, title, place of publication, publisher, and date of publication. However, some of the elements are more difficult to locate when we try to cite a homepage.

For example - some of the sites that are constructed poorly do not contain dates, authorship, and publishing responsibility.

To cite an entire Website, we have to use the instruction given below. If you want to cite only one component of a Web site, whether the component can stand alone or not and can be cited separately shoud be determined. On a Website, the monograph, a journal, a database, or any books should be cited according to the instructions given for the particular type of format.

Example of citation

How to cite a website

Homepage Citation Rules with Examples

All the components and elements that are listed in the order should appear in a reference.

General rules for author

  • The author's name should be listed in the order they appear on the site.
  • The surname should be entered first for each other
  • The surname should be capitalized, and the spaces should be entered within surname as they appear the form we used.
  • We should convert the given first name and the middle name of the author for a maximum of two initial followings each surname.
  • We should have to give all the authors names, regardless of the number.
  • The name of the authors should be separated from each other by comma and space.
  • Author information should be ended with a period.

General Rules for Title

  • The title of the homepage will be reproduced as carefully as possible to the wording on the screen, duplicating capitalization, spacing, punctuation, and special character when possible.
  • We should use the colon followed by the space to separate a title from a subtitle unless another form of the punctuation is already present.
  • We should follow the Non-English title with a translation when possible.
  • We should end a title with space.

General Rule for Content-Type

  • We should use the content type to tell the use of the format of the Internet item being cited.
  • We should use a left square bracket for type information.
  • We should use the words "homepage on the"
  • The content-type should be used with space.

General Rules for Type of Medium

  • We should place the word Internet, followed by the tile in the square brackets.
  • The medium ends with a period outside the closing bracket.
  • We should add the location information according to the instruction under the availability below.

General rules for Edition

  • The Edition or version should be indicated and being cited after the type of medium. It is done when a homepage is published in more than one Edition or version.
  • We should use the abbreviated common word for the Edition
  • The edition statement's first word will be capitalized and the proper noun or proper adjective.
  • We should express the numbers representing Edition in Arabic ordinals.
  • We should end the edition statement with a period.

General rules for Editor and other Secondary Authors

  • The author that modifies the work of the primary author, is known as the editor.
  • The name of the secondary author will be placed after the Type of Medium and any Edition statement.
  • The same rule as the author will be applied for the format of the name.
  • The last-named editor is followed by a comma and the word editor or editors.
  • The secondary author's information ends with a period.

General Rules for Place of Publication

  • The place will be defined where the homepage is published.
  • Follow the cities with the two-letter abbreviation for the state or province to avoid confusion when we cite lesser-known cities. And also mention the country name.
  • We should use the anglicized form for a non-US city, Such as Vienna for Wein
  • The place information should be ended with a colon.

General rules for the publisher

  • The publisher is defined as any individual or any organization that issues the home page.
  • The publisher's name should be the same as it appears on the homepage or opening screen.
  • The publisher's name must be Abbreviated to avoid the confusion.
  • Must enter the publisher's name when a division or other subsidiary appears in the publication.
  • The publisher's information must end with a semicolon.

General rules for Date of Publication

  • The date of the publication must be cited on the home page.
  • The year must always be cited.
  • The roman numerals must be converted to the Arabic numbers.
  • The month must be included after the year if desired.
  • The date information must be ended with space.


Citation of homepage

Citation of Homepage with authors

Citation of the homepage with full author-name

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