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PhD in Artificial Intelligence

The increasing use of cutting-edge technologies in our everyday lives has expanded the market for experts in the field of artificial intelligence. Tech professionals have a chance to help satisfy this increasing demands and secure the highest-paying artificial intelligence employment by pursuing the greatest PhDs inside the field.

The best artificial intelligence PhD programme for you can be found by carefully examining certain key aspects for a PhD in artificial intelligence, such as government spent, duration, and geography. The wage for a PhD in artificial intelligence is also covered inside this article, together with some of the greatest AI careers.

How Does an Artificial Intelligence Doctorate Entail?

A doctoral programme with an emphasis on research in artificial intelligence is called a Doctorate in AI. Original study in several branches of applied artificial intelligence is a requirement for trainees. Machine learning, artificial neural networks, language understanding, and detection might indeed fall under this category. PhD students are given a designated academic advisor who will assist them with your research.

Acceptance Criteria for just a PhD in Artificial Intelligence Programme

PhD in Artificial Intelligence

A Bachelor's doctorate or a closely related subject, such as computer engineering, data science, or mathematics, is the minimal qualification for admission to an artificial intelligence PhD programme. Students will also need proficiency in numerous computer languages, a solid foundation in coding, including system analysis. Requirements for courses in disciplines like copywriting, machine - learning, neuro capabilities and organizational, & English may indeed exist.

Transcribed from your undergraduate or graduate studies along with the results of standardised examinations like the GRE could also be required. Additionally, students might well be asked to provide a statement of purpose that outlines your intended scientific fields of your Doctoral dissertation and offers a concept or an early concept.

Eligibility for a PhD in Artificial Intelligence

a master's or a bachelor's degree

  • Documentation
  • Referral letter
  • Mission statement
  • Results on standardized exams
  • Depth understanding with Java as well as Python programming languages
  • Understanding about technology, machine learning, neural networks, as well as other artificial intelligence-related topics

Admission Statistics for PhD Programs on Artificial Intelligence: What Difficult Would It is to get in?

Admission to a PhD programme with machine learning might be challenging. Acceptance is not always solely contingent upon ability because certain programmes are quite competitive. Nevertheless, assuming your complete all of the admissions standards, admittance to the several Doctoral programs is rather straightforward.

Top Artificial Intelligence Doctorates: A Brief Description

School Program Online Option
Arizona State University PhD in Computer Science No
Capitol Technology University PhD in Artificial Intelligence Yes
Cornell University PhD in Computer Science No
Drexel University PhD in Computer Science No
Oregon State University PhD in Artificial Intelligence and Robotics No
Pace University PhD in Computer Science No
Syracuse University PhD in Computer and Information Science and Engineering No
University of Colorado PhD in Computer Science No
University of Michigan PhD in Computer Science and Engineering No
University of Texas at San Antonio PhD in Computer Science No

A list of the top institutions for AI PhDs: Resources for Artificial Intelligence Doctorates

Arizona State University, Syracuse University, and Drexel University are really the top institutions in earning a PhD in artificial intelligence. They have some of the top AI research facilities, an increasing adoption ratio, as well as the appropriate social connections. These top universities for earning a PhD in artificial intelligence are listed more depth here.

1. Arizona State University

On March 12, 1885, Arizona State University was established. It's a public university that provides many graduate schools, such as those in business administration, economics, and computer science. The graduate schools of Arizona State University are famous for both their structural performance and esteemed faculty.

Computer science doctorate

Arizona State University's PhD programme calls for 84 credits, a prospectus, a research, an orally final test, as well as a writing complete examination. Students can do work in an artificial intelligence lab just at institution. Machine learning, big data, data techniques, cloud computing, social computing, data mining, and machine learning are some of the academic subjects.

PhD in Computer Science Overview

  • Program Length: Approx. 5 years
  • Acceptance Rate: N/A
  • Tuition: $11,720/year (in state); $23,544/year (out of state)
  • PhD Funding Opportunities: Awards and fellowships, graduate appointments, distinguished wards

PhD in Computer Science Admission Requirements

  • Bachelor's or master's degree
  • Transcripts
  • Minimum GPA of 3.5 in last 60 hours of bachelor's degree or in master's degree overall
  • 3 letters of recommendation
  • Statement of purpose
  • Curriculum vitae or resume
  • Proof of English proficiency

2. Capitol Technology University

On June 1, 1927, Capitol Technology University was established as a private research organisation. It is most well-known for its demonstrable academic brilliance and knowledgeable supervision of Ph.d. dissertation. Advanced degrees are available from Capitol Technology University in subjects like computer science, cyber security, business analytics, data science, and aviation scientific knowledge.

Artificial intelligence PhD

With Capitol Technology University, a PhD in artificial intelligence requires approximately 60 hours of training. This programme places a strong emphasis on the fundamentals of autonomous systems and goes into great detail about just how technology works in order to mimic people's behavior when taking decisions and resolving issues. The course is accessible including both online and in person.

PhD in Artificial Intelligence Overview

  • Program Length: Approx. 3 years
  • Acceptance Rate: N/A
  • Tuition: $933/credit
  • PhD Funding Opportunities: Hometown Heroes discounts, EdAssist partner discounts, loans

PhD in Artificial Intelligence Admission Requirements

  • Master's degree in a relevant field
  • 5 years of work experience
  • Application letter
  • Application fee: $100
  • Official transcripts
  • Resume
  • 2 letters of recommendation

3. Cornell University

Ezra Cornell and Andrew Dickson White established the downtown headquarters of Cornell University in Ithaca in 1865. Seven undergraduate campuses and seven graduate divisions make up the organisation. According to US News & World Report, its computer science PhD programme has been among the best of the best nationwide, and it conducts rigorous scientific studies.

Computer science doctorate

This curriculum is aimed for students with a particular interest in the general components of computing operations. Artificial intelligence, machine learning, data structures, robotics, natural language processing, quantitative analysis, programming languages and methods, robotic systems, including theory of computation are a few of the academic domains in which learners have the option to specialise.

PhD in Computer Science Overview

  • Program Length: 4 - 6 years
  • Acceptance Rate: N/A
  • Tuition and Fees: $29,500/year
  • PhD Funding Opportunities: Teaching assistantships, research assistantships, fellowships, loans

PhD in Computer Science Admission Requirements

  • Application fee of $105
  • Undergraduate degree
  • Letters of recommendation
  • Statement of purpose
  • Official transcripts
  • English language proficiency (for international applicants)

Is a PhD in artificial intelligence available on the internet?

Yes, anyone may obtain a internet PhD in artificial intelligence. Online doctoral degrees in machine learning are offered by certain American universities, like Capitol Technology University. Depending on the university, the online artificial intelligence programme takes approximately the same length of time to finish compared to the on-campus programme.

AI PhD programmes available at the top universities

School Program Length
Capitol Technology University Online PhD in Artificial Intelligence 3 years
Colorado Technical University PhD in Big Data Analytics 3 years
Grand Canyon University Online PhD in Artificial Intelligence 3 years
Harrisburg University PhD in Data Science N/A
Northcentral University PhD in Data Science 40 months

What Is the Time Frame for an Artificial Intelligence Doctorate?

An artificial intelligence PhD can be earned within 3 to 5 years. If a person has unusually extensive or complicated investigation, or if they are pursuing their PhD component, the timescale might well be extended.

The institution's standards, including quantity of study necessary before such a dissertation can indeed be presented, a student's cooperation with their academic supervisor, or the project's structure, that really is, whether it's either full-time or part-time, might all be contributing factors towards the prolonged timeframe.

Is just an artificial intelligence Doctorate challenging?

No, getting a PhD in AI is not that difficult. Although obtaining a PhD in a machine topic can sometimes be challenging, a PhD in artificial intelligence is comparatively simpler than other academic fields of computer science.

PhD programmes put a strong emphasis on study. Its concentration on empirical evaluation over effectiveness means getting a PhD in artificial intelligence easier. In other words, you must demonstrate how the approach makes intuitive sense instead of demonstrating that it actually works. One could even demonstrate the efficacy of a known technique inside a novel context for your AI PhD.

What Is the Price of an Artificial Intelligence Doctorate?

The National Center for Education Statistics estimates that a PhD in artificial intelligence costs roughly $19,792 annually. Depending on the type of university engaged, the percentage fluctuates. The average annual price at public bodies is roughly $12,410, while private universities charge about $26,597. Only in-state students can qualify for all these prices.

It is significant to keep in mind that other costs and expenses, including such departmental charges and processing fees, may also be necessary. The majority of Doctoral programs do, nevertheless, offer sufficient funding, although it frequently falls short of covering the total cost of the degree.

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