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PrimeFaces BreadCrumb

It is a navigation component which is used to provide contextual information about page hierarchy. It show navigation information and allows to redirect to any page by clicking on the navigation link. The <p:breadCrumb> component is used to create navigation in JSF application. The important attributes are tabled below.

BreadCrumb Attributes

Attribute Default value Type Description
model null MenuModel It is used to create menus programmatically.
style null String It is used to set style of main container element.
styleClass null String It is used to set style class of main container.
homeDisplay icon String It is used to define display mode of root link.


Here, in the following example, we are implementing <p:breadCrumb> component. This example contains the following files.

JSF File

// breadCrumb.xhtml


PrimeFaces BreadCrumb 1
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