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The MIN is an aggregate function in SQL which returns the smallest value from the multiple values of the column in the table.

Syntax of SQL Min() Function

In this syntax, we can also use the MIN function with the WHERE clause for selecting the minimum value from the filtered records.

Two Examples of SQL Min Function

Example 1: This example describes how to use the MIN function in SQL.

Let's create a simple table on which the MIN function is to be run.

The following CREATE TABLE statement creates the Bikes_Details table with five fields:

The following INSERT query inserts the record of cars into the Bikes_Details table:

The following SELECT query shows the data of the Bikes_Details table:

Bike_Number Bike_Model Bike_Name Number_of_Bikes Bike_Price
2578 2018 KTM 3 900000
9258 2019 Apache 2 1100000
8233 2018 Pulsar 6 900000
8990 2018 RX100 7 700000
9578 2020 Splender+ 6 8000000
1258 2021 Buller 2 1500000
2564 2019 Passion 4 6000000
2155 2020 Livo 8 1800000

The following query shows the smallest value from the Bike_Number column of the above Bikes_Details table:


SQL Select Min

Example 2: This example describes you how to use the MIN function with the WHERE clause.

The following query creates the College_Student_Details table using the CREATE TABLE statement:

The following SQL queries insert the record of students into the above table using INSERT INTO statement:

Let's see the record of the above table using the following SELECT statement:

Student_ID Student_Name Student_Course Student_Age Student_Marks
101 Anuj 20 88
102 Raman MCA 24 98
104 Shyam BBA 19 92
107 Vikash 20 78
111 Monu MBA 21 65
114 Jones 18 93
121 Parul BCA 20 97
123 Divya 21 89
128 Hemant MBA 23 90
130 Nidhi BBA 20 88
132 Priya MBA 22 99
138 Mohit MCA 21 92

The following MIN query displays the lowest marks above 70 from the Student_Marks column of the College_Student_Details table:


SQL Select Min

MIN Function with SQL GROUP BY clause

The MIN Function with GROUP BY clause shows the smallest value in each group from the table.

The syntax to use Group BY Clause with MIN Function is given below:

Example of MIN Function with GROUP BY Clause

Let's take the above College_Student_Details table to understand the concept of MIN function With GROUP BY Clause.

The following query shows the minimum marks of student in each course from the above College_Student_Details table:


Student_Course MIN (Student_Marks) 78
MCA 92
BBA 88
MBA 65
BCA 97

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