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Thomas write Rule

Thomas Write Rule provides the guarantee of serializability order for the protocol. It improves the Basic Timestamp Ordering Algorithm.

The basic Thomas write rules are as follows:

  • If TS(T) < R_TS(X) then transaction T is aborted and rolled back, and operation is rejected.
  • If TS(T) < W_TS(X) then don't execute the W_item(X) operation of the transaction and continue processing.
  • If neither condition 1 nor condition 2 occurs, then allowed to execute the WRITE operation by transaction Ti and set W_TS(X) to TS(T).

If we use the Thomas write rule then some serializable schedule can be permitted that does not conflict serializable as illustrate by the schedule in a given figure:

DBMS Thomas write Rule

Figure: A Serializable Schedule that is not Conflict Serializable

In the above figure, T1's read and precedes T1's write of the same data item. This schedule does not conflict serializable.

Thomas write rule checks that T2's write is never seen by any transaction. If we delete the write operation in transaction T2, then conflict serializable schedule can be obtained which is shown in below figure.

DBMS Thomas write Rule

Figure: A Conflict Serializable Schedule

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