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Best Anime to Watch

There is a widespread misconception that anime is characterized by unnaturally dramatic action scenes and protagonists who are also over the top. A sizable anime collection that dates back decades may have many surprises and gems in its depths. This is the place to go, regardless of whether you are completely new to the world of anime or a veteran looking for some of the all-time greats in the industry. Be prepared to throw yourself headfirst into the insanity and compulsiveness that is the world of anime. For your watching enjoyment, we have chosen some of the very best anime that has ever been created.

1. Hunter x Hunter

Best Anime to Watch

Hunter X Hunter, It's a light-hearted action series with lovable characters from the start, especially Gon, who is always optimistic and pure-hearted. Gon, a young boy sets out on a journey and gets to meet a group of people who are getting ready for Hunter's Exam, a stupid test of endurance, intelligence, and fighting skills that kills most of the individuals who take it and gives the few who live the freedom to go around the world and do whatever they want. Getting to the things that made Hunter X Hunter a genre classic takes a while.

There is a lot more attention paid to how characters grow and how their minds work than there is to who can outpunch who. It's a show that's always changing, and it's very good at planting seeds that will grow into big, surprising things.

2. Mushishi

Best Anime to Watch

A depressing, melancholy story about a traveling doctor/researcher who specialized in "mushi," phantom monsters conjured up from mythology and myth. Every episode seems to be a self-contained story that leaves you pondering after 20 minutes.

Mushishi's approach to man's relationship with the environment is more measured and contemplative than Studio Ghibli's, yet there are apparent parallels. The protagonist, Ginko, interacts with both the sorrowful and the mundane. He gives information while treating a little boy's hearing loss or supporting a man in his search for a mythical touchable rainbow.

3. Death Note

Best Anime to Watch

Death Note is an excellent criminal thriller, despite its fanciful idea. When Light Yagami, a high school student, discovers a book that has the power to kill anybody whose name is engraved in it, he vows to make his version of paradise on Earth by trying to assassinate high-profile criminals to diminish crime.

As the rumour of a supernatural murderer spreads throughout the world, an eccentric detective known only as 'L' sets out to stop him. Following that, Light and L engage in a fascinating cat and mouse game to discover who the other is. The Death Note's perplexing rules are gradually revealed, allowing you to grasp the depths of Light's deception, and seeing L push Light into making errors, even if they're only disclosing more information than he meant, is always entertaining. The quality of the second season declines, but the first 25 parts are excellent.

4. Megalo Box

Best Anime to Watch

Megalo Box is a simple boxing game created to mark the fiftieth anniversary of the boxing manga Ashita no Joe. Megalo Boxing is a popular activity in which boxers practice their fighting abilities while wearing metal frames known as Gears. To get out of the slums, an adolescent fighter joins an exclusive tournament and, by defeating Gearless, gains unexpected recognition.

Megalo Box is noteworthy for its clear sense of style. The film's popularity was aided by its vintage look, eclectic soundtrack, and defiant end title board that said: "not dead yet..." Even though there is a great cast of characters, interesting backstories, and moral problems, the best part is cheering for the underdog as he fights through a series of horrific battles.

5. Steins; Gate

Best Anime to Watch

Based on the same-named visual novel, Steins; Gate continues to follow self-described mad scientist Rintaro Okabe and his motley crew as they accidentally create a device that can send text messages back in time. The main character is an awful mix of an arrogant jerk and dumb klutz who is tough to appreciate in the early episodes, and you'd be excused for mistaking the show for a slice-of-life comedy. As the story progresses, though, Steins; Gate reveals a hidden layer.

When you learn more about the underlying traumas that affect the individuals, Okabe is more empathetic and honourable than he seems to be. When their time travel experiments go awry, the show evolves into a gripping, fast-paced mystery that you won't be able to drop.

6. Pokémon

Best Anime to Watch

If you've never seen Pokémon before, you may not want to start from the beginning and binge-watch the whole series, but you should see it, and not only for nostalgia reasons. The Pokémon anime is more than a savvy marketing technique for a video game franchise; it's also truly enjoyable entertainment. It launched a whole genre of series centred on young heroes making incredible friends, assisting where they can, and, of course, competing in Pokémon tournaments.

Pokémon is a children's cartoon, yet the lessons it teaches are timeless. Aside from that, the animation quality is excellent, and the endless variety of little creatures is a remarkable achievement in and of itself.

7. Death Parade

Best Anime to Watch

Death Parade is a 12-episode television series that seems like it might have come from Satoshi Kon, the guy behind films like Perfect Blue and Tokyo Godfathers. Two strangers enter a mysterious bar through a lift, with no idea how they got there, and are told to perform bar games to the death - all while server Decim remains still. Will Chiyuki, Decim's new female secretary, be able to put a stop to the inexplicable torment? Death Parade is a novel and fascinating idea with outstanding animation, and each episode delves into the story of a new character. It's touching, scary, and memorable.

8. Shingeki no Kyojin (Attack on Titan)

Best Anime to Watch

Attack on Titan isn't without criticism, but it's such an anime masterpiece that you should see it and judge for yourself since it's still one of the best. We follow the remains of humanity, who has taken refuge in a walled city, fearful of huge humanoid titans that can attack and swallow people. The titans are painfully human, which has inspired a lot of psychological and philosophical debate among ardent fans. If you're scared about violence and the absolute destruction assaults create, this is not the show for you.

This is what makes it so intriguing - not many anime take their fantasy tales seriously enough to make their concept about anything other than battling the monster of the week. Attack on Titan addresses morality and how to survive when l threat is ever-present. However, the anime has been criticized for its pro-military themes and fascist iconography, questioning whether they can be separated from the anime's context. Either way, Attack on Titan will certainly offer you plenty to think about, which is surely its strength.

9. One Piece

Best Anime to Watch

It isn't easy to have even a passing interest in anime without coming across One Piece. It's based on the world's most popular manga, which has been around for years and is still unfinished. The story of Monkey D. Luffy, who seeks to assume the title of pirate king and recapture the legendary treasure One Piece, is simple at its foundation, but Oda created a gorgeous environment around it and took his time unveiling all of its complexities. Overall, it's a terrifying incident that confirms creator Eiichiro Oda's invention's ongoing relevance.

Luffy develops a group of buddies with whom he goes through thick and thin, becomes stronger in body and mind, and makes friends with as many characters as he makes enemies. One Piece has everything, whether it's a magical fruit that grants talents, merfolk, or world-spanning battle, and simply glancing at the art of Luffy and his comrades won't give you an idea of the complexity One Piece has. Yes, there is a lot to take in, but this curriculum is quite popular for various reasons. If you've watched it before, try it along with the new Funimation dub; you'll be surprised at the change.

10. Demon Slayer

Best Anime to Watch

Now accessible on Netflix, no top anime list can be complete without discussing the largest shonen anime of the present. While the elegant action is reminiscent of the best elements of Naruto, Demon Slayer stands out for being gripping. Everything changes for Tanjiro Kamado, a young man in Taisho-era Japan when demons slay his whole family.

His sister Nezuko ostensibly lives but changes into a monster herself. There is no choice except to become a demon slayer to find one. Mizuko, clinging to her humanity, refuses to attack Tanjiro instead of providing him hope for a solution. Kimetsu no Yaiba manages to breathe new life into a tired world, with high production values throughout, from animation to voice acting and music. The narrative isn't profound, but the sibling relationship between Tanjiro and Nezuko gives the entire series a solid backbone. Tanjiro, in particular, is a truly nice character, the kind of innocent youngster you wouldn't expect to see in an otherwise brutal narrative.

11. Ousama Ranking (Ranking of Kings)

Best Anime to Watch

With its round forms and relaxing color palette, you'd be excused for believing this anime's color palette and the character design are right out of Studio Ghibli. Ranking of Kings is also a feel-good experience for those going through a difficult moment.

Boji, a young prince, must start on a quest to get a high ranking in the world's unique system and establish himself as the future king. He is brave but also deaf and mute, in addition to being little. Naturally, this impacts Boji's interactions with the world around him, including how he communicates, how others see him, and whether or not he is taken seriously. You not only get to know Boji better and cheer for him through the anime, but you also encounter a colorful array of fantastical characters who receive their due here. However, have a look at Boji. How could you not want the best for this little guy?

12. Violet Evergarden

Best Anime to Watch

Two nations have had a long-running feud. With its Telesis continent, Violet Evergarden, one of Netflix's first hit anime, establishes a whole new world. Violet Evergarden, a robot built for the battle but has already grown feelings, is left behind after it's all done. She decides to work for a postal business that claims to effectively ghost-write letters for its clients now that the fight is finished. Violet must first listen to and comprehend her clients' issues before assisting them in their emotional rehabilitation.

Violet Evergarden is a 13-episode series that will make you cry. This is not a breezy comedy; it is about the difficulty of addressing and acceptably processing emotions. It's about war's horrors and the relief that comes with closure; because the series has an open ending, we suggest seeing the movie on Netflix to follow Violet's narrative through to its conclusion.

13. Odd Taxi

Best Anime to Watch

"Hold on," you think as you enter Odd Taxi. Is that a cab driver for walruses?" Then a suspenseful mystery emerges, keeping you riveted to your seat. There are many similarities between Odd Taxi and the other well-known anime with anthropomorphic animals, Beastars. Odd Taxi is more serious than it initially looks regarding topics and production standards.

Although a disappearance isn't a novel plot device for a thriller, including a cab driver without revealing what occurred brings viewers in as active players looking for answers. There's a lot in Odd Taxi that makes you wonder why it was made, but the mystery is intriguing, and the conversation is so well-written and played that simply learning more about each character is a treat.

14. 3-Gatsu no Lion (March Comes in Like a Lion)

Best Anime to Watch

3-Gatsu no Lion will strike you like a gut punch, at least at first, if you're lonely and perhaps a little disillusioned at a juncture in your life. On the other hand, 3-Gatsu no Lion is one of the few anime that interacts with such hard feelings, making it a must-watch. It describes the tale of Rei Kiriyama, a 17-year-old top shogi player who breaks when other top players and his foster family put too much pressure on him.

Rei was never a true teenager, and as a result, he has no clue how to deal with his loneliness. After a chance encounter with three sisters, Akari, Momo, and Hinata, everything will change. Momo is adamant about assisting Rei in reclaiming his life and discovering what it means to be a family member. It's great stuff, even though Rei keeps pushing the limits of his emotional intelligence. 3-Gatsu no Lion makes you root for him as a person and as a shogi player as he grows up.

15. Re: Zero - Starting Life in Another World

Best Anime to Watch

The Isekai anime genre is full of individuals who are transported to another world and end up with all the power that any excellent power fantasy deserves. While other Isekai have made substantial changes to the premise, it's tough to equal the sheer terror that Re: Zero manages to convey regularly. It's tough to discuss Re: Zero without giving anything away, but it's a bleak depiction of life in another world. Natsuki Subaru, the protagonist, is unpleasant at times, but his struggles throughout the series make him a likable character.

There's much to like about the world's mythology, which is slowly revealed over each episode. This is not an anime for the faint of heart, but it is a must-see for those ready to grit their teeth when things get difficult.

16. Aggretsuko

Best Anime to Watch

Growing up is challenging at times; it may be agonizing. You have a lot of bills to pay, office politics to navigate, and social obligations to maintain. Either scream a guttural death, metal scream, or risk collapse. It's fortunate for Retsuko, the bashful heroine of this charming Sanrio anime, that she is capable of doing so.

Aggretsuko is terrifyingly relatable, and anybody who is feeling dejected by the demands of contemporary life should see it Aggretsuko brilliantly depicts a range of situations that we've all encountered at some time in our lives - from working for an oppressive employer to trying to please your matchmaking mother - and does it in a lighthearted, though occasionally painful, way. Retsuko may look like an average office worker, but she can howl like the finest death metal vocalists on the globe, and it's the only way she keeps sane. Aggretsuko is a very soothing and healing anime.

17. Your Lie in April (Shigatsu Wa Kimi No Uso)

Best Anime to Watch

K?sei is a teenage piano talent, but the loss of his mother forces him to undergo a psychological breakdown, preventing him from performing because he is depressed and doesn't seem to enjoy anything. One day, his friends drag him to a local violin competition, where he meets Kaori, a young girl with an engaging personality who finally shakes him out of his funk. On the other hand, Kaori has her own set of problems.

Your Lie in April is an emotional novel dealing with melancholy, love, and disease. It's a story about living life to the fullest, letting go of regrets, and acknowledging how difficult life can be. Rather than being a manic pixie dream girl who lives only for the benefit of Kosei, Kaori and Kosei's relationship is defined by a give-and-take dynamic.

18. JoJo's Bizarre Adventure

Best Anime to Watch

'JoJo's Weird Adventure,' which is exactly what it is, has never had a more fitting title for its series. From capturing Hirohoki Araki's unique visual style to storylines and action that may sometimes be labeled as camp, it is undoubtedly an anime that provokes a strong love or hate reaction in many people.

You follow several members of the Joestar family across numerous decades throughout eight seasons. Jonathan Joestar's feud with Dio Brando starts with English nobility in the late 1800s. There are a lot of mixed martial arts, a lot of vampires, and a lot of Japanized England. As the Joestar family tries to use their powerful fists to beat the Brandos and save the universe, there will be more supernatural things happening than you can shake a stick at. It defies reasoning, yet it must be seen to be believed.

19. Yuri! on Ice

Best Anime to Watch

Even today, anime has a thorny relationship with homosexuality. In the worst-case scenario, it's a cheap source of amusement or opportunistic titillation. As a result, the representation of sexuality and gender in Yuri!!! On Ice is quietly pioneering. After a disappointing defeat, Yuri, a professional figure skater, goes home, only to be startled when his hero comes and offers to tutor him. Their connection is delicate and nuanced.

The play builds archetypes-the preternaturally skilled, capricious mentor; the quiet, hardworking student-before progressively dismantling them as each character is revealed to the audience and themselves.

Even though the show is supposedly a sports anime, the show's beautifully choreographed, flowing figure skating portions are more about allowing its characters to reveal their hidden depths than about the competition. It has a fantastic opening theme as well!

20. FLCL

Best Anime to Watch

Coming-of-age stories may take many forms. You may follow the progression of a teen's paradoxical emotions and relationships over time. Alternatively, you may allow your protagonist to develop an overt sexual metaphor in the form of a growing horn from the top of his head. Of course, this is FLCL, a series so packed with weird symbolism that much of it will seem strange and random on first viewing. It's strange, but not completely bizarre.

From the moment Haruko, a crazed pink-haired Vespa rider, hits little Naota in the skull with her instrument, he embarks on his adolescent journey. FLCL may not correctly reflect adolescence, but you don't need to understand everything to appreciate how it feels. It's got it all: wild, overpowering, perplexing, sorrowful, and powerful. Also, the robot is quite awesome. The original series from 2003, named FLCL, isn't as widely available as seasons 2 (alternative) and 3 (Progressive) - however, you may appreciate seasons 2 and 3 despite having watched the first, though we highly suggest you do so.

21. Fruits Basket (2019 Reboot)

Best Anime to Watch

Shoujo romance anime is lovely and entertaining, but you know what's even better? Romantic shojo animation that isn't really about romance. Fruits Basket is more about the value of finding family than about a cute girl living with cute males and the sentiments that might develop from it. Toru is adorable, but she isn't a perfect manic pixie dream girl; instead, she is a character that matures over the series and helps others grow.

Fruits Basket is the program for you if you love strong character writing since it effectively creates its characters, their distinct doubts, and connections with one another. Add a dash of imagination for some comedic hijinks, and you've got a program about a lot more than romantic love.

22. Samurai Champloo

Best Anime to Watch

Cowboy Bebop's sequel is nearly as good. It replaces space with samurai-era Japan and jazz with wonderfully retro hip hop. Samurai Champloo has a loose plot like Cowboy Bebop, with an insane ronin named Mugen, a calm and precise ronin named Jin, and a happy young girl named Fuu. As they travel across the country, they run into strange things. Most of the episodes are standalone adventures, but Fuu's central aim of finding "the Samurai who smells like sunflowers" gives structure, reappearing on occasion.

The characters each have their secrets progressively exposed over the 26 episodes, and the action scenes are among the most visually breathtaking samurai fights ever seen on screen. The music sets the tone for the show, as it does for all of Watanabe's performances, and his use of contemporary hip hop lends Champloo a particular flavor.

23. Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood

Best Anime to Watch

Both animated versions of Fullmetal Alchemist are fantastic, but Brotherhood is the better of the two. It stays true to the manga's idea and moves rapidly through an original story that combines politics, mystery, warfare, and science (largely magic). The heroes and villains using alchemy to change their bodies and the environment create visually stunning and intelligent conflicts, and animation studio Bones never disappoints. Alphonse and Edward Elric, two wunderkinder on the hunt for a famous philosopher's stone to repair the damage they caused themselves in a catastrophically botched transformation, serve as the ship's anchor.

What starts as a grand adventure steadily and confidently evolves into a more complex story that is concerned as much with the morality of war and political corruption as it is with spectacular action scenes.

24. Haikyu

Best Anime to Watch

"Don't worry!" says Haikyu's high school volleyball squad as they lose a point. Haikyu is a refined version of a traditional sports anime featuring a cast of underdogs who connect their mutual passion for the sport as they fight against more competent rival schools. This positivity permeates the show, promoting volleyball as history's most intriguing sport.

The show's central conflict is between pint-sized, perpetually hyperactive spiker Hinata and snobbish setter Kageyama, who learn to work together and become an unbeatable team. This program does not need any prior knowledge of volleyball.

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