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Different cars bring you different features with their own pros and cons, which makes it very hard to say which car is the absolute best. But it is not entirely impossible; some of the brands just put everything in order to make something elite which is overall superior to others. This competition has led to some cars which truly define what 'best' means. Whether it's about newer technology built into them, the expensive and premium material used to build them, or specs you have always dreamt of, the top brands have not failed in any category which has made them claim the title of supercars.

While the luxury models continue to aim for the top, the competition is actually even more intense within the middle price category. Brands are constantly trying their best to capture the common market of regular car owners. They are challenged with providing better quality while maintaining the best price in order to reign supreme as Best Sellers. We will be taking a look at both the categories and some of the best ones they have to offer.


1. Bugatti Chiron Super Sport 300+ (₹ 28.40 Crore)

Best Cars

The Chiron Super Sport 300+ from Bugatti is known for its record-breaking top speed of 482.80 kmph or 300mph. The company claims to have designed the car in a way to maximise its performance and stability even when driving at speeds of over 420 kmph. Powered by the 8.0 l W16 engine and with a torque of 1600 NM, the car accelerates from 0 to 100 kmph in mere 2.4 seconds and boasts a power of 1577 hp. The car is a beast itself, but the design of the car is no less. With perfect and fine bodywork running on lightweight magnesium wheels, a comfortable and luxurious interior, and a well-thought colour scheme, this car is sure as aesthetically pleasing as it could've been. There are only 30 units of these manufactured and sold by Bugatti, so getting your hands on one is a serious feat not only because of the price but because of its rarity as well. The car also contains diamond-tipped tweeters for delivering top-notch sound inside the car and also boasts multi-configurable TFT screens as well as an infotainment system built into it. The fuel tank has a 100 L capacity.

2. Lamborghini Aventador SVJ (₹ 6.25 Crore)

Best Cars

How could one make a list of luxury supercars and not mention Lamborghini in it? The Aventador SVJ is powered by a 6498 CC engine and outputs a max power of 759 bhp along with 720 NM of torque. It takes 2.8 secs to accelerate from 0 to 100 kmph, and it boasts a top speed of over 350 kmph. The exterior design of the car is stunning, to say the least, and uses only the most lightweight materials giving you an experience of breathtaking performance when driving the car even at higher speeds. The interior is well-loaded, as you would expect from a premium car of this category. It delivers a top-of-the-class aerodynamic known as ALA 2.0 with better air in and out designs than before. The features inside the car include an Anti-lock Braking system, an engine start and stop button, a touch screen, a cd/DVD/radio player with high-quality speakers on the front and on the rear as well, Bluetooth connectivity and also includes safety features like Central locking, Power Door Locks, airbags, headlamps, passenger side-view mirrors, a Monitoring system for tyre pressure and many more.

3. Ford GT (₹ 9 Crore)

Best Cars

Here comes Ford's supercar - the Ford GT. It uses the 3496 CC 3.5-litre V-6 engine and outputs a maximum power of 660 bhp and a maximum torque of 746 NM. It uses Disc (ABS) brakes on the front and rear. The car is capable of accelerating from 0 to 100 kmph in about 3.2 seconds (estimated) and marks a top speed of 348 kmph/ 216 mph. The engine also uses a special EcoBoost technology and also boasts strikingly efficient aerodynamics giving an extremely smooth performance. The outside body is made up of carbon fibre, making it lightweight. The interior is also comfy and very well designed. A pushrod suspension system is in place, which is responsible for moving suspension components inboard and provides space for aerodynamics in the body of the car. Apart from that, to achieve higher performance and stability, the brakes put in place are Brembo carbon-ceramic Disc brakes.

4. Aston Martin Valkyrie (₹ 20 Crore approx)

Best Cars

A super-rare supercar with only 150 units to be produced. The car is powered by a 6.5-litre aspirated V12 engine achieving a mighty 1160 bhp (maximum value) and a maximum torque of 900 NM. The car has a top speed of 402 kmph/ 250mph and takes about 3 seconds (estimated) to accelerate from 0 kmph to 100 kmph. Instead of traditional exterior mirrors, it uses rear-facing cameras in order to achieve better aerodynamics. The cameras' images are shown on the cabin displays. While many others are made up of carbon fibre to an extent, the Valkyrie possesses not even a single component made up of steel in the body of the car. The interior of the car has similar designs to a Formula 1 racing car. It is well-built from the inside to provide comfort even after long hours and has a detachable steering wheel. The design and bodywork of the car itself are stunning, to say the least.

5. Bugatti Centodieci (₹ 66.95 Crore)

Best Cars

The Bugatti centodieci is even lighter than Bugatti Chiron by about 20kgs. The car represents the celebration of the Bugatti marque's 110th birthday. The car is also said to be a reinterpretation of one of the top supercars of its time - the EB110. Though not as fast as the Chiron, it still delivers to everyone's expectations. There are only 10 of these to be produced, so it is safe to say, most will never even get to see it. It is powered by an 8000 cc 8.0 L quad-turbocharged W16 engine. It has a maximum power of 1578 bhp and a maximum torque of 1600 NM, allowing it to accelerate from 0 kmph to 100 kmph in 2.4 seconds. It has a top speed of 379.80 kmph/ 236 mph. The car's design takes many cues from the original EB110 using similar aerodynamics for air intake. The design also fulfils better thermal requirements while maintaining the original car's flavour.

6. Lamborghini Huracán Evo (₹ 3.73 Crore)

Best Cars

This supercar is built on the 5204 cc V10, 90°, MPI (Multi-Point Injection) engine. It offers a maximum power of 630 bhp and a maximum torque of 600 NM. The speed of this car goes as high as 325 kmph/ 201mph and is capable of accelerating from 0 kmph to 100 kmph in 2.9 seconds. It uses high-quality carbon-ceramic disc brakes on the front as well as the rear but with a slightly lower diameter and thickness on the rear. The body is made of aluminium and carbon fibre to reduce the weight of the car and provide stability. It also provides Electronic stability control in order to ensure active safety in the car. Apart from that, it has additional safety features such as Central locking, Brake assists, engine immobiliser, electronic brake force distribution, hill assist and a few others. It provides a standard music set comprising speakers, a music system, cd/DVD players with support for radio and USB, plus an internal memory of its own for entertainment. For comfort, it has basic features such as AC, heater, climate control, keyless entry, 12V power outlets etc. and a few advanced ones like Steering adjustment, paddle shift, cruise control, and lumbar support.


1. Mahindra Scorpio-N (Z8 L 7 STR Diesel @₹19.49 Lakh)

Best Cars

Needless to introduce the impact of Mahindra on the market of car owners. After all, they are one of the top competitors. The Scorpio-N has price ranging from INR 11.99 to INR 19.49 lakh depending upon the model you choose to pick up. We are going to look into their top model, as it will get too stretched if each one of the 9 variants is explained. As the name suggests, this model runs on diesel. It has a 7-seating capacity and comes with a 2184 CC 2.2-litre MHawk Diesel engine. It outputs a max power of 130 bhp and a maximum torque of 370 NM. It provides an electric /power-assisted steering along with Ventilated Disc type brakes. The car itself comes with a variety of features, including Parking sensors on the rear, the AdrenoX connect, a built-in Alexa, a carbon filter, a system for monitoring tyre pressure, safety airbags and a navigation system put in place as well. The car has great safety features and is among the dominant sellers right now.

2. Maruti Suzuki Brezza (ZXI Plus AT Dual Tone @₹13.96 Lakh)

Best Cars

Next up for the market bosses is Maruti, as most of you have already expected. Maruti Suzuki Brezza comes with 11 petrol variants. Its highest-rated model ZXI Plus AT Dual Tone is powered by a 1462 CC 1.5-litre K-Series DualJet Petrol Engine, outputting a maximum power of 102 bhp and a torque of 137 NM. The car is driven by adjustable electric-powered steering. It provides you with ventilated Disc brakes on the front and Drum brakes on the rear. The car has about 2.15 Km/L mileage with a fuel tank of 48 litres. It comes with a number of comfort features, along with multiple others for communication and entertainment. These range from Auto Air Conditioning, built-in heater, power outlets, climate control, adjustable driver seat, parking camera on rear etc. to Fuel efficiency indicator, Low fuel warning, Bluetooth support, SmartPlay Studio, CD/DVD player with speakers and many others for the passengers' and driver's safety and comfort.

3. Honda CR-V (₹ 32.77 Lakh)

Best Cars

The Honda CR-V has a 2000 CC engine. This engine outputs a maximum power of 148 bhp and a maximum torque of 350 NM. It has petrol as well as diesel variant. The car comes with Disc brakes for the front and Drum brakes for the rear. The car also has the feature of power steering, and the fuel tank capacity is 58 L. The car also offers all sorts of features ranging from convenience to safety. It has a standard AC, heater, adjustable steering and other convenience features in the interior, such as a cigarette lighter, temperature display, and tachometer, among many more. The safety features include locks like an Anti-lock braking system, central locking, power door locking, child safety locking and some other safety & security features like airbags, anti-theft alarm, brake assist, and impact beams, traction control, crash sensor etc.

4. Toyota Highlander (₹43-46 Lakh)

Best Cars

Car lists are incomplete without Toyota in it. The engine powering Toyota Highlander is a 3.5 L V6, and the car outputs a maximum power of 295 bhp along with a maximum torque of 263 NM. The fuel tank can store up to 67.7 litres of petrol. The car itself comes with a variety of features in the interior. There are over 20 different safety features and systems inside, along with some infotainment systems like 6 speakers, USB support, satellite radio, hands-free entry, heated mirrors etc. It also boasts over 10 features dedicated to comfort for the driver and the passengers. These include electric power steering, adaptive cruise control, climate control, air filtration, keyless ignition and many more.

5. Hyundai Venue (₹ 12.57 Lakh)

Best Cars

Hyundai Venue runs on the 998 cc 1.2 Kappa engine. It has a maximum power of 118 bhp and a maximum torque of 172 NM. It uses steel wheels paired with Disc brakes on the front and Drum brakes on the rear. The fuel tank has a 45 L capacity, and the car outputs a 17.5 km/L mileage. It uses a power steering which is unfortunately non-adjustable. The safety and security features included in the car are Auto Crash Notification, Alerts for High speed, Panic notification, Seatbelt reminder, ISOFIX etc. For comfort and convenience, it possesses a few quality of life features such as Upholstery fabric in the interior, a voice recognition system, battery saver etc., along with Find My car and stolen vehicle tracking for anti-theft protection.

6. TATA Punch Creative AMT (₹ 8.92 Lakh)

Best Cars

The Tata punch is currently among the most active competitors, and so it had to be included here. The car has an 1199 cc 1.2-litre Revotron engine. It has a maximum power of 85 bhp and a maximum torque of 113 NM. It uses the fairly standard disc brakes and drum brakes on the front and rear, respectively. It has a comparatively smaller 37 L fuel tank capacity and a non-adjustable electric power steering. It possesses all basic security features one would want - electronic brakeforce distribution, central and child safety locking, anti-glare IVM, brake sway control, roof rails, tractional control, engine immobiliser; convenience features - AC, heater, keyless entry, cruise control, power outlets at 12V, etc.; a full music system with 4 speakers and USB support, seatbelt & low fuel warning along with some of the more common ones as well.

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