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Best Netflix Web Series

It's more difficult to choose the best Netflix series, especially when the streaming site often adds new titles to the hundreds already available. On Netflix, options seem unlimited. You should be able to know exactly what you want to watch without having to waste time reading through options. We've just hand-picked the best Netflix shows for you because we're all trying to figure out what to watch next. We've also covered a wide range of genres, so you'll find it here no matter what you're looking for. Let's see the Best Netflix Web series one by one.

1. The Witcher

Best Netflix Web Series

The Witcher depicts Geralt of Riviera as he journeys throughout Europe, fighting monsters and defending cities against destruction. On the other hand, the series isn't just about Geralt but also about Ciri, the crowned princess, and Yennefer of Vengerberg, the witch.

With a spin-off animated series and a live-action prequel starring Michelle Yeoh, based on Andrzej Sapkowski's novels, The Witcher has already become a Netflix hit. This is one of the greatest Netflix programs, featuring fantastic, violent, terrible action sequences and an epic plot delivered across numerous seasons (though, sometimes confusing, timelines). The second season is a significant quality improvement, and it's worth seeing before more Witcher content hits Netflix.

2. Cobra Kai

Best Netflix Web Series

When Cobra Kai, the sequel to The Karate Kid, originally came available on Netflix, there's some chance you missed it. Daniel's one-time bully/karate opponent Johnny Lawrence renounces his ways and reopens the Cobra Kai dojo in Cobra Kai three decades after the last film's events.

It's time to re-watch one of the last five years' most enjoyable and amusing shows. It's now accessible on Netflix, and it's a realistic, tragic look at growing up, passing on from the past, and deciding whether or not your past accomplishments define you. There's plenty of fan service for Karate Kid fans, including cameos from some of the original cast members, but even if you're unfamiliar with the source material, it's a stand-alone series. If you like Karate Kid, you'll enjoy this program, and both of the protagonists are in remarkably good shape, considering they're in their fifties and executing battle stunts. Season 4 is currently available on Netflix, and it's one of the greatest series on the platform.

3. Squid Game

Best Netflix Web Series

Squid Game is Netflix's most popular show, breaking all sorts of records in 2021 and ensuring that subsequent releases would have to work extremely hard even to match it. Hwang Dong-South hyuk's Korean drama features many indebted people recruited to engage in a hidden survival game. However, given the fanfare developed around the performance, you presumably already knew that. Squid Game satirizes reality television by having 456 participants engage in kid-friendly activities with fatal twists, similar to Bong Joon-Parasite ho's before it. This application offers a new and interesting way to spend your nights, despite borrowing elements from Battle Royale (which inspired The Hunger Games book). A second season is also in the works, according to the showrunner.

4. The Queen's Gambit

Best Netflix Web Series

The Queen's Gambit, a seven-episode Netflix drama about self-actualization, romance, and drug misuse, was named the best Netflix program of 2020. Anya Taylor-Joy plays Beth Harmon, an orphan who is taught to play chess by a gifted janitor before taking on the male-dominated chess arena. Her abilities provide her a little better existence, but at a cost.

Even if you don't understand the game chess, these competing sequences in The Queen's Job are thrilling to watch. Taylor-Joy does an excellent job of bringing to life a heroine whose amazing abilities disguise her struggle with addiction. Based on the novel of the same name, this adaptation has Scott Frank as one of its co-creators, who previously created another of Netflix's greatest programs, the Western drama Godless. This is an excellent Netflix binge-watch: seven episodes is the perfect length. It's well worth viewing and deserves to be on our list of the top Netflix series.

5. Money Heist

Best Netflix Web Series

Money Heist, also known as La Casa del Papel in Spanish-speaking countries, is a suspense heist thriller about a group of criminals called together by a mysterious individual known as The Professor to rob Spain's Royal Mint. With intricate characters, significant twists, and career-making performances, this is an eccentric and intelligent heist show that will quickly captivate your attention.

Money Heist, which has long been a tremendous hit with a Spanish-speaking audience, has now acquired many viewers in the English-speaking world. Netflix has launched a new series of episodes, bringing you 31 episodes to enjoy if you haven't previously, divided into two main tales about the same cast of characters. Make sure the default dub is turned off, and you're listening to the original Spanish audio with translations instead. This may be the best Netflix program you haven't seen yet, and since all 5 parts have been released, it's the perfect time to binge-watch it.

6. Seinfeld

Best Netflix Web Series

The classic sitcom is now exclusively accessible on Netflix. It is characterized as a sitcom about nothing because it defies its 1990s peers' feel-good underpinnings by insisting that its characters never learn any lessons. Jerry, Elaine, George, and Kramer are buddies on Seinfeld, and their lives are filled with absurd social situations and unpleasant interactions.

Jerry Seinfeld, as a fictionalized version of himself, along with pal George (Jason Alexander), ex-girlfriend Elaine (Julia Louis-Dreyfus), and neighbor Cosmo, is noted for being "a show about nothing" (Michael Richards).

7. Dark

Best Netflix Web Series

Dark, Netflix's first German-language program, is a fantastic science fiction series with a fantastic cast and a narrative that redefines the term "mind-bending." The show introduces viewers to Jonas, a youngster whose father recently died who is dragged into a secret conspiracy involving missing children and a gateway that transports him to the 1980s.

With a complex set-up and knotty mythology, it seemed virtually impossible for the program to tie itself up in a tidy little bow and achieve a finale that would please its loving following ahead of the third and final season, which will be published in 2020.

Thankfully, it delivered-the last season was another captivating piece of science fiction television, equal parts mesmerizing and perplexing, with a vast scale that gave it the feel of a genuine epic. Dark has earned a spot among the finest original series created for the streaming service, thanks to its thrilling conclusion.

8. Suits

Best Netflix Web Series

With all that's transpired in the last several years (including that Oprah interview), it's natural to want to revisit Meghan Markle as an actor in the long-running legal drama suits. The show revolves around Harvey, a well-known New York City lawyer, and Mike, who manages to land a job with him despite not having attended law school. While it's entertaining to see the Duchess of Sussex play paralegal Rachel (she appeared in 108 episodes), this sitcom was a great hit long before its royal connection.

The two dynamic legal eagles collaborate on major cases, fight for justice, and even have time for love interests (Markle's Rachel is still seeing Mike), keeping viewers captivated with drama in and out of the courtroom. Suits seemed new, exciting, pacy, and humorous when they originally debuted, precisely the type of program we love to watch after a hard day. While the show's lustre faded by season nine, it's still worth your time since you'll immediately fall in love with the characters.

9. Mindhunter

Best Netflix Web Series

David Fincher is no stranger to Netflix, having helmed the first episode of House of Cards, but in Mindhunter, he goes full Fincher. It's based on the same-named novel by John Douglas and follows the lives of an FBI profiler tasked with tracking serial killers. It occurs in the 1970s and early 1980s when the three main protagonists interview legendary serial murderers in stressful interactions.

10. Peaky Blinders

Best Netflix Web Series

It's a popular internet series. The story follows a family of criminals of Irish immigrant or Romani heritage in Birmingham, England, after the First World War ended in November 1918. It's about the Peaky Blinders gang and their goals, as well as Tommy Shelby, their leader. It is a British crime drama and historical fiction television series. There are five seasons in all, each with 30 episodes.

11. Narcos

Best Netflix Web Series

Narcos follows the rise and fall of drug lord Pablo Escobar and two DEA agents, Murphy and Pena, doing everything they can in the war on narcotics. However, they have met their match: Pablo is immensely resourceful, Colombia is a country full of dangerous individuals around every turn, and things are getting worse. This bilingual performance will have you on the edge of your seat for the majority of the time. The remaining 1% is spent memorizing Spanish swear words, which is always entertaining.

Narcos has been sufficiently inflated to contain as many unexpected twists as possible in each episode, even if you know Pablo Escobar's backstory. Its episodes are no different. Each one attempts something different while remaining faithful to the central notion of apprehending the bad guy. Without getting into spoilers, the program also turns everything upside down sooner than you may expect.

This wonderful American drama series was created and developed by Chris Brancato, Carlo Bernard, and Doug Miro. The story follows Pablo Escobar, a well-known drug dealer who became a millionaire overnight via the synthesis and distribution of cocaine. The IMDb rating for an American historical crime drama television series is 8.8. It has 30 episodes divided into three seasons and is accessible on Netflix.

12. Dead to Me

Best Netflix Web Series

A tragicomedy unlike any other, as completely different friends Jen and Judy fight their way through life, linked by tragedy. As the core couple, Christina Applegate and Linda Cardellini are outstanding, while James Marsden's performance as Steve and, in the second season, Steve's twin brother, is flawless. A brilliant combination of dark thrills and hilarious one-liners. You won't be able to take your eyes off it.

13. The Last Dance

Best Netflix Web Series

The Last Dance is a documentary chronicling Michael Jordan's 1997-98 Chicago Bulls season, using archive footage and interviews with some of Jordan's best friends and opponents. Even though the film is about basketball, you don't have to be a major fan of the game to enthral.

The ESPN/Netflix collaboration dives at what makes one of the 20th century's most famous ones tick, including feuds, disagreements with the front office, and family experiences. Everything is laid out so that you may learn as you go without feeling patronized. Furthermore, if you're a basketball enthusiast, you can be assured that you'll be witnessing a side of one of the sport's most legendary dynasties. Hundreds of hours of previously unheard footage are featured in The Last Dance, which offers a unique and difficult viewpoint on the man once known as "Air."

14. Orange Is the New Black

Best Netflix Web Series

This comedy-drama from Jenji Kohan, creator of Weeds, is unlike anything else on Netflix and is largely based on Piper Kerman's real-world experiences. That's presumably because it's a Netflix Original, which it definitely is. The first season closely mirrors Kerman's story, with Taylor Schilling's Piper Chapman being sentenced to prison for supporting a drug smuggler - her ex, portrayed by Laura Prepon from That '70s Show - who is also imprisoned.

As soon as the show departs from the real tale, it devolves into a jumble of intriguing plotlines. Piper is still in the mix, but there's a large ensemble of fully developed individuals about whom we discover many secrets through flashbacks.

15. Schitt's Creek

Best Netflix Web Series

Oh, how the rich perish? The title of Schitt's Creek, a one-liner-heavy gem of a show, understands that it is the punchline of many tales and recycles it as the premise's punchline. After their business manager swindles them out of their fortune, the Rose family, led by video store tycoon Johnny (Eugene Levy) and his dramatic formerly soap opera star wife Moira (Catherine O'Hara), falls on hard times. All left is the family's new home, the little village of Schitt's Creek, which was acquired as a joke. The Rose family, manipulative, selfish, and brattish, relocate and tries to fit in with the locals.

Schitt's Creek works well only based on its idea. There are many poignant moments as the Rose family adjusts to their new circumstances, and it's not all about the laughs. You can't go wrong when you pair comic class performers Catherine O'Hara and Eugene Levy, whose chemistry drives each other to raise the bar.

16. Unbelievable

Best Netflix Web Series

A young lady is jolted awake in the middle of the night by the sound of a man sneaking into her home. Unbelievable transcends TV conventions by presenting a unique perspective that rejects making women hostages of the series' heinous villain. This limited series stars Toni Collette and Merritt Wever as two detectives from separate districts who team together to find a serial rapist. It splits into two timelines at the outset of the narrative to tell two different storylines. The story begins in Washington state in 2008 with the attack on Marie (a terrific Kaitlyn Dever) and then jumps to 2011 with a series of similar episodes.

Ambitious, determined, and captivating. This Netflix program is one of the greatest because it takes a big risk on a difficult-to-watch subject. Collette and Wever's roles represent the significant contrast in how women are treated by female police officers vs their male counterparts, bringing sympathy and compassion to this devastating narrative. This is riveting television that you should not miss.

17. House of Cards

Best Netflix Web Series

House of Cards is a reworking of the original UK series of the same name, which depicts the dirty and deceitful internal workings of presidential politics. Frank Underwood, played by Kevin Spacey, is an amoral American politician who would do everything to win political power.

Frank Underwood is at the pinnacle of a world full of shady politicians and shady scandals. The senator tries to scheme his way to the White House while throwing everyone under the bus in House of Cards, based on the UK BBC series of the same name. His only competitor? Claire, his wife, is just as cunning and calculated as he is. The Russians, the President, and the American people are subject to the Underwoods' will.

Don't be put off by the show's political implications. This is about as hammy as it gets. Each episode has a whole soap opera season's worth of deaths, thrills, and spills, with Frank Underwood breaking the fourth wall to comic effect. It makes the present President of the United States appear meek in comparison.

18. Sense8

Best Netflix Web Series

After dabbling with science fiction on and off throughout their filmography, The Wachowskis bring their ideas to the small screen. Sense8 is a huge sci-fi thriller with a sprinkle of Heroes, a smidgeon of Lost, and a lot of exciting scenes. The narrative follows eight people from all around the world who find themselves unexpectedly psychologically connected. Skills, experiences, and opinions are exchanged within the gang, which has come to rely on that large resource pool since a shadowy organization is pursuing them.

Die-hard fans deserved a befitting send-off when the program was cancelled because it was such a smash when it first aired. There's still hope for new stories in this universe, thanks to a two-part conclusion proving fans can rekindle a cancelled program.

19. Maid

Best Netflix Web Series

After fleeing her violent boyfriend, Alex (Margaret Qualley), a single mother, goes into a refuge with her two-year-old child and finds work as a maid for wealthy clients. Andie McDowell, Qualley's real-life mother, plays Alex's mother, Paula, and the show also stars Nick Robinson, Billy Burke, and Anika Noni Rose. Stephanie Land's memoir Maid inspired the limited series: Hard Work, Low Pay, and a Mother's Will to Survive. Be emotionally prepared for this one.

20. Midnight Mass

Best Netflix Web Series

Mike Flanagan, the creator of The Haunting of Hill House, is back with a new drama about a young guy (Zach Gilford) who returns to his lonely island home of Crockett to serve a parole term. Simultaneously, a new priest (Hamish Linklater) comes just as supernatural happenings begin to occur across the island, inspiring the entire population to embrace religion in unprecedented ways. However, something sinister lies beneath the surface of this location.

This series has a Wicker Man-Esque folk horror feel to it. Even though some of the religious arguments are cliched, the characterization is strong, and Linklater steals moments as a new community leader whom you don't trust. While it takes a bit too long to get terrifying (three episodes, to be exact), it's certainly worth bingeing this seven-episode miniseries.

21 Bridgerton

Best Netflix Web Series

With the release of Julia Quinn's romantic fiction in the form of this Netflix historical drama, the story has quickly become a hot topic. The novel follows a group of young socialites navigating a season of balls, betrothals, and betrayals in 1813 London while trying to outwit the mysterious Lady Whistledown. Their gossip sheets have the power to ruin or make a debutante's reputation.

It's mostly a blast, with snappy storytelling, vibrant costumes and sets, and fun versions of Taylor Swift and Ariana Grande performed on period instruments. Its diverse cast is a welcome respite, demonstrating Bridgerton's determination to modernize and liven up a stale genre. It isn't all pleasant sailing, as seen by one especially troubling episode in season 1 that dealt with sexual assault.

22. Grace and Frankie

Best Netflix Web Series

Grace and Frankie may not be your typical must watch' Netflix program, but it must have something going for it, considering its longevity in the face of the termination of other top-tier shows throughout the years.

Grace Hanson (Jane Fonda) and Frankie Bergstein (Lily Tomlin) find their lives flipped upside down when their spouses, Robert (Martin Sheen) and Sol (Sam Waterston), leave them - and, in an unexpected twist, for each other. Grace and Frankie were first taken aback by the news, but they quickly created an odd and unshakable relationship, vowing to tackle their uncertain futures together.

The show's ongoing appeal may be seen after 82 episodes. Fonda and Tomlin's representations of ageing women who refuse to let their broken marriages define them and the freedom that allows them is a life lesson worth admiring and one we should all embrace. On April 29, 2022, the show's last 12 episodes were released on Netflix, putting the show's seven-season, 94-episode run to a close.

23. Love Death + Robots

Best Netflix Web Series

Love Death, and Robots, an adult CG animated anthology, has returned recently for its third season. The quality of the episodes varies, as it does with most (if not all) anthologies, but as a whole, this program has a lot to offer. The concepts range from comedy to horror to action to drama, with a dark twist at the centre of the series.

The episodes are so short that you'll be able to finish the entire series in a weekend if you can handle all of the wonderful and awful (but primarily bad) things that happen to its diverse set of people. Love Death and Robots are one of Netflix's finest sci-fi thrillers, so if you like animation, Tim Miller, David Fincher, or all three, you should watch it.

24. Sex Education

Best Netflix Web Series

Asa Butterfield plays an anxious adolescent in Sex Education, a famous British comedy-drama series, and Gillian Anderson plays his mother, a skilled ex-therapist. This online series, told in the style of a current sex-ed course, is widely regarded as one of the best in the world. Sex Education achieves the best of both worlds by being incredibly entertaining and engaging, making it great for binge-watching with friends.

This series will take you on a new experience if you appreciate romantic stories. One of his friends tells a pretty high school girl how to make passionate love because she has little experience with it. In this series, Otis enlists the aid of a classmate to help her with sex education, and you'll learn new ways to make love. The story was entirely set in a classroom. On the other hand, every season presents a new solution to Otis' numerous problems. There's a lot to speak about, from erotica to the internet. John Huges explains all she needs to know to get to the fantasy's edge. Three seasons of this romance serial are accessible online. There is a story in each of the 16 episodes that educate colleagues about sex education.

25. Breaking Bad

Best Netflix Web Series

It's an amazing show that you should watch. It takes place between 2008 and 2010 in Albuquerque, New Mexico. The narrative of this series centres around a chemistry professor who, after being diagnosed with lung cancer and having to provide for his family, becomes a ruthless player in the local methamphetamine drug market.

The series had a huge impact on the television industry. Breaking Bad offers it all: action, thrills, drama, and mind-blowing moments. This American television series incorporates elements of the neo-western, criminal, and serial dramatic genres. Vince Gilligan created the five-season, 62-episode series. You may watch it on Netflix or Amazon Prime Video. It has a 9.4 rating on IMDb, making it one of the best web series ever.

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