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Best car in India

Car is everyone's favorite, and everyone wants to buy a car, so we make a list of India's finest automobiles for your comfortability. View the pricing, specs, features, and versions of these top-ranked automobiles with the highest build quality and safety.

1. Maruti Ciaz

Best car in India

The Maruti Ciaz is the first vehicle on our list. When it comes to dependability, we think of Maruti. The Japanese manufacturer has been in the automobile sector for almost 20 years and is well-known for its elegance, affordability, and various other aspects.

The Maruti Ciaz sparked a lot of interest and speculation. The Ciaz is available in 15 various configurations, including diesel and gasoline as fuel choices. The Ciaz is also available in six distinct, fascinating color choices for the consumer to pick from.

Maruti hasn't put much thought into the design of the Ciaz since it merely appears like an elder brother of the SX4 from a distance, but it does have a trapezoidal grille and some chrome elements on the outside that will grab your eye.

The Ciaz is equipped with a K148VVT engine and a DDis 200 diesel engine, both of which are available with a four-speed automatic gearbox or a five-speed manual transmission. Apple CarPlay and Mirror Link are among the car's facilities and include twin airbags with ABS and EBD and other safety measures.

2. Honda Amaze

Best car in India

The Honda Amaze is the company's first diesel model in India, and they've put everything into it to set it apart from the competitors. The Honda Amaze wowed people with its overall incredible performance and build quality. The Honda Amaze just had a generation update, which only adds to the vehicle's advantages, making it the people's favorite.

The Amaze seems to be quite classy, particularly with its attractive front, which resembles a vehicle from Fast and Furious 7. The vehicle's capacities have been overclocked thanks to the new-generation platform, and the general redesign has made it a highly appealing automobile in this generation.

Although there are certain benefits, there are also drawbacks, such as the lack of LED headlights and projector headlamps, which are becoming widespread even in entry-level automobiles. In the sub-4 Meter segment, the Amaze has a 1198cc petrol engine with 1.2L petrol, a fuel economy rating of 19.5Kmpl, and a 1.5L diesel engine with a fuel economy rating of 27.4Kmpl.

3. Baleno Suzuki

Best car in India

The Suzuki Baleno is the most popular premium hatchback on the market. Baleno is priced between 5.54 and 8.87 lakh rupees. It has a petrol engine of 1199 cc and a diesel engine of 1248 cc. Petrol has a fuel efficiency of 21.4 kmpl, and diesel has a fuel efficiency of 27.39 kmpl. According to these numbers, the Baleno is perhaps the most fuel-efficient vehicle in its class. The steering wheel is light enough for city driving yet delivers sufficient sensation on motorways.

This is a significant upgrade over the Suzuki Swift. The Baleno has excellent sound isolation. For both petrol and diesel engines, the ride quality is superb. Petrol Automatic would be an excellent option for a city vehicle buyer. The Delta 1.2 AT CVT Petrol, Alpha 1.2 Petrol Manual, and Delta 1.3 Diesel Manual are better possibilities. In 2018, over 18000 units were sold on average every month.

4. Tata Nexon

Best car in India

Tata Nexon is one of the best cars to buy. The safest automobile is now also the cheapest compact SUV. It costs anything between 6.46 and 10.87 lakh rupees. It is the only small SUV available for less than Rs. 8 lakh. Other versions like the XUV 300 cost more than 8 lakhs on the road. The Tata Nexon has a petrol engine with 1198 cc and a diesel engine with 1497 cc.

The petrol engine has an average fuel economy of 17 kmpl, while the diesel engine achieves a fuel efficiency of 21.5 kmpl. The AMT gearbox is smooth and responsive to your driving. There are three driving modes available as well. For city traffic situations, the diesel engine is the best alternative. Gear changes aren't necessary, and driving in manual mode allows you to be indolent. The ride quality is fantastic, and the sound insulation is outstanding.

Nevertheless, the XMA Petrol AMT or XE diesel Manual is the most popular, not just because they are inexpensive but also because they provide outstanding value for money. Every month, Tata Motors distributes almost 4500 automobiles.

5. Hyundai Verna

Best car in India

The South Korean automobile manufacturer is well-known for its durability and design. The Hyundai Creta is also a significant reason for the company's popularity.

The Verna is one of the year's most popular sedans. It is well-known for its road performance, the sedan is truly exceptional, and the design enhances the body. The Hyundai Verna is available in 12 trim levels and two fuel options, with a 1.6L U2 CRDi diesel engine and a slew of other features to keep you glued to the screen.

Since the Santro days, the Korean company has been well-known, and as we all know, Hyundai does not skimp on the interior of its vehicles. The fluid design will improve the ride even more with its gadget-friendly dashboard. The design is well-made, and customer feedback has been overwhelmingly positive.

The Verna's petrol variant can get up to 15.5 kmpl, while the diesel variant can get 20.3 kmpl. The Verna's swept-back headlamps are one of its highlights, and the chrome highlights on the bonnet, as mentioned earlier, make it even more appealing. Your ride will be worthwhile thanks to the 4-speed H-Matic automatic transmission and the six-speed diesel gearbox.

Other features include the six airbags and ABS, anti-pinch window frames and the impact detection door unlock feature. These are the features that make it an excellent candidate for this list. The Hyundai Verna price ranges from around Rs. 7.1 Lac for the 1.4L petrol variant to around Rs. 9 Lac for the top-end diesel variant.

6. Suzuki Dzire

Best car in India

It's one of the most capable compact sedans on the market. The Suzuki Dzire is priced between 5.69 and 9.54 lakh rupees. The car is available in both gasoline and diesel engines. The petrol engine has 1197 cubic centimeters, and the diesel engine has 1248 cubic centimeters. The new Dzire has a fuel efficiency of 22 kmpl for petrol and 28.4 kmpl for diesel. More power is gained as the weight is reduced. ZXI AMT Petrol or VDI diesel AMT are the best options available under Rs. 8 lakh. AMT (Automated manual transmission) would be the ideal choice for this automobile because it primarily focuses on the efficiency and convenience of navigating city traffic. Despite the absence of a touchpad infotainment system at this price, the automatic gearbox is smooth and makes up for the lack of entertainment. Suzuki sells nearly 17000 units of Suzuki Dzire per month on average.

7. Vitara Brezza

Best car in India

Maruti Suzuki isn't known for its SUVs, but that has changed since the introduction of the Brezza, a subcompact SUV. The Suzuki Vitara, the bigger sister of the Maruti Suzuki Brezza, is the answer to all of Maruti Suzuki's problems.

The Brezza is built on Suzuki's Global C chassis. The Maruti Suzuki Brezza was launched in India in 2016 and was entirely developed by our Indian specialists. After four to five years, critics still recommend the Brezza, and it is a well-known SUV in the community. The Brezza has received positive feedback from reviewers, and despite being a compact SUV, it has a lot of space.

The design and construction of the Brezza are quite sophisticated and not too athletic for an SUV, despite sleek features within the dashboard with some groundbreaking technology included and somewhat sporty looking headlamps paired with the fog lamps giving it an excellent appearance. The Vitara Brezza has to be one of the best diesel SUVs available in India for less than ten lakh rupees.

The vehicle has a 1.3L diesel engine that produces 89 horsepower and 200 nm and gets 24.4 kilometers per gallon. The Brezza starts at Rs. 7.26 lakh and goes up to Rs. 9.70 lakh depending on which higher variant you select.

The Brezza has a bulky exterior and a very comfortable interior. There's nothing fancy inside, but the exteriors are bulky. The Brezza has sold over 1 lakh units in the last few years, making it a strong candidate for this list.

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