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Best Earbuds

We all enjoy spending our free time doing activities we enjoy, whether it's cooking, dancing, swimming, or simply listening to music. In fact, listening to music has always been one of our favorite pastimes. We listen to music either as a group over a speaker or individually using earphones, headphones, or earbuds. Many writers, in fact, have underlined the value of music in their works. Life would be soulless in a world without music. Charles Darwin even stated that if he had a second chance at life, he would listen to music at least once a week.

Earbuds are a pair of small speakers that are worn within the ears. Each speaker is so little that it fits the outer emptiness of an ear perfectly. Therefore, at times, they're referred to as ear-speakers. They're fine for low-volume listening, but playing loud music so near to our eardrums might cause hearing impairment. Therefore, it's essential to take precautions when using anything we purchase.

Today a plethora of diverse earbud and headphone designs have emerged as a result of technological breakthroughs, with each version providing different fits and functionality. The field of audio-listening equipment spans a wide range of criteria that many audiophiles are striving to meet, from those seeking greater sound quality to those seeking a more comfortable fit.

Types of earbuds

When choosing a pair of headphones or earbuds, the first thing to consider is whether we want a wireless or wired headphones or earbuds. Unlike wired sets, which have a standard cable plug-in, wireless sets can come in a variety of shapes and sizes.

  1. Wired: Wired headphones and earbuds link to any audio device, including our phone or laptop and MP3 player using a regular wire. When using wired listening equipment, we don't require batteries or any other additional power source to keep our earphones working.
  2. Wireless: Most wireless listening devices use Bluetooth technology, which digitally records and transmits sound over short distances, such as from our smartphones to our earbuds. Bluetooth is a well-known and widely utilized technology. Bluetooth compatibility has been introduced in most smartphones and tablets, making pairing with any bluetooth-enabled earbuds and headsets straightforward. Background noise can also be minimized with this technological innovation. Some of their general benefits include its portability, its usual reduced cost, noise reduction that works and the stability during physical exertion.
  3. True Wireless Earbuds: Due to their complete lack of wires, true wireless earbuds are quite popular. They include a charging case that is convenient to carry and boosts the battery capacity.

Advantages of truly wireless earbuds

  1. Noise cancellation: They enclose the ears and provide excellent noise isolation. Isolation varies depending on the ear tips used.
  2. Audio quality: Earbuds have very little distortion as they are put into the ear canal. As a result, earbuds can generate unambiguous sound.
  3. Comfort: The overall design of many of these true wireless earphones guarantees both comfort and stability. They firmly clasp to ears because of the deeper fit.
  4. Portability and durability: True wireless earbuds are compact and fit easily into whatever pocket. Because there are fewer cables, there are lesser possible weak points. Some true wireless earbuds come with some level of water resistance.
  5. Battery Durability: True wireless earphones are powered by batteries. Nevertheless, the battery capacity is increasing. However, battery degeneration will result in a notable decrease in battery life after two years.

Disadvantages of truly wireless earbuds

Though all audio devices have a general risk of hearing loss if played at a greater volume on a regular basis, some of the specific disadvantages connected to this type of truly wireless earbuds are as follows:

  1. Hygiene: Our ears normally clean themselves, but earwax is forced within when we use earbuds. When the wax becomes stuck in our earbuds, it attracts dirt and can result in an ear infection if we don't clean them frequently.
  2. Audio Glitches: Bluetooth codecs have to store and unload the sound wave on both sides. Because this takes a while, users may notice an apparent audio delay when watching films or playing video games.

List of Best Earbuds

Nowadays days, it's difficult to deal with a mediocre pair of wireless earphones. The market has undergone a significant transformation since the early days of truly wireless earbuds when consumers had to compromise with poor music quality and sub-par performance just to get rid of cords. Ever since things have evolved tremendously. Gaining consumer experience over numerous product generations, Sony, Apple, Samsung, Bose, and other companies are releasing their most impressive earbuds ever.

If you're willing to spend a decent sum of money, you can obtain terrific noise cancellation and audio quality in the finest category of earbuds. Although, those aren't the most important factors for everybody: whether you're looking for the finest fitness earbuds or a set that can be used for both Zoom calls and listening to music and podcasts. Tech firms are continually using unique features and performance to make their headphones perform effectively with their own device, hence you should take that into consideration while you shop.

Therefore, considering the performance, audio quality and price point, we've prepared a list of the best earbuds available in the market so that you can pick your choice based on your preferences and budget. Here's the list:

1. Sony WF-1000XM4

Best Earbuds

Notwithstanding their premium price, the Sony WF-1000XM4 wireless earbuds are the finest wireless earbuds available. They have excellent audio quality, which is rich and crisp, as well as top-notch active noise cancellation. With noise cancellation switched on, their outstanding battery life can last up to 8 hours of uninterrupted listening, outsmarting all of Sony's major contenders.

The WF-1000XM4s have a standard matte black (or light grey) finish with stunning rose gold adornment. Usually, the majority of earbuds feature standard silicone ear tips, but Sony includes foam-style tips that stretch into your ears to provide a solid seal, which, when accompanied by the noise cancellation, does an outstanding job of blocking out the outside world.

Sony's LDAC codec is included in the 1000XM4s for a better music streaming on Android phones. While some true wireless earbuds may outperform the Sony WF-1000XM4 in some aspects, like noise cancellation, none resembles the Sony WF-1000XM4's overall performance.

It is just the absence of multipoint / two consecutive Bluetooth connections that do not let the 1000XM4 become the perfect piece of wireless earbuds. Additionally, they're slightly larger than some of their opponents. With its finest set of features (including 360 Reality Audio compatibility), improved voice call quality, and incredible battery life, you won't be disappointed.

Price in India: Rs. 19,900

2. Jabra Elite 3

Best Earbuds

When all you need are the essentials, Jabra's Elite 3 earphones succeed to shine out from the crowd of under Rs. 10,000 earbuds. Despite the fact that their sound prioritizes the bass, it comes out as well-balanced and has exceptional clarity under this price bracket.

On a single charge, the earbuds can last up to 7 hours, and the compact case can hold three additional batteries. The earphones offer large, convenient tactile buttons and are IP55-rated dirt-resistant and waterproof.

The Elite 3 doesn't include Jabra's iconic multipoint function - that's the major compromise you would have to make at this price - however, unlike prior models, each earbud may be used in solo mode by itself. They're also quite comfy to wear for lengthy periods of time. Despite the lack of active noise cancellation and wireless charging, the earbuds have an IP55 rating, which means they're resistant to water splashes, dirt, and tiny particles. This renders Elite 3 an excellent choice for individuals who enjoy outdoor pursuits because you won't be worried about getting trapped in the rain or dealing with the mud and filth when outdoors. Considering the specifications Elite 3 offers, it makes it worth the money.

Price in India: Rs. 5,999

3. Bose QuietComfort Earbuds

Best Earbuds

Bose's QuietComfort Earbuds are on par with or somewhat better than some of its top competitors in the sector when it comes to active noise cancellation effectiveness. The Bose QuietComfort Earbuds are a terrific all-around solution for anyone who can afford them. Certainly, it's pricey, but its diversity helps to offset the cost. The sound output is really pleasant, regardless of any sort of music you prefer.

If you travel frequently, the active noise cancellation of the Bose QuietComfort Earbuds will come in handy. You may choose the degree of noise suppression that's ideal for you and your surroundings using the Bose mobile app. The battery performance is sufficient, offering up to 6 hours of listening with just the earbuds. Despite the fact that their charging case is large, it does provide wireless charging. The Bose QC buds are IPX4 certified which indicates it's sweat-resistant and can withstand mild rain, but that's about it. In exchange for their high price, the QC Earbuds also manage voice calls smoother than most.

Price in India: Rs. 26,900

4. Beats Fit Pro

Best Earbuds

The long-reigning ruler in the fitness earphones category, the Powerbeats Pro, has eventually been deposed. Beats' latest earphones, aptly, have exceeded them. These earbuds are relatively smaller in size - and, fortunately, feature a much more practical carrying case.

The ambient awareness feature is one of the most organic options, and it's great for hearing announcements or having a quick chat. When you pair them with Apple products, the earbuds sense your head motion and adapt the sound so that it is consistently focused on the display in front of you.

Because the earbuds magnetically attach into the case, you won't have to worry about one or both buds not charging in the case, which was a popular complaint with the Powerbeats Pro.

On Android, the Beats offer a few of the more additional features, such as fast pairing, battery status, configurable controls, software upgrades, and the Beats app's ear tip fit check. They're comparable to the AirPods Pro in this aspect, so you won't be diverted when exercising. The Fit Pro earphones offer an IPX4 water-resistance rating along with an ergonomic design that keeps them in place regardless of your training routine but fails to offer dust-resistance.

Price in India: Rs. 11,999

5. Apple AirPods Pro

Best Earbuds

The AirPods Pro offer a tempting combination of strong noise cancellation, good audio quality, and a range of features, making them the ideal complement to Apple's other gadgets for people who are committed to the company's community. They're also the only AirPods that come in a variety of ear tip sizes, allowing for a more personalised fit.

The AirPods Pro include a little casing that can charge wirelessly. It's as easy as bringing the open case close to your iPhone for getting them paired. In most ears, the earbuds are compact and comfy. The AirPods Pro doesn't have a power button; they turn on when you take them out of their charging case and turn off when you put them back in. Other than active noise cancellation, the Apple AirPods Pro also have Transparency mode, which uses microphones to gather and send external sound to the wearer's ears.

It can remove background noise, such as the humming of an air conditioning system, traffic sound, and other similar noises with a flat wavelength. It even attenuates voice and sounds like a car horn, as well as makes music and vocals considerably clearer and more apparent. The AirPods Pro are sweat-resistant and possess the IPX4 water-resistant rating making them the perfect option for fitness freaks and athletes. They are compatible with Android phones as well, a feature that the standard AirPods also offered. The AirPods Pro have average audio quality and battery life, but their strong compatibility with Apple's ecosystem is enticing enough to give them a shot.

Price in India: Rs. 20,900

6. Samsung Galaxy Buds 2

Best Earbuds

When the Galaxy Buds 2 are so good, there's no point in spending more money on the Galaxy Buds Pro. Samsung claims that the Galaxy Buds 2 are relatively small and lightweight when compared to the Galaxy Buds Plus, making them more comfortable to wear for extended durations. The Buds 2 produce controlled, lively audio that is very close to the sound profile of the Pros.

You may use the Galaxy Buds' built-in touch controls or your device to operate them. They're relatively simple (single touch to play/pause, double taps to skip forward, triple taps to replay), and a latest software update has enhanced the buds even more in this area, adding the option to double-tap the earbuds' side to increase or decrease loudness. If there's a shortcoming, it's the IPX2 water resistance, which makes them unfit for outdoor activities or getting trapped in the rain. The Buds Pro have an IPX7 rating, which suggests they won't get wet easily.

Price in India: Rs. 11,999

7. OnePlus Buds Pro

Best Earbuds

OnePlus has come by leaps and bounds from the time the first OnePlus Buds were launched. The OnePlus Buds Pro are the third instalment of truly wireless earphones by OnePlus, and they seem to be their most premium acoustic offering so far. The earbuds and the carry casing are built of a soft plastic surface that repels fingerprints and dirt better than shiny materials, which is a big benefit that helps preserve your buds in their brand-new form.

The controls are essentially identical to those found on Apple's AirPods Pro, but the OnePlus outdoes Apple in terms of longevity, with an IP55 certification for dust and water protection. In both indoor and outdoor conditions, the OnePlus Buds Pro's active noise cancellation is quite impressive. Its ANC feature is comparable to those of its major competitors in the mid-range and high-end categories.

On voice calls, many earbuds that are priced the same as the OnePlus Buds Pro function better. Wireless charging is included in the case for the same price.

Price in India: Rs. 11,999

8. Sony Linkbuds

Best Earbuds

The LinkBuds from Sony contain a donut hole in the middle of each earbud, giving them an unusual appearance. This surprisingly comfy design is intended to let in outside noise while also keeping you mindful of your surroundings.

However, this suggests that the LinkBuds aren't for everyone, particularly those who want to listen to music while drowning out the rest of the world.

The LinkBuds' strongest point is their excellent voice call clarity, not their quirky fit. For these earbuds, Sony overhauled its voice isolation algorithms, and as a consequence, the LinkBuds outperform the flagship 1000XM4s and practically all competitors (except AirPods). The LinkBuds are a great option if one is seeking something to put in your ears during the day.

Price in India: Rs. 12,999

9. JBL C100TWS

Best Earbuds

Bring home the JBL C100TWS True Wireless Earbuds to listen to your favourite music wirelessly. Bluetooth 5.0 connectivity allows you to listen to music freely without any distortion or latency. This fully charged pair of earbuds has a 5-hour playtime on a single charge. You may obtain a playtime of up to 12 hours with the charging case. All you have to do now is prepare your music and be ready to be entertained for several hours.

JBL's truly wireless earbuds are guaranteed to make your journeys more pleasant, as they produce clear and rich audio so you can jam out to your favourite tunes all the way.

You can get up to 5 hours of playback time with this fantastic pair of earbuds on a single charge. If the charge on these earphones runs out, you can use the charging case to recharge them. This fully charged charging case provides an additional 12 hours of battery life, allowing you to listen to your favourite music for nearly 17 hours. Furthermore, after charging the earbuds for roughly 15 minutes using this charging case, you can enjoy a payback period of up to one hour.

You don't have to pair each earpiece with your smartphone separately. When you pull the right earbud out of the casing and pair it with a compatible device, the left one pairs automatically.

Price in India: Rs. 7,999

10. Boat Airdopes 402 True Wireless

Best Earbuds

With the BoAt Airdopes 402 Wireless Earbuds, you will enjoy the flexibility of wireless music while also enhancing your workout routine. They deliver powerful bass and vivid audio quality across all forms of music. Furthermore, the charging case allows for continued use of these wireless earbuds, allowing for continuous listening anywhere you go.

They offer a convenient pairing experience by opening the lid of the case that causes the earbuds to turn on and initiate connecting, thanks to IWP Technology (Insta Wake N' Pair).

These earbuds have IPX4 rating that provides resistance to water splatters and sweat for a worry-free audio experience, whether it's a sweaty exercise or a poolside party.

You can also accept or decline calls, set volume levels, and activate the voice assistant with ease with the earbuds' simple and swift touch controls.

Price in India: Rs. 1,990

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