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An academic place where students can complete their higher education is known as University. In a modern university, students come to conduct studies in undergraduate, post-graduate, and doctorate-level programs. After completing their studies, they get the result of their research which is known as a degree, and this degree is helpful for them when they go to an organization for a job or at any other place. Let's see some additional interesting information related to a university.

History of Universities


No one can say the exact year, but in the old days of Europe, it became a culture that they started too many places for study, and in these places, Monks gave classes to students at that time; these places are known as medieval, and in every part of Europe you can get some medieval. We can say that these medieval can be known as the first model of University because our modern University seems like an updated version of those medieval. In the old days, they started to give a certificate for that study; at that time, students could use it for getting any job or something else.

Why is University Important?

You can see so many colleges, but each of them has to affiliate itself with any recognizable university, and the reason behind it is that, in college, we can complete our studies, but a university provides us with several things just like:-

1. Exam Curriculum and Syllabus

It is the biggest reason for having a university because there are so many colleges. If they do not affiliate with universities, they will start providing their syllabus, from which students will not get proper study. A university solves this problem by giving a similar syllabus to so many colleges. Not only syllabus but exam curriculum also play an essential role in students' study. Assume every college conducts their exam in a different time as a result of this they will complete their degree in an additional time and when they go to any other college to take admission then may be in that college they will be late.

2. Fees Structure

It is also an essential factor for having a university because many universities decide the fee structure of those colleges affiliated with them. From this, any college can not take a massive amount to their students.

3. Universities Give Exam Centres To Colleges

If colleges get authority to take exams of their students, then they will try to pass every student, and for this, they will; allow students to cheat and other stuff, but universities decide an exam centre for every college from which students have to face a challenging exam and only after qualify that they will get the certificate of their course. It is a significant profit to have a university.

4. Students Get A Reference From Their University

It is challenging for any organization to select students for their organizations, but universities make their work easy. When we apply for a job role in any organization, they check our qualifications, and if they see about our University, they can easily decide.

Types of Universities

In India, higher education is essential for every student because our literacy rate is not as good as it should be; thus, to solve this problem, we have many universities, and we can divide them into four parts.

1. Central University


Central universities are an act of the Indian parliament, and after announcing that act, the Indian government has created more than 20 universities. These universities are the backbone of Indian education because most Indian students prefer these universities for their higher education. These universities come under governments, and because of that, students don't need to pay so much money for their studies. Instead of students, this money comes from the University grants commission ( U. G. C). For admission to these universities, you have to crack their entrance exam. In a few cases, you can get access via your good result, so if you are interested in completing your higher education from any central university, you must be wise in your study.

2. State University


State universities are essential for the Indian education system, so many students complete their higher education via these universities. These Universities come under the state government, and the chief minister and education minister of that state keep the authority to take any decision of that University. Some state universities get funds through UGC; the rest get their money from the central government. You should know that now in India, there are more than 215 state universities from which Indian students can complete their higher education. Kolkata University, Madras University and the University of Mumbai are India's three oldest state universities. The worst thing about a state university is every state university keeps some seats reserved for candidates who belong to their state. If you do not belong to that state, you will have less probability of getting admission to that University. Compared to central universities, state universities are expensive; still, if you belong to the sc st or Obc category, you can quickly complete your study with less money.

As per section 12 U G C, any state government made after 1972 will not be eligible to ask for any money from the central government. Because of this act, most state Universities are run by the state government.

3. Private University

In 1956, the Indian government did an Act, and according to that, any personal company, trust, or other people could start their own University. For that, he has to take permission from the Indian government. It was a companies-related act, and its section is 25. In this section, the Indian government declared that anyone can start their own University but that universities have to follow some rules of the Indian government, just like those universities have to keep some similarity in the syllabus with any state government or central government. That University's fee structure can not be too expensive. That act aimed to improve the Indian education system because the Indian government knew that they could not develop so many colleges for Indian institutes. At that time, their purpose was too good. Still, currently, you can get so many universities doing business in the Indian education system. They give a degree to Indian students in exchange for a reasonable amount; from this, our literacy rate increases. Still, our students cannot crack any exams in their particular field.

4. Deemed University

An academic place that provides higher education for Indian students can be identified as a deemed university, and these educational places can be research centres and places for student internships. For example, we can see so many deemed universities just as the Indian institute of science, Symbiosis institute of business,  nurse Mojey institute of management studies, Manipal Academy of higher education and many more are famous universities in this category.

Which University Will Be Best For You Or Your Children?

In India, we can see four types of universities and get so many colleges under every category. Still, you will think about which University you should be admitted to. Then it depends on your level of education and financial condition. For example, suppose you are not too good. In that case, you have to be admitted to any private institute because most central institutes take the entrance exam for their entry, which is tough. Still, if you are good enough to crack any entrance exam, in that case, first of all, you should try to clear any government university entrance exam. If you get a good result, you should be admitted to a central university.


India is a developing country, and our education system is not as good as it should be, but our government is trying to improve it. Still, there are so many individual institutes which are providing only degrees instead of study. Because of them, the value of that degree is decreasing. For example, you can take Canada. In Canada, there are very few individual institutes, and most students like to complete their education via government institutes. Because of that, they get higher education for less money, and their degree will get value worldwide. The biggest problem related to private institutes is that their owner started institutes because of profit, and they consider them just like a business. Their motos are to earn money, not to provide better study to Indian students.

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