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Jiwaji University

The name of this university is a tribute to an Indian prince late. Jiwaji Rao Scindia who was the son of Maratha King Ranojirao scindia. In 1934 Jiwajirao became the chief Indian in the British Empire, and because of his work, the Indian government gave his name to this university. Jiwaji University is situated in the Indian city of Gwalior, Madhya Pradesh. This is a government-affiliated college and playing an essential role in the Indian education system since 1964. At that time, the Indian government decided to make this university per students' requirements. If you are searching for a good institute for your higher education, then this article will be helpful for you, so read it till the end.

Jiwaji University

How to be Admitted to this University

Jiwaji University

Jiwaji University offer more than 100 courses, of which 21 are undergraduate level, 54 are under postgraduate level, and approx 41 are doctorate level program; in most of them, you can take admission by cracking their entrance exam, but there are a lot of courses for which you don't need to give any types of entrance exam. For these courses, the only thing that you need to do is to enrol yourself. If your form is suitable for that particular course, you can quickly get admission to this university after counselling. For feeling any application, you should visit their official website, and from there, you will get the application form for your course. After filling in your details, you will have to do a transaction. These transactions will differ based on studies and caste. For example, if you belong to the general category and want to enrol for BCA, you must pay 1000 rupees. You can check the details of every application from their official website.

Fees Structure of Jiwaji University

Jiwaji University

As we have discussed, this is a government-affiliated university, so you don't need to pay a considerable amount. Still, you will pay something, following you can see the fee structure of Jijaji University.

They have broken their fees into several parts, just like

1. Tuition fee

In this category, students have to submit the fees of their classes from which the university can give the salary of professors and other academic-related staff.

2. Laboratory fees

In his category, they charge fees for those kinds of stuff that students will use in their lab.

3. General fee

For some other staff and some other products like electricity bill, the money of desk and every additional fee come under this category

4. Computer fees

In most courses, students need to use a computer, and in this case, they have to pay some fees in the form of computer fees.

5. Caution Money (Refundable)

When we take any shop or flat for rent, we must submit some money in advance. Suppose we leave our apartment without completing our contract or destroy any property of that flat. In that case, the owner will deduct the fee of that thing from our advance money. In the same way, universities take an amount from students. If any student breaks the rules of universities, they will deduct some amount from that, but if at the end of your course you will not do any wrong thing, then your amount will come back into your account, and this fee is known as Caution money.

We are taking a course to understand the fee structure of this university.

Fees structure of Bachelor of computer application

Types Of Fees 1st semester
Tuition fees 8000
Laboratory fees 0
General fees 2200
Computer fees 1000
Caution fes 3000
Total 14220

Every Other Information Related to Jiwaji University

This college is famous for its study and students' achievements, but they also care for every other requirement of students, let's see some of them.

1. This university is suitable for a sportsperson

This university is spread over 225 acres of land, and on this ample land, you can see so many sports grounds, especially their cricket ground is too big, and you can enjoy your match on this ground. Not only cricket but also hockey, badminton, football and every other sport have something, and if you give your best for college, you can get a chance to play for college and win some prizes too.

2. Hostel

They provide a hostel facility too, and in the hostel, you will get every important thing just, like food, laundry, your shared room mess and everything else. There are multiple hostels, just as Arybhatt hostel and Tatya tope hostel, which is famous for boys, and Mrignayni girls hostel is a favourite for girls. There are a lot of services available which are only for hostel students, just like the Gym and some other places. Still, the most crucial thing about the hostel is that if you want to reserve a seat in a hostel, you have to take it in the early days of your college because they have minimal seats.

3. Academic Achievements

  1. You should know that this university has produced many professors in different subjects; last year, more than 50 students qualified for the NET exam. Approximately 60 students have cleared the GATE exam.
  2. University has secured more than 17 million Indian rupees from ICMR, New Delhi.
  3. UGC had approved a course in the form of Tech in which students will learn industrial math with the computer application program, and after completing this course, students can quickly make their career in the field of Data scientists.
  4. University got a grant of 29 million Indian rupees from DRDE.

4. University Campus

This campus was planned beautifully, and most academic and non-academic staff live on this campus. Because of the beautiful structure, everyone can meet with another one within a few minutes. There is a big team for security reasons, even at night; you would see many night security guards in this university. You will get a medical officer who will keep so much medicine and other health-related stuff; for emergencies, you can get an ambulance from here.

Conclusion of Jiwaji University

It is a hundred times better than so many private institutes. If you are not getting prominent institutes like IIT and NIT, you should be admitted to this university. If you check the fees of Jiwaji University, you will get that they charge much less than private institutes. You can get a hostel too, but you have to pay a reasonable amount. This university is famous for higher education, just like postgraduate and doctorate-level programs. Still, suppose you are trying to pursue an undergraduate program at this university. In that case, you should compare this college with other government-affiliated institutes. As we can see, this university got a good response from their students; if you want to be admitted to the university, you should visit this college at least once. After discussing with alumni and current students, you can admit to this university.

Reviews and Rating Of Jiwaji University

Jiwa University is a better place for your higher education. Still, at the current time, if you want to judge anything, then you should check its rating on search engines because that is a place where people can give their opinion without any pressure. To check the reviews of Jiwaji university, we visited because that website provides the details of every Indian institute. Let's see the rating of Jiwaji university in a different category.

  1. Placements
    For any institute, this category is crucial, and if an institute provides good campus placement, students prefer that school for their future. Jiwaji university has secured 3.2 out of 5 stars in this category. While studying some reviews, we get that IT students are not getting a perfect platform from this university. Alumni of this university have written that " if you are not a topper of this university in IT field then you will get a job in sale company".
  2. Infrastructure
    University gets 3.5 stars out of 5 stars in this field.
  3. Faculty and course Curriculum
    There 60 per cent of academic faculty have completed their doctorate, and their syllabus defines by a particular team. Because of this, they have secured 3.9 stars out of 5 stars. Their course curriculum is outstanding, and for better results, you can take a personal tutor, and they can teach you properly.
  4. Campus Life
    As we discussed earlier, you will get a better place to live, and in the hostel, you will be provided with many facilities, and because of all these things, they get 3.6 stars out of 5 stars.
  5. Value for Money
    You don't need to pay a considerable amount, and in that better amount, you will get an education from some top-class faculty. Once you gain knowledge, you can quickly get a higher-paying job in an actual field. The placement on campus also does not matter for better students because their excellent education and courses secure four out of 5 stars in this field.

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