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Azim Premji University

Azim Premji University is a non-profit private institution in India founded by the Azim Premji University Act (2010) and is accredited by the University Grants Commission by Section 2F. It is located in Bangalore, Karnataka.

Azim Premji University


The Foundation's mission is to work toward a more fair, humane, just, and sustainable society. In 2001, Azim Premji started his organized Humanitarian Endeavors. By irrevocably donating and setting up an endowment valued (as of Jan 2022) at roughly USD 38 billion (Rs 287,000 crores), he has donated a sizeable portion of his wealth over the years, including the economic ownership of about 74% of Wipro's shareholding, for philanthropic purposes. The Foundation still holds sixty-six percent of Wipro Ltd.'s economic ownership.

The Foundation's mission includes not only education but also other crucial facets of equity and human welfare. The Foundation operates independently in education; in other sectors, it supports numerous not-for-profit organisations by providing grants over an extended period.


The Azim Premji Foundation founded the University. Azim Premji was the only source of funding for the Azim Premji Foundation, transferring his shares to it. Instead of acting as a barrier to primary education universalization, the financing was intended to facilitate it. The state authorities and education agencies of Karnataka and Andhra Pradesh, where the Foundation started its operations in 2001, supported its mission.

The Azim Premji Foundation began working in basic education in government schools all over India at the beginning of 2000. In close collaboration with the government, the Foundation planned to have a profound and institutional impact on India's educational quality.

Over time, the Foundation established district-level organizations that worked to enhance the capabilities of educators working in public schools, including teachers, school leaders, and administrators.

In 2010, Azim Premji University was founded. The Foundation started with two education and development programs and professional development courses for individuals already employed in the field. A decade of work at the local level produced significant insights into the issues and potential there.

For working professionals, including teachers, teacher educators, development professionals, and researchers, the Foundation held more than 1000 workshops. The efforts to make education accessible benefit students, who come from a variety of social backgrounds.

More than 2300 graduates of different programs have gone on to influence the social sector in a subtle but significant way. The professors develop and instruct demanding and reflective courses for the classroom, research, and field practice.


Azim Premji University

The University campus is stretched across 90 acres near Sarjapur-Attibelle Road. The complex provides 2.6 million square feet of space with classrooms and housing for visitors, teachers, and students. The campus has a library, conference rooms, outdoor play areas, an open-air theatre, and an indoor sports facility.

Student Clubs

Students arrive at the University with various skills and interests and hope to learn new things during their time there. The Institution ensures they have as many chances and places as possible to discover their interests or develop skills and hobbies. Clubs are here for you whether you want to sing, watch a movie, or join a fitness club.

University thinks clubs will make it easier for you to collaborate, bargain, and plan events together. Various campus groups for music, athletics, photography, movies, theatre, poetry, and much more bring our university community together. They also have clubs for economics, physics, math, and biology.

  • Sports and Fitness: Students should fall in love with physical activity while in college. Azim Premji Foundation thinks playing games and sports can improve your health, foster discipline and motivation, and foster a sense of camaraderie among your peers. There is something for everyone, so join Workout Wednesdays, Yoga on Mondays, or Zumba sessions!
  • Indoor Sports Complex: Azim Premji University has long held that sports are essential to growing social relationships and society. From the standpoint of fitness, the construction of the University's indoor sports complex is monumental. The 23,500 square-foot facilities can accommodate badminton games on six courts, table tennis games on four tables, basketball games on a huge court, and exercise and physiotherapy sessions. While the facility has space for all of these, several, including the gym and the physio room, have not yet been built.
    It will strengthen the already strong sporting and fitness culture at the University and encourage many more people to incorporate physical activity into their daily lives.
  • Art and Culture: Looking to discover the artist within you and your creative side? The place is our Art & Culture Committee. It will help to produce art, pick up artistic skills, and share knowledge. They invite a variety of artists to discuss their work and forms.
  • Food: The Administration of Azim Premji University tries to guarantee that the food service operations on campus take care of everyone's needs, especially giving nutrition a high priority because we believe that a campus should have an inclusive and diversified cuisine. They jointly organize the menus for all the other events and clubs.
  • Sustainability: They have started and encouraged discussions regarding environmental awareness, evaluating current regulations, suggesting amendments, and promoting resource preservation and sustainable use on campus. Students raise awareness of the biodiversity issue, publish fascinating sound maps of forest sounds, make fascinating video series for Earth Day, or organize enjoyable and instructive Nature entertainment activities on campus for everyone.
    In May, students and members are asked to send photos of nature in honor of Biodiversity Day and then put together a film featuring amazing organisms and snippets of their natural histories.


The University provides postgraduate degrees in economics, public policy, law and development, education, and development. Eight undergraduate degrees are also available through the University, covering degree programs in science (Physics, Biology, or Math), History, Philosophy, Literature, Economics, and a dual-degree BSc/ B.Ed. program (in Physics, Biology or Mathematics). Five schools plus a research centre for the entire Institution make up the organizational structure.

Financial Assistance

According to the Foundation, nobody should leave school due to financial difficulties. They offer a wide range of financial aid to help students pay for their education.

Beyond the Classroom

College is a period for discovering both oneself and the outside world. The Institution helps students overcome the obstacles they encounter in the classroom, their social circles, and their private life.

They ensure that everyone feels welcome and supported, that those in need have access to assistance, and that those unusual situations can occur at any time. Along with peer-support groups led by students on campus, they also offer counseling services on and off campus. The mentoring program looks after each person throughout their academic career.


Azim Premji University is concerned for everyone's welfare in their neighborhood. They believe that learning can be an active, imaginative process that enables everyone to reach their full potential.

Students in the multicultural community come from all over India and have a wide range of life experiences. They have a wide range of social and cultural origins. They are aware that due to decades of social injustice in India, every student's classroom experience is different. So, they help the student body overcome the many obstacles they encounter inside and outside the classroom as they pursue their academic goals.


More than 2300 alumni have found employment that is both effective and meaningful. 90% of the students work in the social sector, and 80% of alums are now employed as community workers in underdeveloped areas of India.

The Placement Cell makes ongoing attempts to attract organizations whose principles, ethics, and dedication adhere to those of the University. Every year, the Placement Cell tries to broaden its network to give students the best opportunity to work in the social/development sector.

Each year, several organizations conduct recruitment events on campus. Over 90 organizations often visit the school for the placement process each year. The hiring organizations are in the social sector and include non-profit, government and quasi-government, corporate social responsibility (CSR), think tanks for public policy, educational institutions, and others.

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