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Shivaji University

A state university in Kolhapur, Maharashtra, India, Shivaji University was founded in 1962. Its jurisdiction extends to educational institutions in Kolhapur, Sangli, and Satara districts, with 279 associated colleges and recognized institutions. The institution bears Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj's name; he founded the Maratha Empire, and his campus spans 853 acres. On November 18, 1962, Sarvepalli Radhakrishnan, the president of India at the time, formally opened it. When it came to founding this University, Yashwantrao Chavan and Balasaheb Desai were the driving forces.

Shivaji University

Its foundation included one of the primary goals of meeting the region of South Maharashtra's educational demands. The University's commitment to excellence is acknowledged by its numerous awards from funding organizations, including the Department of Science and Technology (India), the University Grants Commission (India), and DBT. Water is self-sufficient for the University and is kept on campus throughout the wet season, and its campus is abundant in wildlife.

Shivaji University and the Bhabha Atomic Research Centre recently agreed to collaborate on material science research. Additionally, it has collaborated with businesses like Phyto-Pharma and the Indian Institute of Geo-Magnetism in Mumbai. The Maharashtra Police Academy at Nasik and the Centre for Social Studies are two institutions that have applied to be affiliated with Shivaji University.

Admission and Courses

Through its many departments in Science, Arts, Technology, Management, and Commerce, Shivaji University offers 126 undergraduate, postgraduate, certificate, and doctoral courses. Various courses require entrance exams to get admitted. For technical degrees like B.Tech, MCA, and MBA, the University accepts the results of entrance tests taken at the national, state, and university levels. The University administers its entrance exam for non-professional courses, including B.A., BSc, MSW, MA, etc. The institution also provides remote education programs that UGC has authorized.

  • Numerous U.G. programs, including B.Tech, BSc, B.Com, BA, B.Des, BBA, BCA, and B.Lib.Sc, are offered on the campus of Shivaji University. Numerous more undergraduate programs are also provided by other colleges that are associated with Shivaji University.
  • Through its main campus, Shivaji University provides postgraduate programs, including the MSc, M.Tech, MPA, MBA, M.Tech, M.Com, MCA, etc.
  • Shivaji University also provides conventional U.G. and P.G. degree programs and a full-time, one-year P.G. Diploma program.
  • The school provides P.G. Diploma in bioinformatics, economics, and Dr BR Ambedkar's philosophy.
  • A regular Doctorate of Philosophy (PhD) course is available at Shivaji University. An entrance exam determines PhD admission, which lasts three years.

Students can use the internet to apply to Shivaji University. Six steps make up the application process for Shivaji University:

  • Visit the Shivaji University website.
  • Select "Admission" under the section menu.
  • Open the course admissions brochure's active link.
  • Complete the application and upload the required papers.
  • Pay the application cost.
  • Fill out the form, and then keep the receipt with you.


With 34 associated institutions, 14,000 students, and five postgraduate departments on site, the University began operations in 1962. The list of affiliated colleges has expanded to 293, and the campus now has 34 Postgraduate Departments and 2, 50,000 students. The University offers instruction in four significant faculties: The faculty of Interdisciplinary Studies, the Faculty of Science and Technology, and the Faculty of Commerce and Management.

Shivaji University publishes the Shiv-Sandesh monthly bulletin online, which provides information on the different events and programs held at the University. Students in the M.A. mass communication department publish the private distribution newspapers Madhyamvidya and Media Spectrum.

Accepted Exams

Students are admitted to Shivaji University based on their performance in national entrance exams like JEE Main, GATE, UGC NET, GPAT, etc. These tests, though, are for professional courses. The DTE CET, commonly known as the MHT CET, is accepted by Shivaji University for admission to technical programs like B.Tech. The institution also administers its entrance exam for some non-technical programs, including PhD, MA, M.Phil, MSC, and Masters of Rural Studies.


Many reputable firms participate in the varsity's placement drive every year and hire students, including Infosys, Tata Consultancy Services, and Genpact. Shivaji University placements are carried out yearly by the University's central placement cell. The prominent placement cell arranges personality development projects, group talks, and linguistic and analytics skills development plans to ensure students are prepared for Shivaji University Kolhapur's placement drive.

It keeps up business relationships and ensures students are offered the most significant work possibilities with decent pay. Many business professionals and Shivaji University graduates are invited to give guest lectures to students and assist them in selecting the appropriate career path.

According to the NIRF Report on placement data for Shivaji University, undergraduate and graduate students were placed in 2019-20. Three hundred twenty-one individuals from a group of 399 UG 4-year program candidates qualified for Shivaji University placements. Of 321 students in total, 37 students chose to continue their studies, while 57 found employment.

Fees and Eligibility

Courses Total tuition Fees Eligibility
B.E. / B.Tech INR 62.1 K - 5.46 L 10+2: 45-50 %
Exams: JEE MainMHT CET+1 more
M.Sc. INR 2 K - 90.87 K 10+2: 45 %
Graduation: 45-55 %
MCA INR 24.2 K - 2.4 L Graduation: 50 %
B.Sc. INR 5.79 K - 79.29 K 10+2: 40-45 %
MBA/PGDM INR 44.36 K - 2.1 L Graduation: 50 %
Exams: MAH CETMAT+5 more
M.A. INR 2 K - 34.76 K Graduation: 50 %
B.Pharma INR 1.04 L - 4.36 L 10+2: 45-50 %
M.E./M.Tech INR 19.14 K - 2.7 L Graduation: 50-55 %
M.Ed. INR 9.28 K - 16.18 K Graduation: 50 %
B.Arch INR 4.08 L - 6.6 L 10+2: 50 %
Exams: NATAMHT CET+1 more
BBA INR 24.03 K - 36.55 K 10+2 : 45 %
M.Pharma INR 80 K - 2.3 L Graduation: 50-55 %
M.Arch INR 1.16 L Graduation: 50 %


Shivaji University's amenities and infrastructure guarantee that students will experience minor inconveniences. The University provides students with the most up-to-date facilities and infrastructure. The campus has several amenities, including a well-stocked library, separate dorms for boys and girls, a gym, an auditorium, a cafe, etc. Shivaji University features a sports area with indoor and outdoor facilities for students interested in sports.

There is internet available throughout the entire university campus, and the institution features a specialized lab for practical classes and experiments in each area. In addition to these amenities, Shivaji University also has a medical clinic, guest rooms, and cutting-edge I.T. infrastructure.

Boys Hostel: On campus, the University maintains three dorms for boys. The dormitories have a students' club, a mess where students can eat, and indoor and outdoor sporting facilities. More than 930 people can stay in boys' hostels.

Girls Hostel: The University provides three hostels for female students. The girls' dorms have room for about 1195 female students. The dormitory at Shivaji University in Kolhapur has large rooms, a mess, and areas for indoor games.

Gym: The University's gym is in good condition. The students who live in the girls' hostel have access to a separate gym.

Library: Barr. Balasaheb Khardekar Knowledge Resource Center is the name of its library (BBKKRC). There are 3, 67,341 print materials in the library's extensive collection, which includes books, journals, theses, manuscripts, and more. The library at Shivaji University has access to 54 online e-journals and has over 9000 e-journals in its collection. The library also has a heading hall with 800 seats and Wi-Fi access.

Sports: On the University's campus is a well-kept sports complex. The sports complex has infrastructure and facilities for various sports, including volleyball, basketball, handball, kho-kho, kabaddi, and many others. There are also two trained coaches available to help kids.

Cafeteria: According to the student's preferences, the university canteen offers a range of meals. While food is being prepared, hygiene is maintained.

Auditorium: The University's Departments of Education and Zoology each have a separate hall for various extracurricular and academic events. One hundred fifty persons can be seated in the Education Department auditorium.

Medical/Hospital: There is a health centre on the campus of Shivaji University. The health centre's amenities are conveniently accessible to both students and faculty. Haematology analyzer, semi-automatic biochemistry detector, high-frequency X-ray equipment 300 mA, ultrasonography device, auto refractometer, rotor, light currying acrylic unit, ultrasonic grading scale, computerized ECG, etc. are some of the facilities and equipment available at the health centre.

Wi-Fi: Wi-Fi is available throughout the whole Shivaji University Kolhapur campus. Using their I.D. and password issued by the University, students and faculty members can effortlessly access the Wi-Fi.

I.T. Infrastructure: In 1986, the University's computer centre was founded. The computer centre's systems are up to date with the newest hardware and software. The administrative work at the University has also been digitalized.

Laboratories: The institution has separate labs for each of its disciplines. Students can conduct practical experiments in the laboratories because the equipment is suited to their needs.

Guest Room: The guest room is on the grounds of the University. The guest room's rooms are nicely decorated. For esteemed visitors, there is also a VVIP bungalow. The Shivaji University's guest room is home to university guests and visitors.

Awards and Rankings

The National Assessment and Accreditation Council (NAAC) have reaccredited Shivaji University with an "A++" Grade (CGPA-3.52) (2021).

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