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Alliance University

Under the University Grants Commission of the Ministry of Education (India) project, Alliance University was settled in the states of Karnataka by Act No. 34 of 2010. (MoE). Under the aegis of allure leader constituent abilities Alliance School of Business, Alliance College of Engineering and Design, Alliance School of Law, Alliance Ascent College, Alliance School of Liberal Arts, and the Alliance School of Applied Mathematics, the institute offers junior, graduate, and doctoral programs in the instructional punishments of trade, construction, science, general knowledge studies, took advantage of arithmetic, economics, society, and administration instruction.

Alliance University


These institutions gave rise to Alliance University. The "Alliance Business School," initially intense in 2005, debuted the "Alliance Business Academy," that had happened concentrated in the intervening-1990s. The Alliance Business School's Honorary Dean is Madhukar G. Angur, a former professor at the University of Michigan, and his brother Sudhir G. Angur, a former school president.

Alliance University was organized following the regulations of the states of Karnataka. It was the first private academy in South India and, historically, an area ruled by a monarch of Karnataka, up until 2016, Madhukar G. Angur served as the university's chancellor. The supporting organization for the institution is Alliance Business School Pvt. Ltd, which the Angur family manages. Premanand Shetty, Abhay G. Chebbi, and Anubha Singh were named in March 2021 as the university's Chancellor, Pro-Chancellor, and Vice-Chancellor, respectively. In 2016, about 6,500 students enrolled in classes below its principal member colleges.


The university runs academic programs leading to the diplomas of Bachelor of Technology (B.Tech.), Master of Technology (M.Tech.), Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA), Master of Business Administration (MBA), Bachelor of Commerce (Hons.) (B.Com.), Integrated Bachelor of Laws (Hons.) with Arts (BA, LLB), and Integrated Bachelors of Law. The college offers baccalaureate concentrations, postgraduate offerings, and doctoral degree programs. The institution offers various on-campus and flexible executive education programs that lead to the Executive Post Graduate Diploma in Management diploma and the full-time programs (EPGDM).

Alliance University


Admission policies and requirements at Alliance University are based on merit. The method of admission is entirely dependent on the path the applicant chooses, with the following criteria of evaluation taking the candidates'

  • Academic Record,
  • Nationalized Test Score, or
  • Score on University Entrance Exam (Alliance University Scholastic Aptitude Test)
  • Versatility and Success
  • Extempore oral composition of an essay assisted by a personal interview.

Alliance University still holds an allure institute confirmation test and private interview each school year in Ahmadabad, Mumbai, Bangalore, Chennai, Hyderabad, Kolkata, and New Delhi.


Alliance College of Engineering and Design was ordered 159th among design schools in the 2020 National Institutional Ranking Framework (NIRF). In 2020, it placed the Alliance School of Business at position 39 among business schools. In 2020, Outlook India named Alliance School of Business as the 16th-best private business school in India.


Alliance Alumni Association (AAA) accomplishes interplays accompanying the alumsalums of the academy. Alumni Reunion, an occurrence done yearly, serves as a rendezvous. Some famous alums surround contractor and humanitarian Rajashree Birla and Nobel famous Kailash Satyarthi.

Leadership Dispute

The university's management was disrupted by family disagreements as early as 2014. In 2015, Madhukar G. Angur detached welcome relative, twin, and additional offspring appendages from the board and ordered lawman charges claiming they had taken services and bobbled the academy. Madhukar G. Angur was initially detained on rape-related charges in February 2016 but later freed, and rape accusations resurfaced the following month.

When Sudhir G. Angur, his brother, succeeded Madhukar G. Angur as chancellor in April 2016, the university was shut down for two weeks. The semester-end examinations were postponed indefinitely due to a power struggle within the Angur family. In 2016, the institution had two additional vacations; in September, Madhukar Angur forcibly reclaimed the chancellorship, and in the following month, his brother forcibly assumed it.

Government Intervention

According to a government-commissioned probe led by M.I. Savadatti, Madhukar G. Angur had been "seriously implicated in perpetrating enormous economic irregularities causing unlawful damage to Alliance University for INR 107 Crore" (about $14 million) between 2010 and 2016.

Beginning with refund requests, students and their families made a plea to the Karnataka government for help. The government attempted to change the law in November because it had no legal authority to interfere in a private university. The government announced in December 2017 that Angus should no longer be involved in running the university's operations and appointed an administrator with an undetermined duration. The High Court was now trying a dispute middle from two points kin appendages over control of the academy as of March 2018.

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