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Annamalai University DDE

In Chidambaram, Tamil Nadu, India, there is a public specific college called Annamalai College. The sprawling institution, spread across 1,500 acres (6.1 km2), offers college-level courses in the humanities, farming, design, clinical administration, and physical education and learning. The college also offers more than 500 programs with various education and learning. With more than 32,480 students residing on campus, it is one of the largest unitary, teaching, and domestic universities in Tamil Nadu. It is also one of India's most regarded and placed universities, with positions from the NIRF, QS World College Rankings, Times College Rankings, CWTS Leiden Position, and India Today Publication.

Annamalai University DDE

The 18 institutions in India with the "Centre with Prospective for Quality in Specific Location (CPEPA)" focusing on medical improvement and environmental change include Annamalai College. It was established in 1929, making it one of India's first and most illustrious institutions. The institution received accreditation from the National Evaluation and Accreditation Council in the 4th cycle, earning it the highest grade of "A+" in 2022. The institution is also among the most frequently searched colleges on Google in both India and the rest of the world, ranking as the 18th most prestigious organization in India.


As a result of the Montagu-Chelmsford Reforms, businessman Rajah Sir S. Rm. M. Annamalai Chettiar founded the institution in 1929. To help the underprivileged and promote Tamil literature, Rajah Sir S. R. M. Annamalai Chettiar founded Sri Minakshi University, Sri Minakshi Tamil University, and Sri Minakshi Sanskrit University in a rural setting in Chidambaram in the very early 1920s. Rajah Sir S. R. M. Annamalai Chettiar agreed to provide the local administration with the overstated organization for constructing a college in 1928. As a result, on January 1, 1929, Annamalai College was established under the Annamalai College Act of 1928. (Tamil Nadu Act 1 of 1929).

Annamalai University DDE

Organization and Administration


Annamalai College's organizational structure is comprised of the US Senate, the Distribute, the Scholastic Council, the Faculty, the Financing Board, and the Boards of Research. The college's chancellor is the governor of Tamil Nadu. The vice-chancellor serves as the college's executive leader. The guardian of all papers and primary controller of the college is the registrar, who also serves as secretary to the Distribute. The Office of the Controller of Evaluations is in charge of the college's evaluations.

Schools and Departments

One of the largest unitary, teaching, and domestic colleges in southern India, Annamalai College has 10 faculties and 49 study divisions. Numerous young people from various socioeconomic backgrounds, especially those from economically and socially disadvantaged classes, have benefited greatly from this college's ability to make college accessible to them. This university's contribution to the nation in this area is outstanding.

Faculty of Art

English, Background, Political Scientific research and Public Management, Business economics, Sociology, Social Work, Populace Research, Company Management, Collection and Info Scientific research, Centre for Country Advancement, Viewpoint.

Faculty of Science

Division of Mathematics, Division of Stats, Division of Physics, Division of Chemistry, Division of Anatomy, Division of Zoology, Division of Planet Sciences, Division of Biochemistry & Biotechnology, Division of Microbiology, Division of Computer system and Info Scientific research.

Faculty of Engineering & Technology

Computer system Scientific research and Design (Expert system and Device Learning), Computer system Scientific research and Design (Information Science), Chemical Design, Civil Design, Civil and Architectural Design, Computer system Scientific research and Design, Electric and Electronic devices Design, Electronic devices and Interaction Design, Electronic devices and Instrumentation Design, Info Innovation, Mechanical Design, Mechanical Design (Production).

Faculty of Agriculture

Agronomy, Soil Scientific research and Agricultural Chemistry, Genes and Grow Reproducing, Microbiology, Grow Pathology, Entomology, Agricultural Business economics, Horticulture, Pet Husbandry, and Agricultural Expansion.

Faculty of Medicine

Composition, Physiology, Biochemistry, Pharmacology, Pathology, Microbiology, Forensic Medicine, Community Medicine, Medication, Surgical procedure, Obstetrics & Gynecology, Pediatric Medicines, TB & Breast Illness, Dermatology, Venereology, and Leprosy, Orthopedics, Otorhinolaryngology, Psychiatry, Radiology, Physical Medicine & Rehab, Anesthesia, Neuro.

Faculty of Dentistry

Periodontology, orthodontics and dental orthopedics, oral and maxillofacial pathology, pedodontist and preventive dentistry, oral medicine, and radiology.

Affiliated College

  1. K. Ponmudy, the minister of higher education for Tamil Nadu, declared that Annamalai University would change from a unitary university to an affiliated university in July 2021.


The UGC warned students in March 2022 not to enroll in any online or distance learning courses offered by the institution since it lacked the necessary knowledge from the UGC.

The levels were provided following the Madras High Court's guidelines, according to University Vice-Chancellor Mr. RM Kathiresan; since the university has a stay order on the UGC's course imposing jurisdictional limits is still in effect, and the university's varsity won in every hearing and every case. Therefore, the degree distance programs are still valid unless the UGC gets those still vacant.

He also mentioned that on March 16 and 18, a National Assessment and Accreditation Council team visited the college for an evaluation. We shall apply for and receive clearance from the distance training board because the repercussions are always expected. The issue will shortly be resolved. According to Mr. R Singaravel, director of distance education at the institution, the UGC notification will no longer render the student's degree worthless. We provided our programs before the UGC and IGNOU existed since we are the oldest and most distinguished institution under the Government of Tamil Nadu.

The UGC's claim that Annamalai University's online education programs are no longer viable is untrue. Violation of the law. On the basis that it had previously been favorable to them in terms of the university's jurisdiction, the High Court issued a restraining order in favor of the UGC Circular in 2018. While the injunction was in effect, the UGC released a comparable round. Liable for courtroom contempt. Without certain, there are no legal difficulties with the students that read at the university. The law approves their programs.

The Annamalai University Act of 1929 was signed and approved by both the then-governor conventional of the British government and the governor conventional of the central government, according to university officials. The State's governor and the president approved the Annamalai University Act 2013 for the State.

Consequently, Annamalai University has jurisdiction. As with the central universities, the same holds for all of India. Those regulations no longer apply to other nations' colleges. A decision made with the support of the State's governors. A long time before Delhi's IGNOU University was established, Annamalai University's global influence was recognized. Defined as DEC, distance education. Before the Council even seemed and made the procedures public, something was in view.

Distance Education

Since its installation in 1979, the Directorate of Distance Education has offered more than 500 courses, including MBA programs. The Distance Education Council has approved all of the study programs offered. Utilizing the National Council for Teacher Education, the B.Ed. The program is granted authorization.

In 2006, Annamalai University established its first overseas branch, Annamalai Canada, in Toronto, Canada. It offers undergraduate, graduate, and doctoral degrees from the main campus of Annamalai University. It now serves as a recruiting center for overseas college students for courses and publications in Tamil language, literature, arts, yoga, and dance. It is no longer authorized to give degrees in Ontario. After getting approval from the federal government, Annamalai University became the first and oldest university in India to offer programs for distance learning.

Scholarships and Awards

A total of 356 scholarships and awards are given to eligible candidates annually.

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