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Bundelkhand University

If you're looking for a top-notch educational institution in India's Uttar Pradesh region, go no further than Bundelkhand University (BU Jhansi) in the city of Jhansi. A total of 104 academic programs?including those in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics?are available to students at this institution. Additionally, the University is home to forty different institutes or departments of higher learning. These institutes and departments provide instruction in various fields, including engineering, dentistry, hospitality, management, medicine, and many others.

Bundelkhand University

In 1975, by the provisions of the UP Universities Act, Bundelkhand University, Jhansi, opened its doors. Since then, the institution has undergone a transformation that has elevated it to the status of a University of Excellence, providing young people in the nation with access to chances for advanced academic study. The institution has been accredited by the AICTE and the UGC and has 186 acres. The main goal of a university is to give students a strong foundation in academic principles, skills, and hands-on training, as well as a strong understanding of complex subjects that span different fields.

It also aims to become an institution of world-class status by motivating young people with leadership potential to lead the nation through evolving regional, national, and international circumstances.

The institution provides students with various undergraduate, graduate, and doctoral degree programs in various fields of study. The institution considers applicants' grades and overall academic profile when making admissions decisions. Graduates from this institution are hired by prestigious businesses such as Genpact, Eris Lifesciences, Singsys Pvt Ltd, Edubridge India Pvt Ltd, Axis Bank, Just Dial, and HDFC Bank, amongst others. Online applications are accepted for the same.


Since the institution opened its doors in 1975, Bundelkhand University has greatly succeeded in elevating its graduates to leadership roles in various well-known businesses. The University's training and placement department are responsible for providing placement and recruiting options to graduates. The cell hosts regular training sessions in which individuals may improve their skill sets and get guidance on choosing the most suitable route for their careers via career counseling, seminars, and special guest speakers with relevant industry experience. The goal of the University is to assist students in being prepared for the workforce by giving them opportunities to get practical experience while they are enrolled in academic programs. In addition, the placement cell strives to prepare students to become valuable assets to the best corporations, universities, and other institutions in the nation and the world.

According to the most current statistics on placement, the University has a success record of 75% in finding jobs for graduates. Several top recruiters run placement drives on campus, and they do it in a variety of departments and accordance with the needs of each employment role. As students work toward achieving their career objectives, the cell will continue to provide support for them and guidance as they search for employment both on and off campus.

The facility is equipped with cutting-edge technology, including a computer lab for conducting online evaluations. Students from BU Jhansi have been placed with various well-known businesses and institutions. A few examples of these companies are Genpact, Eris Lifesciences, NCL Industries, Axis Bank, HDFC Bank, Tech Mahindra, and the Azim Premji Foundation. Other examples include Edubridge India Pvt. Ltd. and Axis Bank.

Bundelkhand University Cooperative Experience Program

As a required component of their education, the prefinal year students of Bundelkhand University's graduate and postgraduate programs must participate in an internship that lasts one semester. The purpose of the required internship program is to provide the students with experience in both industrial and real-world working environments. To assess the student's progress and further establish the link between the institution and the industry, faculty and other personnel from the University go to the company. In addition to the internship, students also go on field trips to local businesses to learn about what's new in their chosen field.


Bundelkhand University

Bundelkhand University facilities that are considered the most cutting edge may be found there. The Bundelkhand University, popularly known as BU, is the first institution in Uttar Pradesh to be completely automated and to be accredited by ISO. It also has the reputation of being the first University in India to get such an honor. Additional information on the Bundelkhand University Jhansi campus is provided in the following paragraphs.

Health and Wellbeing Centre

The health centre is situated on the Residential Complex next to the retail complex, making it easily accessible not only for the students and staff but also for the families who live on the Residential Campus. In the past, the health centre was staffed by three doctors who worked on a shift basis. However, the University has now added the services of a dentist, a pathologist, an ophthalmologist, and an internist who work on an alternate day basis. The University maintains a separate pharmacy that is open daily from 8 AM to 8 PM.


More than 2 lacs of volumes may be found in the Bundelkhand University library's collection. In addition to its physical collection of around 148302 books, 846 Back Volumes, 1893 Thesis, and 7311 E-books and e-journals, the library provides access to more than 4000 electronic journals via its virtual storage area network (V SAT). It has an RFID tracking technology in its design.

Several separate reading rooms are available, one of which is set aside specifically for faculty members and scholars engaged in research. Student reading areas are also available in the designated learning area. There is seating available for a total of one hundred fifty individuals in the library. The library of BU Jhansi is equipped with the most recent technology, including cable connection and sixty different Wi-Fi nodes. Several computers inside the library are set aside just for library users. There are various options available, including digital scanners, printers, and security surveillance cameras, amongst other things. The library is open to anyone on campus, including members of the University's teaching staff, students, and administrative personnel. For research publications, it works along with other libraries and organizations.

Internet Access and Computer Facilities

The institution has developed information and communication technology tools to facilitate the development of student-centered classrooms and eventually eliminate conventional teaching methodologies. The establishment of a computer centre at the University, which provides students with access to cutting-edge versions of both hardware and software, offers a range of the information technology requirements of the students at the institution. In addition to the main computer lab, the computer center also supports a distributed network of more than 500 high-tech computers located around campus. It has an internet connection with an NKN link capable of 1 Gigabit per second and a backup link capable of 45 Megabits per second.

Boys Hostel

Both male and female students can take advantage of the University's hostel accommodations during their time there. More than 150 students can live in the boys' dormitory, which is referred to as the Lord Buddha PG Boys Hostel. It provides the students with all of the typical necessities that they need. More than two hundred kids will be able to find a place to stay in the brand-new boy's hostel that was specifically designed for students from socially and educationally disadvantaged backgrounds.

Girls Hostel

Currently, there are two Girls' Hostels that are effectively operational. These are the P.G. Women's Hostel and the Jhalkari Bai Girls' Hostel. These two hostels can accommodate 150 and 300 individuals, respectively. Additionally, construction on an SC/ST Women Hostel is currently ongoing.

It has recently become possible to stay at a working woman's hostel, which is intended for use by residential faculty members and research scholars. Every single one of the existing hostels is outfitted with all of the necessary amenities, including safety measures, a supply of food and drink, a telephone, consistent access to both power and water, the availability of both hot and cold water in the winter and the summer, as well as a television room, and so on.


The institution has put a lot of effort into maintaining its grounds to benefit students' mental and physical wellness. It features a large sports field, a gymnasium, and an indoor stadium integrated into the same building. Having these options available guarantees that the students can engage in anything they find interesting. Announcements on upcoming tournaments, events, and competitions are sent to the student body consistently by the University's Athletics Department. Students participating in these activities are excused from their regular lessons and are granted duty leaves per this exemption. In this approach, the students can register for the event by their respective statuses.

Lecture Rooms

The University is equipped with cutting-edge information and communications technology, which will allow for removing traditional teaching methods and creating lecture halls centered on the students. To provide high-quality education, effective integration of technology, and interaction between students and teachers, the various departments and establishments were equipped with projectors and interactive forums.

The University was one of the first institutions to implement the utilization of statistical data creation by equipping several departments with internet access and installing smart elegance rooms. When students have free time, they are welcome to use smart classrooms, which have incredibly effective mechanisms for presenting ideas, communicating with one another, and exchanging information.


A gigantic Gandhi Auditorium is being constructed at the institution to host all events, seminars, and workshops. It has enough accommodation space for around one thousand people, which assures that many people will be able to attend the event and take pleasure in it simultaneously. It is well-equipped with two seminar halls and has modern audio-visual aids, including LCD projectors and various other things. In addition, it has constructed an open-air theatre in the complex that houses the girls' hostel. The open-air theater is a lively place where the students can have fun and interact with each other.

Courses Offered at the University of Bundelkhand

There are forty institutes within Bundelkhand University, each of which offers a variety of undergraduate, graduate, and doctoral degree programs. Each educational institution focuses on teaching students in a certain educational subfield. More than one hundred different academic programs are available to students at Bundelkhand University. These programs include Bachelor of business administration, MBA, B.A., MA, Bachelor of Science, Master of Science, BTech, BPharm, D Pharm, MPharm, BCA, MCA, LLB, LLM, and many more.

The admissions are divided into two distinct categories: those that require an entrance test (E.T.) and those that allow students to enrol without one (DA: Direct admission). Direct admission to Bundelkhand University is granted based on academic achievement in the required undergraduate degree. The length of the University's admission examination is two hours. In addition to that, AKTU entrance exams are required to be taken to get admission to certain programs. Online application submission is required to be considered for either of the two admissions categories offered by Bundelkhand University. Following the release of the merit list, counseling sessions for admission to a select number of programs will also be carried out.

Scholarship Offered by Bundelkhand University

Scholarships are available at Bundelkhand University so that students can attend school without financial concerns. As per government schemes and guidelines, scholarships are only provided to Scheduled Castes(S.C.) /Scheduled Tribe(S.T.) and OBC students.

Scholarship for Post-Matriculation Studies

Students currently enrolled in an undergraduate or postgraduate program at an institution that has been officially recognized are eligible to apply for this scholarship. The students who have their domicile in the state of Uttar Pradesh are the only ones who can access it. To receive funding through this scholarship, It is required that the candidate's guardians or parents have an annual income that does not exceed Rs. 2 lakhs for applicants in the general category and Rs. 2.5 lakhs for applicants in the SC/ST category.

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