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Presidency University

Presidency University was established in 2015 under the presidency group of institutes popularly known as (PGI). In 2022, the presidency group of institutes (PGI) was awarded the best institute in south India. The presidency group of institutes can maintain its status in South India; that's why the Presidency university is known as the top-notch university in Bengaluru.

The Presidency University Bangalore was established under the Karnataka state by ACT NO. Forty-one of the year 2013. Presidency University is a private university that offers students many courses and assures them a good placement.

Presidency University

Facilities Provided by the Presidency University

Classroom: The students of the Presidency university are provided with the facilities like well-equipped furniture, a tiled floor, a properly ventilated room, and projectors in every class. The university's faculty are also very cooperative and friendly with the students; for engineering and medical students, intelligent classes are also there to help them understand complex concepts quickly.

Presidency University

Hostel: The university provides well-furnished, well-maintained, adequately ventilated rooms and wide shelves for the students; a unique pass is given to every student so that no other student can access their room, moreover at the main door of the hostel. A security guard always takes care of the hostel student from outsiders, and no unknown person is allowed to enter the hostel premises without the permission of the warden of the hostel.

Library: The Presidency university has the best and the most well-organized library in Bangalore; the presidency university provides access to the E-library to their university students, which has almost all the data in the form of electric data stored on CD and hard disk. Moreover, the library is open 24*7 for all the students irrespective of their course. The students can issue a max of 10 books under their account.

Playground: Presidency University's ground is so significant that it has a different basis for football and cricket pitch. Moreover, the university also provides a separate playground for other sports like Javelin throw, Hammer throw, Disk throw, long jump, high jump, and many other sports. The university also has a swimming pool so interested students can use it.

Presidency University

The Presidency university has a unique feature that makes it different from other universities in Bangalore: the students can apply for an internship in the first year of their degree. The university plans its academic curriculum to open a broad scope of student opportunities.

The Presidency university is a private university established in 2015; it gets its recognition from AICTE / UGC. The campus covers a wide area of 64 acres; the university offers UG, PG, and Ph.D. Courses for the students, moreover the university is Accredited by NAAC. The Presidency University has a total of 500+ faculties of different courses.

The presidency university also allows NRI students to study by clearing some entrance exams conducted by the university or state level.

Criteria for Indian Citizen

  1. Indian students must visit the Presidency university's official web page.
  2. After visiting the Official web page of the university and clicking on the "Application, fill up the form".
  3. An Indian student must fill out the application form and register for the next stage, eligibility criteria.
  4. The willing candidate has to submit INR 1650 for the application and eligibility certificate; the fees will be forwarded to the university via online payment mode (UPI) or fee challan.

Criteria for NRI Student

  1. The NRI (foreign) students must clear an entrance exam for admission to the university.
  2. The NRI students willing to be admitted to the university must be of Indian origin or be born to Indian parents.
  3. The willing NRI students must have an Indian passport.
  4. The fee structure for NRI students is different compared to the Indian students; they must pay INR 10000 as application fees to their respective institutes.
  5. The payment method is through the demand draft that should be made in the name of the university's registrar.

Placement Drive of Presidency University

Presidency university allows only those students to attend the placement drives, with a minimum of 75% attendance each semester. The Presidency university offers in-campus placement opportunities to their student's many big companies like Amazon, Microsoft, and Adobe offers high packages to the degree students.

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