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Northeastern University

Northeastern University is one of the most popular universities globally; it is a private university in Canada. The University was established in 1898; it offers students various courses and satellite courses globally. The campuses of this University are in multiple cities in Canada like Vancouver, Toronto, Maine, Portland, California, Oakland, San Jose, Washington, Seattle, North California, and Charlotte.

The Northeastern University purchased the new college for Humanities in London, England, in 2019. The University enrolls a maximum of 8650 Graduate students and 1950 undergraduate students yearly. The University is known for its research-related activities, and its admission process is considered the most selective among other private universities.

The Northeastern University was earlier known as the Evening Institute for Younger Men from the year 1898 to 1916, and later from the year 1916, the University was named Northeastern University; the Northeastern University works with the Motto of Lux, Veritas, Virtus in English means "Light, Truth, and Courage"; the University gets its Accreditation from NECHE.

The University gets its Academic affiliation from AICUM, NAICU, URA, and Space-grant. Mr. Joseph E. Aoun is the University's current president, and the University's academic staff is more than 3000 professors. Northeastern University features cooperative education, which means that the University provides theoretical knowledge to not its student's industry exposure; the University has links to seven continents.

Northeastern University


The director of the Boston Young Men's Christian Association 1896 established the first Evening Institute for Younger Men; the classes and the classes' infrastructure also evolved by that time. The institute at that time offered 30 different courses to the students; the courses offered the students were Latin, German, French, Music, Geography, electricity, Physiology, Penmanship, and many more.

The location and headquarters of the University were Boylston and Berkely street in Boston, the first class of the University was held on Sept 28, 1898. After a few years, the Young Men Christian Association's building was set on fire. Then the new building for YMCA (Young Men Christian Association) was constructed on Huntington Avenue in 1913.

Later on, in 1898, the institute started a Law School under the assistance of the committee (advisory committee) that included the dean of Harvard university James Barr Ames, the dean of Boston university school of law, Samuel Bennett, and also the judge, Mr. James R. Dunbar.

Northeastern University

Facilities Provided by Northeastern University

  • Building Services: The University offers students a safe and healthy working environment. The campus is clean and green, and there is greenery all around so that the students get rid of the polluted environment and get the mental piece so that they can think extraordinarily. Northeastern University is also very famous for its proper waste management system, the University is continuously putting its efforts into recycling all human-generated waste, and as a result, the cost of disposal of waste material is also reduced.
  • Library: Northeastern University has books regarding all the topics irrespective of the field, such as Arts, Commerce, Science, Humanities, Psychology, and many more. The library is open almost all the time, even at the weekends. Too moreover, many outsiders also have a library pass to access the University's Library facility.
  • The University also provides their students access to the E-library, which means the data is stored within pen drives, CDs, and Hard disks in the form of a cloud, and the students are provided access to these facilities.
Northeastern University

Admission for Undergraduate Students

The acceptance rate of Northeastern University changes every year. In 2022, the undergraduate student acceptance rate was less than 7%. Interestingly more than 95000 students have applied for admission to the University, and only 6180 students get access to the University.

In the year 2021, 75800 students filled out the admission form for the University, and only 5225 students were considered the rest of the students; that means the admission rate of the year 2021 was almost 5%. In the year 2020, more than 1 lakh students filled out the admission form for the University, but only 5150 students got selected for the University. That means that in the year 2020, the admission rate was less than 6%.

In 2018, the number of aspirants who filled out the admission form for Northeastern University was 68500, and only 5051 students were selected from the rest of the candidates, meaning the admission rate of that year was only 8%. The data mentioned above signifies that getting admission to this University is not just a simple task for the candidate who has applied for it and must fulfill the criteria the University decides for their students.

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