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Gandhi Gram University

To continue Mahatma Gandhi's "Nai Talim" educational system, the Gandhigram Rural Institute of Higher Education was founded in 1956. Dr. T.S., Dr. G. Ramachandran, and Soundaram created the Institute. Following U.G.C. Act 1956, it was designated as a Deemed University in 1976 by the University Grants Commission (U.G.C.), New Delhi. U.G.C. entirely supports it.

Gandhi Gram University

The Institute has grown into a significant educational complex with seven faculties and 50 programs. It awards doctoral, master, and bachelor's degrees, diplomas, and certificates through its seven academic faculties, which include Rural Development, Rural Social Sciences, Rural Oriented Sciences, Tamil, Indian Languages and Rural Arts, Rural Health and Sanitation, and Agriculture and Animal Husbandry. It comprises 3000 pupils, 150 teachers, and 250 support staff members.

The Institute received Five Star accreditation from NAAC in February 2002. In 2010, it received an A for re-accreditation. Recently, Gandhigram Rural Institute was given to it (Deemed to be University).


The Gandhigram Rural Institute is located on a campus of almost 200 acres (0.81 km2in a remote region, tucked away in a lovely recess of the Sirumalai mountain. To the west lies a series of mountains, including Kodaikanal Hill Station. Gandhigram, located north of Madurai, is quickly reached by rail and road. The weather is scorching all year long.

Gandhi Gram University

About University

Established in 1956, Gandhigram Rural Institute (G.R.I.) is a designated university. Chinnalapatti, Tamil Nadu, India, is where this institution is situated. The Institute has received an "A" Grade NAAC Accreditation and U.G.C. Approval. The Institute provides around 20 U.G. and P.G. programs in seven different disciplines, including business and management studies, science, information technology and software, humanities and social science, and many more. Government of India, U.G.C., and Ministry of Human Resource Development. Run the Institute. It consistently receives high marks from NIRF.

Gandhigram University Highlights

Established 1956
Approved by U.G.C. (University Grants Commission)
Accreditation NAAC ' "A"
Ownership Deemed
Courses Offered 20+ courses across seven streams
Popular Courses M. Sc./ MBA/PGDM / M.A.
Application Mode Online and Offline

Courses at University

The Institute offers U.G. and P.G. courses in a range of subject areas. Colleges also offer some skill-based programs. This section will provide concise information about the period that the Institute is offering. At the undergraduate, graduate, postgraduate, postgraduate diploma, and M.Phil levels, G.R.I. Dindigul offers full-time courses. B.A., B.Com, B.B.A., and B.Sc. are provided at Gandhigram Rural Institute in Dindigul. , B.Sc. (Hons), B.Voc., B.E./B.Tech. , B.Ed. UG-level courses. PG-rated, M.A. M.Sc., M.B.A., and M.Com, M.Ed., M.C.A., and M.E/M.Tech. The Gandhigram Rural Institute in Dindigul provides M.Phil. programs in various fields and diploma and postgraduate diploma programs. Programs. The college also offers dual degree programs, such as the G.R.I. Dindigul B.Sc. and B.Ed. Integrated Course, among others. The Gandhigram Rural Institute Dindigul will have different admission requirements and cost structures for each course.

Course Details
B. Com.
  • Duration: 3 Years
  • Subject: Economics
  • Duration: 3 Years
B. B. A.
  • Duration: - 3 Years
B. Sc.
  • Duration: - 3 Years
B. Ed.
  • Duration: - 2 years
B. Tech.
  • Subject: Civil Engineering
  • Duration: - 3/4 years
M. A.
  • Duration: - 2 Years / 5 years (Integrated)
M. Com.
  • Duration: - 2 years
M. Sc.
  • Duration: - 2 years
M. Tech.
  • Duration: - 2 years
  • Duration: - 2 years
  • Duration: - 2 years
B. Voc.
  • Duration: 3 years
D. Voc.
  • Duration: 1 year
  • Duration: 1 year

Admissions to Gandhi Gram University

All admissions at this college are merit-based, taking into account marks earned in U.G. courses for P.G. degrees and appropriate diplomas, as well as scores from 10+2 with relevant topics for U.G. programs.

Application Method

  • Visit the corporate website.
  • Access the application form and the booklet by downloading them.
  • Only online applications may be submitted. By carefully reading the requirements listed in the prospectus.
  • Ensure you are eligible.
  • Students must register to create a username and password through email or text messages.
  • The candidate can log in and complete the application form after receiving their login I.D. and password.
  • Complete the application and include any necessary supporting documentation.
  • After that, the student must pay by net banking, a debit card, or a credit card.
  • Data entered online cannot be changed once it has been submitted. Positioning in a university.
Gandhi Gram University

Placement at University

This Institute, like other colleges, has a distinct placement cell that gives students complete support for their placements. The Institute has a placement rate of 100 percent. Numerous large corporations visit for posts, including ICICI, Infosys, H.C.L., Eureka Forbes, and others.

Facilities at University

The professors and students at the Gandhigram Rural Institute in Dindigul have access to various facilities. The classrooms at G.R.I. Dindigul is roomy. A library with a sizable collection of books, journals, and other study materials is part of the infrastructure at G.R.I. Dindigul is accessible to both students and faculty. Students can use the library's study materials and other resources to learn what they need to know for their particular course. The Gandhigram Rural Institute Dindigul has an auditorium as the location for all of its academic and extracurricular events. At G.R.I. Dindigul, various well-equipped laboratories are available for all topics. There is a separate hostel for boys and girls at the Gandhigram Rural Institute in Dindigul, providing housing for both boys and girls. Facilities at G.R.I. Dindigul includes a canteen for both students and instructors, both the mess and the canteen serve students sanitary, nutritious cuisine. The Gandhigram Rural Institute site in Dindigul provides students, instructors, and staff with additional amenities, including sports, medical, and WiFi.

  • Male Hostel: Boys can stay in hostels at the Gandhigram Rural Institute in Dindigul. The dormitory rooms are nicely furnished and offer the guys all the amenities they want daily. The infrastructure of the boy's hostel also includes a gym, a health center, a fitness center, and a convenience store.
  • Female Hostel: There is a women's dorm at the Gandhigram Rural Institute in Dindigul. The dormitory rooms are nicely decorated and equipped with all the necessities for the use of the G.R.I. Dindigul students, the girl hostel's infrastructure includes a health center, exercise center, convenience store, and gym.
  • Gym: The Gandhigram Rural Institute in Dindigul has a contemporary gym for both boys and girls. The most modern amenities are at the gym.
  • Library: Over 1.6 million volumes are available in the Gandhigram Rural Institute Dindigul library. Different collections of periodicals, magazines, and other study resources are available to students in the library. Students can use the RFID-enabled KOHA Software to search databases, reports, and other study materials in the library to find information relevant to their particular course. Students at G.R.I. Dindigul Bangalore has access to WiFi and the internet.
  • Sports: Sports facilities are available at the Gandhigram Rural Institute in Dindigul. Provides courts and fields for indoor and outdoor sports, including football, basketball, badminton, carrom, and table tennis, G.R.I.
  • Cafeteria: The professors and students at the Gandhigram Rural Institute in Dindigul have access to a canteen. The canteen is nicely designed and offers G.R.I. Dindigul students reasonably priced, wholesome meals and refreshments.
  • Auditorium: An auditorium at the Gandhigram Rural Institute in Dindigul is nicely furnished with audiovisual components.
  • Medical/Hospital: The Gandhigram Rural Institute in Dindigul features a medical facility with a trained staff that provides students with medical help around the clock. In case of emergency, G.R.I. Dindigul also has an ambulance on hand.
  • WiFi: Students, instructors, and staff at the Gandhigram Rural Institute in Dindigul have access to WiFi around-the-clock.
  • Information Technology Infrastructure: For managing the G.R.I. Dindigul, the Gandhigram Rural Institute Dindigul has a robust I.T. infrastructure.
  • Laboratory: The Gandhigram Rural Institute Dindigul offers a variety of laboratories to its students. In the laboratories, students can conduct experiments and learn real-world information about their particular topic.
  • Associations of Alumni: The college's alum organization has good networking opportunities.
  • Hotel Room: A guest house is available at the Gandhigram Rural Institute in Dindigul for visiting faculty, students, their families, and guardians.
  • Banks' Resources: The Gandhigram Rural Institute Dindigul provides banking services to its students. An A.T.M. machine and a Canara Bank branch are both on campus.

Some Other Points About the University

Gandhigram Rural Institute is quite active on campus and in the nearby rural communities, which both help and enhance one another. In addition to its commitment to education at the diploma, degree, and post-doctoral levels, the Institute uses the knowledge it has gained from scientific and social research to address current issues in rural areas. The program combines extension experiments with theoretical and practical lessons. The Institute is now the site of numerous innovative programs for rural development. The academics and students who leave its doors often fill the positions required by various governmental and non-governmental organizations' rural development programs.

The three-dimensional approach to education, which combines teaching, research, and extension, has gained widespread recognition nationally and internationally. The Institute, which began modestly, has grown into a sizable and extensive educational complex with eight schools, 12 departments, and 16 centers that provide an astounding 129 academic programs, ranging from certificate courses to graduate programs to doctoral and post-doctoral programs. Currently, the Institute includes 243 non-teaching staff members and 3837 students, including Ph.D. Scholars, and 178 teaching staff members.

Gandhigram Rural Institute's participative and decentralized governance works on establishing a worldwide group of excellence in all areas of education without sacrificing the institution's rural identity and Gandhian principles. The Institute has made an effort to create academic programs aligned with what society and businesses are looking for by using transparent, learner-centric teaching and evaluation techniques. The Institute makes significant contributions to the research fields via scientific and action-oriented research and focuses on resolving rural problems at the micro level.

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