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Chandigarh University

In the year 2012, Chandigarh University, usually referred to as CU Chandigarh or CUCHD, opened its doors to students. According to Section 2(f) of the University Grants Commission Act of 1956, the UGC has recognised the university. The campus is made up of a total of 150 acres of land. The NAAC has given the university an A+ rating, which means it meets all of the criteria for accreditation. According to the QS Asia Ranking 2022, CUCHD was ranked as one of the universities in Asia that is in the top 1.7 per cent. The All India Council for Technical Education has given its stamp of approval to Chandigarh University's engineering programs, while the Bar Council of India (BCI) has given its stamp of approval to the law programs. The Pharmacy Council of India, the Council of Architecture, and the National Council for Teacher Education have all given their stamp of approval to the courses of study provided by CU in the fields of pharmacy, architecture, and education.

Chandigarh University


In the NIRF 2022 Ranking, the institution received the 19th spot in the architecture category, the 40th spot in the management category, the 45th spot in the engineering category, and the 37th spot in the pharmacy category. The overall position held by Chandigarh University in the NIRF 2022 Ranking is 48th, while the university's position within the university category is 29th.

Facilities & Infrastructure at the University of Chandigarh

Chandigarh University

The infrastructure that is present on the Chandigarh University campus provides not only the students but also the staff members with the highest possible level of comfort and convenience. The university offers suitable housing and a variety of amenities, including a sports room, gymnasiums, and a cafeteria, as well as the most recent technology that has been successfully incorporated into every field. The following are some of the amenities available at Chandigarh University:


Facilities such as a gym, internet access, TV, music room, reading room, and common room are provided at gender-specific hostels and separate rooms for boys and girls. Every room in the dorm has its adjoining mess equipped with modern amenities. Food is prepared by trained employees who are also accountable for maintaining a clean environment. The responsible staff members in each mess are accountable for ensuring that the hygiene standards are met daily and before preparing each meal. This is necessary to guarantee that the hygiene standards are consistently maintained. The meal is cooked while sticking to the necessary strict safety and hygiene criteria while preserving the flavour, similar to cooking at home. Aside from that, the food is changed daily to keep the students from being bored with the same old thing.


Each of the residence halls on campus has rooms set aside specifically for the people who will be living there. These rooms are equipped with high-quality furniture and all essential features. The rooms are assigned using various criteria, each of which was created to provide service to the specific needs of the individuals. For instance, if you apply to the hostel, you will discover a variety of selections that provide you with the capability to secure a single room with air conditioning only for yourself, or you may decide to share the room with a companion. Since most of the hostel students come from far-flung locations, the openness within the hostel's allocation system is another excellent aspect. Therefore, providing a seamless transition from one location to another is crucial. Hence, everyone involved has access to all relevant information and is free to pick their lodging according to their convenience. It inspires the student to improve in a new environment, which benefits their overall performance.


The library has a big collection of 120,000 printed books, 13 electronic journal database subscriptions, 284 printed journals, 224 printed magazine subscriptions, e-books, and both English and Hindi newspaper subscriptions.


Undergraduate Courses

The subjects covered in the courses available at Chandigarh University cover an extremely broad spectrum. The following degrees are offered at the undergraduate level: B.A., B.A. LL.B., B.Arch., B.Com (Hons), B.Com LL.B., B.Des., B.E./B.Tech., B.P.Ed., B.Pharma., B.Sc., BBA, BBA LL.B., BCA, BFA, BOPTM, BPT, and LL.B

The four-year, full-time Bachelor of Engineering program offers degrees in various engineering specializations, including mechanical engineering, civil engineering, electronic and communication engineering, chemical engineering, automobile engineering, computer science and engineering, and Mechatronics engineering, among others. Some exceptional branches have been provided over four years, such as aerospace engineering, biotechnology, petroleum engineering, food technology, information security, the internet of things, mobile computing, artificial intelligence and machine learning, graphics and gaming, big data analytics, cloud computing, etc.

Bachelor of Science degrees can be earned in a variety of fields, including Computer Science, Biotechnology, Economics, Hospitality, and Hotel Management, Non-medical, Interior Design, Fashion Design, Culinary Arts, Actuarial Science, Medical, Airline and Airport Management, Medical Laboratory Technology, Nutrition, Tourism & Travel Management, Resort and Event Management, Restaurant and Catering Management, Animation, VFX, and Gaming, and so on. The program lasts for three years.

The undergraduate degree programs offered by Chandigarh University typically take between three and four years to complete. The cost structure of Chandigarh University varies from course to course, as well as between various specializations and the length of the program.

Postgraduate Courses

The university's postgraduate offerings include the following degrees and certifications: LL.M, M.A., M.Com, M.E./M. Tech, M.Pharm, M.Sc, MBA/PGDM, MCA, PhD, and Pharm.D. Computer Science and Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Electronics & Communication, Electrical Engineering, Automobile Engineering, Civil Engineering, Environmental Engineering, Structural Engineering, Transportation Engineering, Construction Technology & Management, Artificial Intelligence, Energy Engineering, etc. are some of the areas of focus available to students pursuing a Master of Engineering.

The Master of Science degree program lasts for a total of two years and is available in a variety of specializations. These include chemistry, mathematics, economics, geoinformatics, biotechnology, physics, agronomy, animation and multimedia, industrial microbiology, medical laboratory technology, clinical psychology, and forensic science and toxicology, among others.

The Master of Business Administration program offers degrees in a variety of specializations, including Human Resource Management, Finance, Marketing, International Business, Information Technology, Business Analytics, Logistics and Supply Chain Management, Retailing & Supply Chain Management, Tourism and Hospitality Management, and Strategic HR, amongst others. A postgraduate program at Chandigarh University will take up to two years to complete.

PhD Courses

A PhD program that lasts three years and costs INR 2,36,000 can be obtained from Chandigarh University in a variety of fields, including Computer Science and Engineering, Physics, Management Studies, English, Mathematics, Electronics, and Communications Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Civil Engineering, Pharmaceutical Sciences, Philosophy, Biotechnology, Computer Applications, Chemistry, Business Management, Forensic Science, Mass Communication, and Tourism Management.

Open and Distance Learning Program at Chandigarh University (ODL)

Open, and Distance Learning is something that Chandigarh University has started doing because they want to be able to provide inexpensive distance education. Chandigarh University strongly emphasizes providing candidates with a high-quality, student-centred education. This is done to meet the requirements of students who cannot finish their education for various reasons.

Chandigarh University (Punjab) is committed to creating excellence in Distance and Online Learning by offering the most advanced technological interface possible. Learning is as close as the click of a mouse button with Chandigarh University's Learning Management System (CU-VERSE), developed with user convenience. CU-VERSE is a cutting-edge LMS that will facilitate the distribution of high-quality education at a reasonable price by connecting educational institutions with students.

The Procedure for Admission

The master's degree program and the graduate degree program are available to new students via the university's online distance education program. You are required to choose the curriculum that you will pursue before proceeding with the next step of the enrollment process. Candidates must visit the official website of Chandigarh University to complete the admissions registration process and get eligibility for admission.

The application phase of the admissions process begins each year in May. The application procedure and all admission requirements are detailed on the college website. Therefore, one is required to carry out all of the necessary procedures and complete the form.

If you want to get into the institution, you must take the CUSAT entrance test, or you should have already passed the JEE or CAT. You need to fill out the application form and ensure you meet the basic eligibility requirements to participate in the distance learning program at Chandigarh University, which does not need an admission test.

Instructions About How to Complete the Application Form for Admission

Chandigarh University

Follow the instructions given below:

  • You first need to go to the CU IDOL website and look for the "Apply Now"
  • After reviewing the information, make necessary corrections and click the"Register Now"
  • To complete the application, you must log in using the User ID and Passwordprovided by email and text.
  • To buy the soft copy of the Prospectus for INR 500, click the "Buy Now" button and finish making your payment.
  • Downloading the prospectus will trigger the activation of the application form in the next step.
  • Go to the Application Form by clicking the link provided, fill it out with your information and make an online payment for the Program Fee.
  • Once you have selected the Document Submit option, you will need to upload all of the required papers as well as a current picture that is passport size.
  • Click the "Submit" button to complete this process.
  • The applicants' registered email addresses and contact numbers will be used to send them a confirmation message when the application has been successfully submitted.

Some Important Point

  • If you do not pay the entire amount of the needed fees and submit the required papers within the allotted amount of time, your admission will be cancelled, and you will not be allowed to participate. You may submit these documents either online or in hard form. The University can't be blamed for any lost chance or loss or damage that comes from it.
  • The University has the right to make any necessary adjustments to the dates that have been publicized; if this occurs, the relevant information will be posted on the University's website, which may be found atin.

Eligibility Requirements for Chandigarh University's Online Programs

The basic requirements must be met to qualify for enrollment in the distance learning program Chandigarh University offers. To be eligible for graduation from the University, you must have a 10+2 education with a minimum of 50 per cent marks. Similarly, to enrol in the postgraduate program, a person must first have completed their graduate studies.

The Procedure for Requesting a Refund or Withdrawing Admission

  • Suppose a candidate decides after admission that they no longer want to attend Chandigarh University. In that case, they must submit a withdrawal application to the Admission Cell In-Charge by the deadline specified by the University.
  • Requests for a refund made orally or without the original fee receipts will not be considered.

Scholarship Offered by the Chandigarh Educational Board

The student's total academic performance is evaluated, along with other factors, to determine whether or not they will get the scholarship. Chandigarh University provides financial assistance through scholarships under various programs to students who demonstrate academic excellence.

In addition, it provides financial assistance to those who fall into a variety of other categories, such as members of the police force, medical professionals, paramedical staff, members of the media, and paramilitary troops, among others.

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