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Magadh University


In 1962, Magadh University (also known as M.U.) was established in Bodh Gaya, located in Bihar in, India. M.U.'s primary mission was to improve educational opportunities. The University has been granted authorization by the U.G.C. and is accredited by the N.A.A.C. with a grade of "C." Its campus covers 460 acres and is spread out over the state, making it the biggest University in Bihar. It has 24 postgraduate departments and 44 constituent colleges. In addition to that, 175 colleges are affiliated with Magadh University. At this time, Magadh University provides undergraduate, graduate, postgraduate, doctoral, diploma, and vocational degree programs in various subject areas. Magadh University delivers distance education, which has been recognized by the Directorate of Distance Education (D.D.E.) through the colleges connected with the University.

Magadh University

Admission to the undergraduate degree programs at Magadh University is based on one's performance in the qualifying test. The postgraduate program at Magadh Institution selects students based on their performance on an entrance test. The Pre-Ph.D. Admission Test (PAT) is a requirement for those individuals who want to be considered for admission to the research level program. The final admissions are based on the merit list that the University puts out.

Programs that are Offered to Students at Magadh University

Accounting & Commerce, Arts (Fine / Visual / Performing), Banking & Finance, Business & Management Courses, Architecture, Hospitality & Tourism, Humanities & Social Sciences, I.T. & Software, Laws, Medicine & Health Sciences, Mass Communication & Media, Teaching & Education, etc. are only some of the 290 different areas of study available at the institution.

Undergraduate Courses

The University offers Bachelor of Arts, Bachelor of Arts- Bachelor of legislative law, Bachelor of Commerce, Bachelor of Engineering/Bachelor of Technology, B.Ed., B.J.M.C., and B.Lib. as undergraduate degrees.

Over three years, students who enrol in the full-time Bachelor of Arts (Honors) program can earn degrees in a variety of disciplines, including English, Psychology, Journalism, History, Political Science, Philosophy, Math, Hindi, Sanskrit, Music, Travel & Tourism, Urdu, Economics, Communicative English and Media Studies, Advertising, Sales Promotion, and Sales Management, and more.

The Bachelor of Science program lasts for a total of three years and offers degrees in a wide range of academic fields of study, including Math, Chemistry, Physics, Botany, Computer Science, Statistics, Animal Science, Computer Application, Biotech, clinical nutrition, Environmental Science, Electronics, Biochemistry, Home science, and Industrial Microbiology, among others. It takes time to complete an undergraduate degree at Magadh University, typically between three and four years. The examination timetable for these classes at Magadh University may be found on the institution's main website.

Postgraduate Courses

Executive masters of business administration, L.L.M., Master of Arts, M.Com., Master of Education., M.Lib.I.Sc, M.Lib.Sc, Master of Science, MBA/PGDM, and M.C.A. are among the postgraduate programs provided by the institution. The Master of Business Administration degree allows students to concentrate their studies in various areas, including H.R. Management, Accounting, Marketing, Information Technology, and International Business.

The Master of Science degree program lasts two years and offers degrees in various academic subjects, including chemistry, information technology, math, computer science, botany, biochemistry, Biotech, microbiology, zoology, and physics, among others.

Economics, Music, History, Psychology, Geography, Sanskrit, English, Politics, Buddhism, Hindi, Philosophy, Sociology, Math, Persian, Women's Studies, and a variety of other subjects are all available as specializations for M.A. students. A postgraduate program at Magadh University will take up to two years.

Ph.D. courses

The Ph.D. program at Magadh University Bodh Gaya lasts for three years. It allows students to specialize in Computer Science, Zoology, Botany, Development Communication & Extension, Psychology, Food and Nutrition, Human Development & Childhood Studies, Home Science, Microbiology, Political Science, Sanskrit, Sociology, etc.

The Infrastructure of the College

Magadh University

College's architecture will serve as both a Buddhist and a Mauryan cultural reminder. The campus of the College is very well-developed in terms of infrastructure. The main campus, located in Gaya, has a fairly sizable amount of land. Since it was at Gaya that Gautam Buddha received his education, and Patliputra, later renamed Patna, was the capital of the Mauryan Empire.

The institution has excellent resources to meet the demands of its students. The campus has several buildings and amenities, such as a library, dormitory, athletic facilities, laboratories, and more. Following is further information on the Magadh University campus.


The University provides its students with a big, well-furnished, and devoted central library in addition to the several departmental seminar libraries spread across the campus. Manual Central Library is the name of the central library in a special building with several floors. It includes around 1.6 lakhs books, manuscripts, and other reading materials, an electronic database, hundreds of journals, weekly and monthly magazines, and daily newspapers in both English and Hindi. In addition to books on academic topics connected to the field and the courses, it also contains books on topics of broad interest, such as management, education, library science, tourist management, and computer science. The library includes roughly 3,000 theses in print, including several that have received national and international acclaim and may help students with their studies.


On the university's campus, there are eight large dorms that provide housing for a total of 1500 students. There are also two girls' hostels on campus that can house a combined total of one hundred fifty female students. A total of 386 beds are available in the male dormitories, whereas only 175 are available in the female dorms. All the hostel dorm rooms have standard conveniences, including safety features, an emergency power supply, a communal area, internet access, a kitchen, a mess area, and a dining area.

The hostel has plenty of space, is always clean, and has comfy beds. Students may anticipate having a high quality of life throughout their academic careers. The dietary preferences of students from various backgrounds are satisfied at the Mess, and the student community is given sufficient voice in matters related to the Mess and the Hostel.


The College is home to a world-class indoor sports arena that can host a variety of different events. Badminton, volleyball, basketball, judo, and other sports are played on the courts covered with wooden planks. It is possible to hold around 1200 spectators within its seating capacity.

In addition to this, there is a dedicated space inside the stadium where chess and table tennis may be played separately. In addition, there is a hockey field and a football field on the college grounds. Over more than two decades, the College's athletic program has consistently produced national champions. The College celebrates Sports Day and the annual Sports Carnival and Inter-class Matches each and every year. The College offers its student-athletes access to various specialized coaching facilities for their respective sports, ensuring that they get the best possible education and development.

Physiotherapy Department

The College provides its students and staff members access to a Physiotherapy Unit inside the Sports Complex. In the Physiotherapy department, you'll find a room dedicated to electrotherapy as well as a room dedicated to exercise therapy. The Electrotherapy room has all the fundamental physiotherapy modalities, including a Muscle Stimulator, SWD (short move diathermy), and wax bath therapy. These physiotherapy treatments are designed to alleviate pain and increase relaxation.

In addition to the standard workout gear found in most gyms, the exercise room has a selection of equipment designed specifically to meet the needs of students focusing on sports, such as resistance bands, foam rollers, Bosu Balls, Medicine Balls, and Weigh Cuffs. In addition, there is a RIP-60 trainer that may be used for both rehabilitation and training reasons.

Magadh University Admission Requirements

Magadh University follows the standards and criteria established by the Bihar State Board; therefore, the admission method, pricing structure for various programs, course syllabus, and eligibility requirements for all courses follow these regulations. The eligibility requirements vary depending on the course. Therefore, the students need to confirm that they meet the eligibility criteria for the course they have applied for. The eligibility requirements for the various undergraduate and graduate levels of study are described in the following paragraphs.

Eligibility Requirements for Undergraduate Study at Magadh University

  • To be considered for admission in undergraduate programs, applicants must have achieved a passing grade in the 12th standard from a school or board that is officially recognized.
  • To be eligible to apply for the course, aspirants need to have achieved a minimum grade of fifty percent.

Eligibility Requirements for Postgraduate Study at Magadh University

  • To be eligible for postgraduate studies at Magadh University, candidates must have obtained a grade of at least 50 percent in their undergraduate degree program.
  • Except for Master of Business Administration and Master of Education programs, admission is purely based on merit.
  • Applicants must get a score higher than the CAT Cut off to be considered for admission into an MBA program.
  • For M.Ed, The candidate's performance on the entrance examination that the institution conducts is considered when making admissions decisions.

Ph.D. Eligibility Requirements at Magadh University

  • Admission to the Ph.D. program at Magadh University requires students to pass a pre-PhD test.

Admissions Procedure at Magadh University

Bachelor's, Master's, and Ph.D. programs are available at Magadh University in the arts, business, education, engineering, law, and medical fields. Candidates who are qualified and meet the requirements must submit their applications online through the university's official website.

In addition to this, applicants are expected to rank their preferred courses appropriately. The admissions committee sends out acceptance letters to candidates based on their selections for courses, as well as the candidates' qualifying grades. Candidates must download this admission letter, fill it out, and then hand it to the allotted institution. Magadh University's step-by-step admissions procedure is described below.

Offline Mode

Students who wish to fill out their application forms offline are required to follow the processes that are outlined below:

  • Students are required to check out the official Magadh University website.
  • Downloading the prospectus is a prerequisite for beginning the application process for anyone who wants to apply.
  • Make sure you have read the prospectus and are familiar with the eligibility requirements and the costs associated with the course before submitting your application.
  • The prospectus also includes the registration form that you must fill out.
  • To be considered for admission, please fill out the application form with all required academic and personal information.
  • Please include printouts of the essential documents with your submission.
  • You will be required to pay an initial registration cost of 500 Indian Rupees.
  • Submit the admission form to "Directorate of Distance Education, Magadh University, Bodh Gaya Bihar- 824234."

Online Mode

If a student wishes to complete their registration form online, they are required to follow these steps:

  • Visit the official website of Magadh university to access the online registration system.
  • When you register, use the email address associated with your account.
  • You will get a confirmation email after your registration has been processed.
  • To successfully log in, you must use the email address and password in the confirmation email.
  • Provide your name and academic qualifications.
  • Make sure to include a scanned copy of your Signature and a passport-sized picture.
  • You will be required to make a payment for the registration cost via the payment portal. The cost of entrance is five hundred Indian Rupees (INR).
  • To apply, click the SUBMIT button.

Required Documents

The required documents are stated below:

  • The mark sheets for both class 12 and class 10
  • A picture that is passport size.
  • Proof of identification
  • Applicant signature.
  • UG degree.
  • PG degree.

Scholarship Offered by Magadh University

One of India's biggest and oldest institutions, Magadh University awards scholarships to deserving and top-performing students. Since the university is associated with more than 200 different institutions, it serves as a degree centre for many students across Bihar. The institution provides its students with several scholarship opportunities, some of which are awarded based on academic performance, some on athletic prowess, and yet others on successes in extracurricular activities. Magadh University is an inexpensive choice for many individuals interested in furthering their education since it provides many different types of scholarships.

Students who score well on standardized tests are eligible for financial assistance from the government (The results of these exams will help the government decide whether or not to provide the scholarship). Students who can provide evidence of financial hardship and who have the potential to excel in the subject of study they have decided to pursue are eligible for the scholarships. Additionally, Magadh University offers scholarships to students from restricted castes to assist them in their education. To ensure that these students make the most of their time at the institution, the university provides them with academic and career counseling and scholarships.

Eligibility For a Scholarship

To be eligible for a scholarship, candidates must first ensure that they satisfy each of the standards that are listed below:

  • To be considered for the scholarship benefit, candidates must have at least 80% of the marks in their 12th-grade class.
  • Applicants' combined yearly household income must be at least one lakh to qualify.
  • Preference will be given to students enrolled in a government-run school, board, institute, or university.

Documents Required

  • Caste Certificate.
  • Income Certificate.
  • A copy of your most recent exam results.
  • An affidavit from the parents.
  • The Affiliation-related Certificate from the Institute.
  • Photo (Passport size) & Signature.

Directorate of Distance Education, Magadh University

The Directorate of Distance Education of Magadh University, Bodh Gaya, was founded in 1962. It has an affiliation with Magadh University. The Magadh University Directorate of Distance Education is committed to educating, directing, and assisting its student body by developing cutting-edge course materials, counseling services, and contact programs.

They think that distance education is an efficient means of giving higher education even to unreached individuals living in remote places and that this holds for traditional topics and the professional, technical, and vocational fields of study.

Students from across the country, and particularly from the state of Bihar, who have been unable to continue their education in traditional institutions as a result of a variety of constraints and particular circumstances are eligible to take advantage of the numerous vocational and professional courses that are made available by the Directorate of Distance Education of Magadh University.

On the grounds of Magadh University in Bodh Gaya, about one and a half hectares (about three acres) of land have been designated for the exclusive use of the Directorate of Distance Education.

How to Apply to Magadh University for Distance Education Programs

  • Applicants may get an application by visiting the Directorate of Distance Education's page on Magadh University's website.
  • The application form may also be acquired at the office counter of the college or any designated centre allowed by the institution by making a cash or demand draught payment of Rs 500/-, and both options are available at the college.
  • Students unable to come to the institution to complete the application procedure may mail a demand draught for Rs 500 along with a self-addressed, stamped envelope that has been registered.
  • After that, candidates must fill in their personal and academic information in the application form.
  • After filling out the application form, you will need to submit it, together with the documents listed above, to the following address: Directorate of distant education Magadh University, Bodh-Gaya (Bihar), PIN 824 243. You may use registered or speed mail/post to transmit the materials.

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