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Kanpur University

Kanpur University is located in Kanpur, Uttar Pradesh. It is a state famous for its ancient buildings and renowned politician. But do you know the literacy rate of Uttar Pradesh? Currently, in Uttar Pradesh, 81 per cent of males are at least 12th pass, and more than 73 per cent of women also come in this category, but the reality is different from the data. Only a few per cent of students use to clear their examinations by themselves, and the rest get a degree from other resources. By watching all these things, we can say that Uttar Pradesh's condition is terrible. In this condition, a famous university like Kanpur University can play an essential role in the education system of Uttar Pradesh. Let's see some information related to this University.

Kanpur University


9 February 1966 was when this University started, and the Uttar Pradesh state government started it. At that time, its name was Kanpur University, but after a few times, it got a new name, Chhatrapati Sahu Ji Maharaj University. At that time, the U.P. government started this University because of the need for higher education for UP students. Anandiben Patel and Vinay Kumar Pathak are this University's chancellor and vice-chancellor. If you want to go to this University, you must go to Kalyanpur, Kanpur, Uttar Pradesh. This University is made on 264 acres of land and offers more than 59 courses; you can pursue any of them.

Admission Process To This University

Kanpur University

You can be admitted to this University by using two methods. In the first method, you can visit the official website and filling some forms. After making some payment, you can reserve your seat for this University, or you can contact their official number, and by sending your detail, you can save a seat for yourself. In the second method, you can visit this University, and from there, you have to go to the admission counter and book a seat. If you can make an online payment, you should use the online process because you can quickly get admission. In this case, you don't need to pay any other transport costs, but if you go to University, you can contact their faculty. After connecting with them, you can decide whether you should be admitted to this University or not.

Courses And Fees

It is a government-affiliated university, and if you clear the entrance exam of this University, then you can complete your course for a reasonable fee. Still, you have to do hard work to crack the entrance exam. You can participate in any of this University's undergraduate and postgraduate programs. Let's see some popular courses and their fee structure at Kanpur university.

Course Duration Fees
BSC 3rd years 54000
B. Pharma 4th years 2.72 lack
B. tech 4th years 1.60 lack
BBA 3rd years 54000
BCA 3rd years 54000
BPT 3rd years 1.20 lack 2nd years 16000
Kanpur University

These were some popular courses at Kanpur university, but you don't need to pay this amount. Most of the time, you will get free study from this University. If you belong to an S.C. or S.T. family, you will get relaxation from the state government, and you don't need to pay any amount. If you belong to the OBC category, you will get 50 per cent relaxation from the state government. If you belong to a general category, you will not get any relaxation, but you will get a huge scholarship from the state government.


If you are an average student trying to save your career, you can enrol your name in this University. This University provide an excellent piece of study, and for that, you don't need to pay a considerable amount; if you pursue the same course from a private university, then you will face a lot of problems, but after getting admission to this affiliated government university, you can easily follow that course. After watching so many reviews, we can say that this University is also good in placement scenarios, and thus, after completing your course, you can get a good job here.

Reviews And Rating Of Kanpur University

On their official website, they got overall 1105 reviews. Let's see what people think about them. We will see it within a few categories.

1. Placement

As we know, most Indian companies like to select their employees from government-affiliated colleges. Because of this mindset, most of Kanpur University's students get a job by placement selection. Last year at this University, many technical companies came in search of employees, and they hired a lot of candidates. If you are a B. Tech student, you can expect approximately 3 LPA to 7 LPA salary; if you are a good student, you can get more from it. Kanpur university has secured 3.9 stars out of 5 stars in placement.

2. Infrastructure

In this field, this University got 3.9 stars out of 5 stars.

3. Faculty And Course Carcullium

Most of the faculties have completed their PhD. Some of them are doing research in their particular field, so if you are admitted to the University, you will be studying under the top class teacher. If you talk about their faculty, you should know that every University affiliated with the UP government keeps highly educated faculty. This University has secured approximately 4.1 out of 5 stars in this field.

4. Crowd And Campus Life

If you enter this University from gate no 1, you will get a huge crowd showing that the University captures many students. The campus of Kanpur university has implemented a lot of enjoyable things. You will get so many sports grounds, including a vast cricket ground, and you will also get some gardens where students can take a rest or can study. You will get an extensive library containing 200 students at a single time, and this library is filled with some top-class books; to read these books, you need to give your identity card. In his field, this University got 4 out of 5 stars, representing that a student can enjoy their campus life by admitting themself to this University.

5. Value Of Money

To complete your course at this University, you don't need to pay huge money. You will get considerable relaxation if you do not belong to the general category, so they got 4.2 stars out of 5 in this category.

This University Is Famous Because Of Its Postgraduate Programs

Most colleges get a massive number of undergraduate students. Still, this University contains a good number of postgraduate students. Suppose you want to be admitted to any postgraduate program like,, M.a, M. Tech or any other. In that case, you have to clear Universities entrance exam and only after this can you reserve a seat for yourself in this University. For admission in M.pharma, you must take the exam of UPSEE, and after getting your UPSEE exam cleared, you can enrol yourself.

Attendance is Must Required at Kanpur University

Like other government universities, Kanpur university also keeps the attendance rule. In this rule, every student has to maintain 75 per cent of attendance, and only after that student will enrol in national and another exam. Hence, if you want to be admitted to this University, you have to take most of the classes from which you can get a bright future.

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