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In the entire world, the biggest craze regarding costly, fastest SuperBikes and cute dogs never changed. No matter what year it is or what gender you belong to, they are going to steal your attention though there are always some exceptions. Everyone wants the best bikes for them, but not everyone gets these cool superbikes. Have you ever wondered which are the best bikes in the world? And how much do they cost? Here is a list for bike lovers to discuss the best bikes (all over the world) and what qualities and features they have which make them better than others.

1. Ninja H2R

Best Bikes

Highest Speed- 400 kmph

Launched in- 2015

Engine - 998 cc

How much it cost - 79.60 lakhs (Indian Rupees ) in 2022

How much fuel it can store- 17 Litres

Mileage- 12-15 KML

Weight- 216 KG

Power- 197.3 BHP

For many years Ninja H2R ruled the position of the best bike in the world due to its amazing speed of 400 km per hour and the awesome Brembo Brakes, better riding positions, a safety trellis frame, and robust body. This bike is an attempt by Kawasaki to provide the world with something they never even dreamt of and engineering that was never even tried before. H2R is also a bike with the lightest but strongest engine, which has more power than anyone ever has. With the speed record of 250mph in 26 seconds, the bike is still undefeated by any bike in the world, but also the same speed is the reason why not everyone can be lucky enough to ride it on the road. Only after permits, it can only be used on the track by professional riders, and the other people who want to ride this speedy bike can get an alternative. For the lover of speeds, Kawasaki also bought a street-legal version of this model named as Kawasaki H2, and this is also a really rigid, lightweight CFRP trim version and almost 50% as powerful as the H2R, which makes it the second-fastest Kawasaki bike but unfortunately isn't as speedy as the original. This may be a reason why people do not agree to keep this bike on top, but views can't change the fact that it is the most speedy superbike in the world (also a really costly one).

2. Kawasaki Ninja ZX- 14

Best Bikes

Highest Speed- 335 km/h

Launched in- 2005

Engine - 1441 CC

How much does it cost - 19.69 Lakhs

How much fuel it can store- 22 L

Mileage- 12 KMPL

Weight- 269 KG

Power - 198 BHP

I had a doubt about where I should keep this bike on 2nd or 3rd as the Hayabusa is such a tough competitor of the bike ZX 145, but then the velocity of 2.8 mph was the clear winner for it. And the other fact about the bike is you can take it from 0 to 100 within just 3 (almost ) seconds. You get a 1441cc four-valued liquid-cooled engine with the bike, which has an extraordinary capacity of producing 197.3 to 10,000 RPM within very less time. And the people who care about safety can also get the aluminium frames as the security of the bike. Like H2R, there is no rule for the bike to only stay on track as you can bring it to the road, but unfortunately, you can't buy this bike now in India.

3. Suzuki Hayabusa

Best Bikes

Highest Speed- 312 km/h

Launched in- 1999

Engine - 1340 CC

How much does it cost - 13-17 lakhs Indian Crore

How much fuel it can store- 20 litres

Mileage- 15-17 KML

Weight- 268 KG

Power- 204 BHP

Talking about the fastest bikes or best bikes and forgetting the name of the most popular Hayabusa no not possible. It is also popular as "The Big Daddy Hayabusa" due to its amazing massive and strongest body. Let me tell you one more amazing thing, which is this was the best bike even when H2R was launched, but after the launch of H2R, it got down on the list.

Another fun fact about the bike is it is still available for riding on the roads and still available in India (unfortunately not for too long as Suzuki decided to stop manufacturing it in India), but overall this is what you want for a long journey. The bike comes with the features of Twin Headlines (for safety and can turn vertically) and also new ABS and Brembo Monobloc front brake callipers that are not used by anyone else. It also comes with a very strong engine with the power of liquid-cooled DOHC 1340CC and can go up to 197 horsepower and comes with the Stroke, DOHC, In-line four features, and many other fun things to make it even stronger and comfortable. In the end, Hayabusa is a completely fun, comfortable, trustable, and magical experience for someone who loves bike riding and going for long journeys.

4. Ducati Superleggera V4

Best Bikes

Highest Speed- 300 km/h

Launched in- 2020

Engine - 1103 cc

How much did it costs - 1.40 crores

How much fuel it can store- 16 Litres

Mileage- 12.5 KMPl

Weight- 159 KG

Power- 208.9 BHP

In India, people usually travel with really heavy loads, and this is why superbikes are only a dream for them. Still, Ducati bought this amazing Super Leggera, which is a bike with speed, quality, and even load-bearing. Whether you want a bike to travel on the road or on track, this is a good choice for people who want speed. The bike comes with a framework of carbon fibre. This bike also owns the title of the most advanced litre-class sportbike currently present in the market for even common riders. This Bike can be a little costly for the middle class as it costs nearly 1.40 crores in India and is not a choice for everyone. Still, this bike gives you unbelievable mileage of 12.5kmpl, which is somehow the reason behind its high demand even after being extremely costly.

5. BMW M 1000 RR

Best Bikes

Highest Speed- 303 -306 km/h

Engine - 999, 16-Valves, Liquid-Cooled

How much does it cost - 42-45 lakhs Indian Rupees

How much fuel it can store- 16.5 L

Mileage- 15.4 KM/L

Weight- 191.8 to 192 KG

Power- 1.10 hp/kg

BMW is one of the most popular brands, especially when we talk about luxury cars but are you aware that they even make one of the fastest bikes and many luxury bikes as well? The BMW M 1000 RR is a speedy bull that is designed with the idea of technology and speed only. This bike offers you a speed of 303 Km per hour. This model is not very new in the market, but in 2019, the BMW M 1000 R has redesigned the bike and gave it an updation for modern times. These new features make it one of the Top 5 Fastest Bikes in the World. Talking about the best features, the bike comes with LED projected headlamps and LED DRLs. This feature isn't available in any other super-bike in the world. One more very interesting feature of this bike is its 999cc engine that is small in size and lightweight but still has the power to make anyone's journey really fun and smooth. Currently, the new version of the bike is available and loved by people due to the overwhelming performance and less weight to make the rider's trip much easier and more joyful.

6. MV Agusta f4

Best Bikes

Highest Speed- 302 km/h

Launched in- 1998

Engine - 998 cc

How much does it cost - 50,62,327 Lakhs

How much fuel it can store- 17 L

Mileage- 14.9 KM/L

Weight- 175 to 191 KG

Power - 192.4 BHP

MV Agusta F4 is for the people who don't want classic or popular brands and are finding something no one ever got. Yes, this is one of the unique bikes and the second-best bike in the world for overall performance (not only speed). So people who want a bike to experience the most amazing riding can't get a better option. The bike comes with a 998 cc engine, FR 1000R, Brembo brakes, aluminium frames, designed with an Italian touch of arts, and perfect usage of technology so that the driver doesn't feel any uncomfortable in riding and can enjoy a thrilling experience. The bike gives you a speed of 302 km per hour, which is a perfect speed to be ridden on the track and can be used on the roads as well.

7. Honda CBR 1100 XX Blackbird

Best Bikes

Highest Speed- 287.3 km per hour

Launched in- 1996

Engine - 1137 CC

How much it costs - 4,89,125 Lakh Indian

How much fuel it can store- 23 L

Weight- 223 KG

Power - 153 BHP

Honda is one of the most loved brands in the vehicle field, and when we talk about the CBR 1100 models, they own their different places in the heart of riders; in all models, the Honda CBR 1100 XX blackbird is one of the most loved models. The main purpose behind the creation of the bike was to replace the best bikes, such as the Ninja, but somehow Kawasaki wasn't ready to leave its position and bought more updates and kept the first position for itself. The bike comes with amazing features such as an 1137 CC fluid-cooled in four-chamber motor, a riding mode selection system, and rear lift control. Another plus point about the bike is the robust and really powerful engine which makes it a better option to make a purchase. The manufacture of this model is not carried out by Honda anymore, and only previously created bikes are available for the customer these days.

8. Yamaha YZF- R1

Best Bikes

Highest Speed- 305 km/h

Launched in- 1998

Engine- 998 CC

How much does it cost - 20.30 lakhs

How much fuel it can store- 17 L

Mileage- 13.9 KM/L

Weight- 200 KG

Power - 200BHP

For more than 2 and half decades, the popular Japanese company Yamaha has been considered the best bike manufacturing company, and why shouldn't it be when most of the best superbikes and sport bikes are being created by Yamaha. In the year 1999, Yamaha created YZF R1, which was an amazing model, but with the few latest updates, the bike is coming in a superior version with the most awesome gears, mileage, fuel tank, and really powerful torque engine. The bike comes with speed and comfort. This bike is legal on the streets and has Moto-GP DNA. It comes with a 998 cc engine and a speed of 293 km per hour. It has an aluminium frame and forwards adjustable fork that gives you needed safety while riding the bike. One of the most important features to focus on of this bike are its next-generation R?Series techniques, designed electronic control, super sport braking, deferral performance, and a high-performance cross-plane engine to improve the rider's journey.

9. MTT Y2K Turbine Super-bike

Best Bikes

Highest Speed- 250 miles per hour, 402 Km/P

Launched in- 2000

Engine- 320 hp (240 kW) Rolls-Royce 250-C20B turboshaft

How much does it cost - 2,70,000 US Dollars

How much fuel it can store- 34 Litres

Weight- 208 KG

Power- 420 HP

Talking about this bike, it is a masterpiece, a perfect turbine street bike that everyone dreams of. This is not just a bike, and it's a cult, an expensive and beautiful cult. This bike also owns a world record as the world's fastest manufactured bike. It also comes with the turbine Allison 250-C20B engine, which helps in providing amazing performance and speed. It is also made with a good combination of modern technologies and security support. Whether you need a bike for your passion or a racing bike, this one gives you performance and inspiration both at the same place. The MTT Y2K Turbine was firstly launched in 2000, but after continuous updates, it was relaunched in the year 2015. Another important factor to notice about these superbikes is that these bikes are handmade and created according to the needs of buyers.

10. Aprilia RSV 1000 R

Best Bikes

Highest Speed- 286 km/h

Launched in- 2016

Engine- 998cc, Aprilia 4 longitudinal 65°

How much does it cost - 19,19,000 to Rs. 23.69 Lakh Indian Rupees

How much fuel it can store- 18 Litre

Mileage- 12 KMPL

Weight- 175 KG

Power- 139 HP

In the beginning, these bikes were launched as limited editions bike in 2016, but the popularity and love among people regarding the bike soon made it permanent and one of the most loved models of Aprilia. This bike holds the amazing capacity of working on both track and road and also gives premium performance. The bike comes with a four-stroke engine and really strong and well-performing wheels as well. RSV 1000 is a perfect model for people who are obsessed with bike riding as it gives a smooth ride. Also, it has a capacity to run at the speed of 286 km per hour, which makes it one of the best now.

11. BMW K1200S

Best Bikes

Highest Speed- 174 KMPH

Launched in- 2004

Engine - 1157 CC

How much does it cost - 16.7 Lakhs Indian rupees

How much fuel it can store- 19 litre

Mileage- 47-48 MPG

Weight- 227 KG

Power- 165 BHP

Another BMW model with a speed of 174 KMPH, this bike deserves a place among the best bikes due to its speed. Like other BMWs, it is also really light-weighted, and if the bike at number 11 is this fast, you know what to expect from the rest. BMW designed this bike to be lightweight and really easy to use, and full of energy. The bike comes 1157 CC four cylindered inline and comes with the inbuilt transmission. The engine of the bike is mounted diagonally to provide a low centre of gravity, and this is why in just 3 seconds, it can reach a speed from 0 to 60. Also, the bike comes with strong and amazing brakes, and they are EVO brakes that collab with partly integrated BMW Motorrad integral ABS to get the required perfectness and class to the bike. The bike can reach the power of 164 HP at 10250 RPM and max torque of 129 Nm at 8250 RPM in no time.

12. Dodge Tomahawk

Highest Speed- 582.8 kmph

Launched in- 2003

Engine - 8277CC 10 valve

How much does it cost - 5,50,000 US Dollars

How much fuel it can store- 12.7 L

Weight- 680 KG

Power- 500 HP ( 5600 RPM)

Somehow Dodge Tomahawk deserves the first place in the list with the speed of 350 mph, which is even hard for the cars to reach, but as it is banned from many counties due to this speed and security, I doubt you'll be able to get this bike, and this is why I put it in the last. It comes with the 8277CC 10 valves and a four-stroke engine which is honestly never used in any other bike. It also has 4 wheels with separate suspensions and comes with the engine 8.3-liter V10 Dodge Viper SRT10, which is also used in the Dodge Viper. It works with a traditional chain and sprocket system and comes with cooling systems to make it safe. No doubt there is no other bike like the Dodge Tomahawk, but even in the USA, you can't use it due to four wheels. Just in 2 seconds, this bike can cross zero to sixty and also have the power of 500 HP at 5600 RPM.

13. Royal Enfield Meteor 350 (For India)

Best Bikes

Highest Speed- 120 km/h

Power- 20 BHP (6100 rpm)

Launched in November 2020 (in India)

Engine - 349 CC

How much does it cost - 2,32,598

How much fuel it can store- 15 litres

Mileage- 35 KM/L

Weight- 191 Kg

India has many tough safety rules, and this is why many sports bikes are not even allowed in the streets of India; also, due to traffic, you can't rely on these bikes as you can't drive them smoothly until you are not on a road trip to mountains or empty highways. So what should Indians do? Here is an option for them; this bike is currently coming in 3 different variants and 7 colour options. Royal Enfield Meteor 350 is a perfect bike for Indian roads with a speed of 120 Metres and a powerful BS6 engine, which provides it with the power of 20.2 HP at 6,100 rpm; it can also get a top torque of 27 Nm at 4,000 Rpm. This bike is also best due to the semi-digital instrument cluster, navigation system, and LED DRLs. These all features make it one of the best bikes to get safety, speed, and smooth ride, even if you are in a populated country like India.

14. Kawasaki Versys 650

Best Bikes

Highest Speed- 210 KMPH

Launched in 2007 (In Canada firstly)

Engine - 649 CC, 4 stroke

How much does it cost - 9, 19,702 Indian rupees

How much fuel it can store- 20-21 Litres

Mileage- 21 KMPL

Weight- 219 - 220 KG

Power- 67 HP (8400 RPM)

It was relaunched this year and became the best version; now, the Kawasaki Versys 650 has a powerful engine of 649cc, which consists of a liquid-cooled, twin-cylinder, and it helps in creating the power of 65.7 bhp and a torque of 61 Nm. Kawasaki is offering an anti-locking braking system with front and rear disc brakes. It weighs nearly 220 KGs and comes with a huge fuel capacity of 21 litres as well. Another centre of attraction is the LED headlights which are sharp-looking and attractive.

The bike comes with a beautiful 4-step adjustable windscreen and a tall handlebar. It also has a tall stance with an upright seating posture with the centre-set footpegs. The engine of the bike copulates with the six-speed gearbox and also has a perfect slipper clutch. The bike is robust due to the steel frame body and USD forks which are preload and rebound adjustable.

New features in the bike are the LED Illuminations, a TFT screen and also USB charging point. You can also connect your phone with your bike through Bluetooth and have many other features to control your bike, which makes this bike perfect to use in 2022.

These are the best bikes for speed lovers and are also based on performance on the Road/Track. Some of these bikes are best but are not allowed on the streets due to massive speeds, but these can not be preferred by the people who want a Bike with mileage and weight lifting.

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