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Best Mobile Number Tracker with Google Map

Do you have any idea what will you do if you lose your phone? Or if your favourite person leaves the house without informing you where they are going? You can track your mobile's location with the help of Google Maps. Probably you won't be aware of these apps. Google map provides you service to track any phone number's location, but you need a third-party app for this. So how to track numbers with Google Maps and which are the best apps for this service are given below.

How to track a mobile number on Google Maps?

These are three simple ways to track any device without using third-party apps.

Google Maps App

Maybe you are unaware, but Google Maps itself can easily identify where the user is and the location and further information about a mobile phone. For this technique to work exactly, the location services characteristic must be allowed, and also the phone should be switched on. If you want to trace the mobile by Google Maps:

  • Open the Google Maps app on the device you want to track.
  • Start your account by selecting the icon on the upper right side of the window.
  • Choose 'Add another Account' from the catalogue of alternatives.
  • Select Google Accounts and sign in by the email address of the related person which phone you desire to trace. It is necessary that the email address should be on the Google Maps is being used in another person's app.
  • The subsequent step is to start the app once more and select the 'Account' sign. Pick the account that you freshly added.
  • Select the menu and choose 'Your Timeline'. Now the location of the device can be seen on the phone immediately.

Find My Device

This feature is one of the best ways to find your phone and erase your important data when you lose the phone. I know this may not sound like you are so unpleasant, but your data can be used against you, and this is why it is important to erase data from the phone. But one most important thing to notice is that you can only use this feature when your phone is switched on with active internet and your Google account signed in (which mostly is important for browsing) in the device you are tracking. It may also need The Location and Find My Device services. You can use the app "Find My Device" directly, or with the help of the internet, you can track your phone by following these steps.

  • First of all, Open com/find in the browser and then sign in to your device's Google Account.
  • If you are using various devices with the same account, you need to choose which phone you are trying to track. By choosing the device, you will come to know where your device was last known (only the location which is available for Google), but it may notify the phone.
  • Now you have access to lock your device, or you can erase the data of the mobile but always remember, removing data will automatically remove the Google account, and your device will not be accessible from Find my device anymore.

This service is good for someone who recently lost their phone and can help the user to save their data from stealing or misusing.

Location Sharing

This is the easiest and most wonderful way to know where your loved ones are (of course, with their permission or knowledge). You can easily track anyone's phone by opening the "Location Sharing" in Google Maps. How? These are the steps.

  • First of all, you need to start the app on the person's phone you want to track and know you have to smack the 'Hamburger' icon (Given on the top left), or in other versions of the app, you can click profile given on the right side.
  • Now choose the 'Location Sharing' choice from the menu list.
  • You can press 'Get Started' when the pop-up becomes visible on the screen.
  • You have to remember that this service works for a limited time, so you have to choose the time for which you are enabling the service, and later the link will be shared as a text message.
  • You have to select the Contact which you want to text. Always remember it will ask for permission through a dialogue box where you have to click Ok.
  • In the end, you have to click on 'Send' and will get the link on the other number and track the phone with the help of Google maps.

Mobile number Tracker apps with Google map

1. mSpy

Best Mobile Number Tracker with Google Map

mSpy is one of the best apps to track down anyone's phone, and it is a web program that gives you access to track any Android and iPhone phones from an even distance with the help of whatever net browser you want. Another profit of the app is that it's a tracking system that can be used without informing the user of the phone that their phone has been tracked. Even if you are not close to the phone and you want to track, you can still use the app remotely, no matter wherever you are in the world.

This app is awesome for the people who want to make sure where their friends or family are and if they are lying or not about their locations, but we still recommend you to use the app with care and responsibility. This app works only under GPS locations and can track whatever is on the app and help you in knowing where or how your love once is doing. You can also check their location on Google Maps only with a click and can reach them wherever you want.


  • The app offers you the feature of Geofencing, which help you in deciding how far you are safe for your love once and if they cross the boundary, you will receive a notification immediately.
  • You can also know where they went by just opening the location history on the app.
  • mSpy has a feature of live location tracking, which can help you in knowing what they are doing at that time.
  • It is one of the easiest apps to use, even for first-time users.
  • One of the major use of the app is it is very safe, and the user will not get any detail of the tracking.
  • mSpy does not gather information that is not safe and can destroy any privacy of the user.

2. Truecaller

Best Mobile Number Tracker with Google Map

Truecaller is one of the most popular apps in the market. The majority of people use it, and just by opening an account on the app, you can track who is calling you and what is the location of the caller or the owner of the phone number in the app (he may also have an account on the app).

3. Find My iPhone

Best Mobile Number Tracker with Google Map

Someone who has already lost their phone should use this app without any hesitation as there is no need for the app on the stolen device as it works on the "GPS". This app works on the GPS, and this is why it easily tracks any phone which is anywhere in the world (it must be in-network area); you can find this app on the play store without paying money for it. It is mainly designed for lost or stolen devices, so it is easy to use.


  • The app works even if your device is on silent mode.
  • Mostly it helps you with accurate locations.
  • Your phone is completely safe while using this app.
  • The GPS tracking works perfectly and is speedy.

4. Phone Tracker by Number

Best Mobile Number Tracker with Google Map

Just like the true caller, it is also one of the most popular apps on the internet, where more than 50 million people are using this app in the world. This app works perfectly with the Google map, and also, nearby 44 languages are being used in the app for the comfort of users.


  • One of the best facts is you don't need to pay a buck to use this app.
  • It will notify you when your phone is out of battery.
  • If you lose your phone anywhere, you can easily find out where it is only with the help of any friend or family's certified number without any hardship on the Google map.

5. iSharing

Best Mobile Number Tracker with Google Map

isharing is a perfect app for people who are linked with mobile phones as it provides you with a service of private location sharing done through phones and sends you a notification when a person leaves or arrives at the place or nearby places of the destination you have marked for them.

6. Handy Tools Phone Number Locator

Best Mobile Number Tracker with Google Map

Handy Tools Phone Number Locator (easily available on Google Play) is an app that can help you in learning the location of the user on the Google Maps by just typing their number. This tool works as the network signal, which can help you in knowing where someone is living (mostly current locations), and if the other person also has the same tools, you can find them on Google Maps as well.

7. MobiStealth

Best Mobile Number Tracker with Google Map

The reason which makes Mobistealth best is that you can use it even when the GPS services fail, and it makes this application more useful than other Mobile phone tracking services. It as well provides you with extra cell phone observation solutions so that you can also keep an eye on what your children or workers are doing during working hours. It is also easy to use as all you have to do is install and the phone tracking software starts tracking the device; it also sends you all the information on the Mobistealth account so you can check all the calls, messages, or even email histories of the device.


  • It helps you in checking all Incoming/Outgoing calls, messages, and Emails
  • You can also review what they are doing on the web browsers or did in the past.
  • You can check on the Pictures which are in the observed Cell Phone
  • The best feature of Mobistealth is it works even when GPS doesn't.

8. Spyier

Best Mobile Number Tracker with Google Map

This application works online; with the help of it, you can secretly locate the phone online on Google Map, and this is why it is one of the best apps. It has Google Map features that can illustrate the live position of the individual and their past (not too old) locations also. This app is so easy to use, and only by one-time settings, you can track a phone for your entire life and also hide this from the users.

9. Neet spy

Best Mobile Number Tracker with Google Map

It is one of the best apps for tracking, which works with the Google Maps app. Also, this app can easily use with both iPhones and Android phones. It offers you amazing usability, and anyone who wants to use this app can use it easily without any technical knowledge or skills. This app works online, and all you need to do is click to use Neet spy. Also, a very important factor to mention about the app is that if someone faces any issue, you can easily ask their team due to the good user support interface of the neet spy.

10. Teen safe

Best Mobile Number Tracker with Google Map

This application is mainly designed for teenage children and their parents so that these parents can keep an eye on where their kids are going or what they are doing with the help of Google Maps. TeenSafe is a parental monitoring application that can show you the location of your children on Google Maps. It is specifically designed so parents can make sure that their offspring are not in dangerous places and be careful for the whole day. It is created for the parents; it is really easy to use and has a good user interface so that no one has to spend much time learning it.

Note- Using these applications to track someone else's phone without their permission is a non-ethical move, and these tools are designed for a purpose or to help people who are really are in need of these tools, so use them only for the right purpose, or the Cyber Police can track you.

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