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Network Penetration Testing

Network penetration testing is the first penetration testing that we are going to cover in this section. Most of the systems and computers are connected to a network. If a device is connected to the internet, that means the device is connected to the network because the internet is a really big network. Therefore, we need to know that how devices interact with each other in a network, as well as how networks works.

Network penetration testing is divided into 3 subsections:

  1. Pre-connection attacks: In this section, we will learn about all the attacks that we can do before connecting to a network.
  2. Gaining attacks: In this section, we will learn that how to crack Wi-Fi keys and gain access to Wi-Fi network whether they use WEP/WPA/WPA2 network.
  3. Post-connection attacks: These attacks apply whenever you are able to connect to the network. In this section, you will learn the number of powerful attacks that will allow you to intercept the connections and capture everything like the user-name, password, URL, chat messages. You can also modify the data as it has been sent in the air. These attacks can apply on both Wi-Fi or wired networks.
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