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Difference between Website and Webpage


It is a collection of files or documents, or web pages. We can look at the browser using the browser. There are many browsers on the internet, like Safari, Firefox, Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, etc. On the internet, the content of website is located under a domain. For example, the website of a company can have several web pages like the product, contact us, home, services, about us, etc. By using the web address, all the content can access. By using the dynamic web page or static web page, a website can be designed. We can look at the browser using the various browser available on the internet like Firefox, Google Chrome, etc. The website's content is globally viewed, and for each individual, all the content of website remains the same. A website can be service-specific, product-specific or industry-specific, etc. The main intention of these websites is to educate the visitor of their site about their products, services, and the industry. To access the website on the internet, firstly website must be hosted on a server. Websites cannot be indexed. Instead of the website, search engine crawlers crawl index web pages and web pages. Users can navigate the website from one page to another. To view the website, we require navigation. By using a unique URL, a website can be presented. When the user opens the browser to use the website, he will send a request to the server, which contains our requested website using the internet. In the response, the server sends information about the page to our browser, which will display the information for us.


A web page or webpage can be defined as a digital document that appears on the website over the internet. In a larger website, web pages are just a smaller part of website. A web page contains the more specific information as compare to website. If multiple web pages reside in a different document, they can have the same name. The web page's content will be displayed on the website. It is a part of website that's why it needs less time to develop. Using a single URL, we can access a web page. We can copy and share the web pages. We do not need any navigation to view the web page. The web pages can have graphics, video, audio, plain text, hypertext, hyperlink to other pages, etc. The content of a web page can be displayed using the web browser. The web browser connects to the server to display the remote files. Using the programming language like Python, Php, Perl, HTML, web pages can be created. The HTML pages are not that interactive and also have a simple appearance, but the loading and browsing time is less.

The web pages are of two types, Static and dynamic web pages. In a static web page, if the user does any change in the web page's information, the change will be reflected on the website also. A person has to manually change every web page, and this process is tiresome and time-consuming. In a dynamic database, the product information is stored using the central database. The content of the dynamic web page view differently each time we open it. For example, date, time, stock prices, weather information, etc. It takes more time to load as compared to a static web page.

Let's understand the difference between Website and Webpage

Website and web page are relevant to each other, but it is distinct words. A website is a collection of various web pages, whereas a web page is considered as a single entity. A website can access through the HTML and DNS protocol, while web pages can access using the browser. If you want to connect a web page to any other web page on website, web pages contain navigational links. The web page has specific information while the website content changes as per the web page.

Website vs Webpage

S.N. Website Webpage
1 Website is a collection of web pages, and we can access these web pages using the URL. It is a part of the website. It contains links to other web pages.
2 The URL of website does not have any extension. The URL of a web page has an extension as php, htm, html, etc.
3 A unique URL is contained in each website. If multiple web pages reside in a different document, they can have the same name.
4 A website is a location where the content of the web page is displayed. A web page contains the content that will be displayed on the website.
5 The website and web page address does not have any relation. The address of the web page depends on the address of the website.
6 It takes more time to load as compared to the web page. It is a part of website that's why it needs less time to develop.
7 A website shows all the online content, and it involves each type of file. It is a part of website which drives website and is used to hold it together.

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