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What is Jailbreaking in iOS?

Operating systems like iOS provide mobile users with a secure and powerful Sofware environment for the day-to-day usage of their smartphones. However, iOS comes with several restrictions to the file system by default. Users can't install any application without AppStore or uninstall the preinstall applications with these restrictions. The user has to break these restrictions to install an application without AppStore or uninstall preinstalled applications. On iOS devices, breaking these locks is called jailbreak.

Jailbreak refers to privilege violation on the apple devices, which is mainly performed to remove software restrictions provided by Apple on iOS, iPadOS, tvOS, watchOS operating systems. Typically, a jailbroken iOS device is given root access to the operating system to install the applications that are not available on AppStore. Apple doesn't recommend jailbreaking an Apple device. Moreover, it views jailbreaking as a violation of the end-user license agreement.

Reasons for Jailbreaking

One of the main reasons for jailbreaking is to expand the list of default features provided by Apple. There is a strong checklist for the Apple developers to submit their Appstore Connect and Apple checks for compliance with the iOS developer program license agreement.

It rejects the application which doesn't follow the criterion of Apple's app distribution policy. Apple doesn't permit applications that crash on the device and doesn't appear good on the screen. Also, if the application uses certain device resources without defining their permissions, devices may also be jailbroken to install malware.

Jailbreaking enhances the possibility of installing software that can unofficially unlock carrier-locked iPhones. The unlocked carrier-locked iPhones can be used with other carriers as well.

Jailbreaking also allows the installation of pirated software on iOS. However, such applications are not available through the App Store. Consumer software is restricted to be installed using App Store, such software can be installed via jailbreaking.

Jailbreak features adopted by Apple

Apple has also adopted various jailbreak features that were not available by default. A list of such features with the release version is given below.

SN iOS release Features
1 iOS 5
  1. Emoji Support
  2. Keyboard Shortcuts
  3. Delete Individual Calls
2 iOS 7
  1. Control Center
  2. Translucent Notification Center
3 iOS 8
  1. Interactive Notifications
  2. Third-Party Keyboards
  3. Predictive Texts
4 iOS 9
  1. Cursor Control
  2. Lowercase Keys in Keyboard
5 iOS 10
  1. Separate Control Center Pages
  2. Floating Control Center
  3. Bubble Notifications
  4. Clear All Notifications
  5. Drawing on Messages
  6. Stickers in Messages
6 iOS 11
  1. Customizable Control Center
  2. Cellular Data Control
  3. Low Power Mode Control
  4. Colored Controls
  5. One-Handed Keyboard
7 iOS 13
  1. Dark Mode
  2. QuickPath
  3. Wi-Fi and Bluetooth Connection in Control Centre
  4. Unlimited App Size Downloading on Mobile Data
  5. Download Manager in Safari [
  6. Third-party Controller Support
  7. New Volume HUD
1. iOS 14
  1. Changing Carplay Background
  2. Picture in Picture
  3. Home Screen Widgets
  4. Hide apps from Home Screen
  5. Smaller Siri
  6. Compact Call interface

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