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Bank Account Management System

As of now, C program operations are performed on a prompt or terminal that is not saved anywhere. But in the software sector, the majority of applications are created to store the data they get. Keeping the information that was retrieved in a file is one such method. On a file, many operations can be carried out, including:

  • Making a new file (using the fopen command with the "a" or "a+" or "w" or "w+" attributes)
  • launching a current file (fopen)
  • examining a file (fscanf or fgets)
  • creating a file (fprintf or fputs)
  • Accessing a particular spot in a file (fseek, rewind)
  • filing a closure (fclose)

Our Approach

Let's go through the strategy in depth, going over each function and a detailed description of each. In the main function, construct a Menu and several functions that will be invoked using switch case statements. There are four distinct purposes:

  • account()- This function is used to create a new account.
  • transfermoney()- This function is used to transfer money to the account
  • checkbalance()- This function is used to check the balance in the account.
  • login()- This function is used to login into the account.

Create an account for our user by executing the account() method first, and then utilize file handling functions to put all the data in a file. The user may then use the transfermoney() method to send money to other users, and the checkbalance() function can be used to check the account's current balance.

In order to save user data and read it all later, concepts of file handling will be employed. Because file structures are simple to write and read, they will be used to store user data.

Program Breakdown

We will include all the necessary files to avoid any kind of error in our bank account management system program.

Create a structure using all of the user's input so that the data may be stored in a file.

Open the file with the username of the user to whom the money should be transferred, enter the amount, and then close the file.

Opening a file containing all the transfer records, reading them one at a time, and comparing them to the username supplied to the function to retrieve the appropriate transfer records.

In order to provide login capability, we open the file, compare the username entered by the user during registration, and, if the username is accurate and matches the record already in our file, log the user in.

Program for Bank Account Management system in C




                         DEVELOPER-Prateek Tomar

                    1.... CREATE A BANK ACCOUNT

                    2.... ALREADY A USER? SIGN IN

                    3.... EXIT

FIRST NAME..First_name
LAST NAME..Last_name
FIRST NAME..First_name

LAST NAME..Last_name
FATHER's NAME..Mr Father
MOTHER's NAME.. Mrs Mother
ADDRESS..Addres/2 block A
DATE OF BIRTH..00-00-000
DATE- 00
YEAR- 00
ADHAR NUMBER 51235123512
                              ACCOUNT CREATED SUCCESSFULLY....Press enter to login

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * 
                     ==== LOG IN ====USERNAME.. 12345
//logged in

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