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Difference between switch statement and if-else-if ladder statement in C

In this article, we will understand the difference between switch statement and if-else-if ladder statement. Before moving to the differences, let's see the basic definitions of both control statements first.

Difference between switch statement and if-else-if ladder statement in C

Switch Statement:

The switch statement is similar to else-if ladder statement as it provides multiple conditions. It tests the value of variable or expression against a series of different cases or values. If a match is found then the block of code is executed otherwise the default case is executed.

The syntax of switch case statement can be represented as:

if-else-if ladder statement :

if-else-if ladder statement controls the statements to be executed on the basis of some conditions. Whenever statement is used, the compiler initially checks the condition whether it is true or false and if the condition is found to be true then the corresponding statements are executed. If the condition is false, it continues checking the next else if statement until the condition comes to be true or the control comes to the end of the else if ladder.

The syntax of if-else-if ladder statement can be represented as:

Following are the differences between the switch statement and if-else-if ladder statement.

Sr.No switch statement if-else-if ladder statement
1. The expression used in switch statement can return an integer or character. The expression used in if-else-if ladder statement returns true or false value.
2. switch statement has more flexibility. if-else-if ladder statement have poor flexibility.
3. This statement is easy to handle. This statement is difficult to handle.
4. In switch statement each case of switch the last statement must be the break statement. In if-else-if ladder statement there is no necessity of break statement.
5. There is no need to put the multiple statements of a case into braces. Multiple statements of if-else-if ladder statement must be within braces.
6. switch statement have clearer format than if-else-if ladder statement. if-else-if ladder statement have a complex format.
7. In switch statement the keyword switch, case and default are used. In if-else-if ladder statement the keyword if and else are used.

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