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C Program to Convert Infix to Postfix

This article showed us the way to transform an infix to a postfix code in C. Each action can be stated in infix, prefix, or postfix form; we will examine how to change infix to postfix programs in C.

  • Infix - An infix operation is any operation of the format x op y format, such as x + y.
  • Postfix - An operation or expression can also be expressed as x y op, i.e. x y +, which is equivalent to writing x + y in infix. All we're trying to perform relocating the operator to the operand's right.

In C, there is an algorithm for converting infix to postfix programs:

  1. Traversing the given expression from left to right should begin.
  2. Just output the scanned character if it is an operand.
  3. Else
    • If the operand's precedence is greater than the operator's precedence in the stack (or the stack is empty or has'('), then push the operator into the stack.
    • Else, Any operator with more or equal precedence than the traversed operator are popped. Push this scanned operator after you pop them. (Stop and push the scanned operator on the stack if we encounter a parenthesis during popping.)
  4. Push the scanned character to the stack if it is a '('.
  5. If the scanned character is a ')', pop the stack and output it until another '(' appears, then eliminate both the parentheses.
  6. Steps 2 through 6 should now be repeated until the entire infix, i.e. entire characters, is scanned.
  7. Printing results
  8. Pop and print until the stack is not empty.

Technique 1: Conversion of Infix to Postfix Using an Array-Based Stack

We shall use an array-based stack technique in this procedure.

Converting from Infix to Postfix in C Code:



Technique 2: Conversion of Infix to Postfix Using a Struct-Based Stack

We shall use an struct-based stack technique in this procedure.

Converting from Infix to Postfix in C Code:




In this article, we covered the well-known topic of converting an Infix to a Postfix code in C. We expect this tutorial has improved your understanding of stacks and logical construction. Many firms, like TCS, Wipro, Samsung, Squad stack, and others, inquire about these issues during the employment process. Solving these questions improves overall programming abilities.

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