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ACC Company

ACC company: crucial role playing

The term ACC limited stands for the Associated Cement Companies limited. ACC is one of the leading producers of cement in large quantities for building purposes of houses, restaurants, malls, and other targeted projects. Human transactions take place everywhere and, in every edifice, whether own home or one's place of work. ACC is the subsidiary of Holcim Group, which is also a producer of building materials but much more than just cement.

ACC Company

ACC Company switched its name from Associated Cement Companies to ACC on 1 September 2006. It is a company initiated in Mumbai, Maharashtra, on 1st August 1936, i.e., 85 years ago. The type of company is public means the company has the privilege to ask people to contribute voluntarily to the shares of its company and become a shareholder with a satisfactory rate of dividend every year. Its estimated revenue is about 15,975 crore rupees, and the number of employees working in it is 6,643. The undertakings of this corporation are spread throughout the country with several ready-to-mix concrete plants, and a key individual of this company is N.S Sekhsaria.

History of ACC Company

The company started up when leading eleven cement companies decided to integrate to transform into a single enterprise in 1936. This company was known as Associated Cements Company, Sir Nowroji B Saklatvala being the chairman of it. It was said that during the company's listing in the stock exchange for an invitation to the public to come and subscribe to the shares of the company, one of the notorious Indian Market Scammer, Harshad Mehta managed to manipulate the stocks of ACC and cause it to jump by more than 4400% in a few months.

The first board of directors of the company were:

  • Ambalal Sarabhai
  • Walchand Hirachand
  • Sir Homy Mody

The list of the companies that were incorporated is given below:

  • The Indian Cement Co. Ltd.
  • The Katni Cement and Industrial Co. Ltd.
  • Budhi Portland Cement Ltd.
  • The Okha Cement Co. Ltd.
  • The Gwalior Cement Company Ltd.
  • The Punjab Portland Cement
  • The United Cement Co. Ltd.
  • The Shahabad Cement Co. Ltd.
  • The Coimbatore Cement
  • The Dewarkhand Cement Co. Ltd.
  • The C. P. Cement Co. Ltd.

Quality of ACC products

ACC produces a wide variety of cement products of superior quality and right mixing to insure valuable items to its end users. Some of its products are discussed as follows:

  • ACC concrete extra strong
    It comes in safe-proof packaging, thus, saving it from being meddled or adultered by the external environmental forces. It offers great strength to the buildings, roofs, and other such structures.
  • ACC f2R Superfast
    True to its name, it is a product with fine qualities and a superfast establishing mixture that keeps the structure stable. It has a superior and fine-grade quality mix and imparts great stability to the structure of the entire designed building.
  • ACC Gold Water shield
    It offers great water retention capabilities to the entire structure and is India's most trusted product. It is a premium quality cement that prevents seeping of water in every direction, inside the house during rains or floods, and acts as a shield against bad weather affects. It helps a home stand on the ground.
  • ACC Suraksha power
    It is one of the trusted of various products in the country. It has the quality of ensuring a healthy home with the ingredients used in it that prevent the structure from crumbling down or being exposed to corrosion during the windy season.
  • ACC HPC long life
    It ensures a healthy structure due to its quality of being water-resistant, resistant to cracks from foreign elements, and keeps the structure in the same healthy position as before.
  • ACC Super Shaktiman
    It prevents the rotting of the home from outside and inside and endures the forces of external elements. It makes sure you see a healthy home every year.

Functions of ACC for society interest

ACC provides various top-notch functions for its customers. It not only focuses on supplying cement and earning a currency but also looks up the importance of corporate responsibility to keep people engaged and connected to its brand. The overall functions of ACC company are given as follows:

Corporate Social Responsibility:

The company took the initiative towards village welfare back in 1952 when CSR engagements were hardly coined as it is today. At that time, the company launched a village welfare scheme for providing basic amenities to the village people by channelizing its cement plants and a large crew of people for medical, civil engineering, education, and other aspects of public importance effectively.

For fulfilling the basic needs of the village people, it was awarded in 1976 by the ASSOCHAM with the ASSOCHAM national award because of its untiring efforts at the public charity. After achieving the award, they didn't put a halt to their charitable spirit and served the rural and urban people in order to improve their standard of living.

CSR Updates

They believe in sharing timely updates of their work and decisions with the stakeholders of the company to keep them updated with the latest developments and other necessary information. This is done by publishing information through newsletters in "Together for communities."

Establishment of schools and working for children's welfare

ACC has organized most of its schools in several locations for the benefit of the poor sections of the society and imparts the right education to the children of its employees and other improvised categories. Children are the future of this civilization, and nurturing them generates fruitful gifts in return. The classes the nicely equipped with smart classes, interactive sessions, and sanitation to make education is a blessing. It also works to finance schools in need of funds and donations. For this purpose, it annually runs a program with the government for aiding the education of students and the development of sound human assets.

Women empowerment

Women are no less than men, and ACC works to prove this notion correct. It encourages women to develop Self-help groups around the locations of its plants and gives them appropriate training regarding its overall functioning. The head of the groups is trained in individual crafts, health, sanitation, accounting, and other tasks. It also encourages the spouses of its current employees to give their contribution towards such groups, and these are trained, and vocational suggestion is imparted.

Health and Sanitation

In today's world, health has become a top priority exceeding careers and businesses. It is due to the outbreak of a deadly virus that induced a pandemic and shook the whole world.

Keeping this idea at the head, ACC establishes health camps and migratory van facilities. It has initiated various hospitals in its name at various locations for supplying health services in primary health centers and community health centers in tie-up with the government. It also encourages mothers and children by reaching out to them for immunization, postnatal care, and other such services for the benefit of the public. It has further arranged toilet facilities in several locations near its plant.


No one can live a healthy life sitting idle. One has to struggle hard to live a life he desires and keep the family going. So looking at the piteous condition of several unemployed youths, ACC came up with a scheme. At present, it helps to provide training facilities for the enhancement ad enrichment of the skills of the youth and help them get a suitable job. It is because skills and hard work both combine to generate good results. In this way, it realizes the notion of skill enhancement.


HIV is a condition in which the virus enters the body and leaves harmful effects. This disease is such that no renowned treatment for it is successful till today. In conference with CII, ACC decided to take a step in combatting HIV through the adoption of workplace policy for the benefit of those who are likely to be impacted by such diseases due to several unavoidable interactions in the workplace.

It sets up several centers in Karnataka and Vellore for the remedial measures of such ailments. Various centers of testing and medical guidance are set up with world-class facilities.

Controlling and Evaluation

  • It is appropriate to judge the impact of CSR programs on human welfare. For this, the Company prepares various reports in consultation with top management and maintains complete transparency of its schemes to avoid controversies from the beneficiaries. It targets beneficiaries and helps in maintaining their standard of life. With continuous improvements and a three-tier mechanism, it ensures the efficacy of its CSR projects and programs centered around non-profit motives.


ACC company excels with the right strategies and schemes, which function as a source of attention to those who look forward to making their home a happy home. ACC, with its charitable spirit, made houses inside the hearts of the people, and people look forward to feeling its spirit inside every building, home, and office.

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