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Crossover Company

Crossover is an online talent marketplace established in Austin, Texas. Andy Tryba launched Crossover in 2014 on the notion that while there is talent all across the world, there aren't enough opportunities for it. They are in charge of finding, testing, assembling, and managing cloud-based teams. They have a presence in 108 countries. Crossover provides a marketplace where potential employees can place themselves. The Crossover also provides aid with online skills training and the possibility to develop oneself and one's abilities for those potential employees. Crossover thinks that they will be able to assist those who use their system and increase the global level of living by doing so.

Crossover Company


Crossover Linux

The original version of Crossover is Crossover Linux. It aspires to be fully integrated with the GNOME and KDE desktop environments, allowing Windows applications to function smoothly on Linux. It was previously known as Crossover Office. Crossover Linux was initially available in two editions: Standard and Professional. Crossover Linux Standard was created to run on a single system with a single user account. For business users, Crossover Linux Professional had advanced deployment and management options and numerous user accounts per computer. These separate editions were consolidated into a single Crossover Linux package with the release of Crossover Linux 11 in 2012.

Crossover Mac

In 2005, Apple stated that their computers would switch from PowerPC to Intel CPUs, allowing Code Weavers to create a Mac OS X version of Crossover Office named 'Crossover Mac.'

On January 10, 2007, Crossover Mac was released. Crossover Mac was divided into Standard and Pro editions with the release of Crossover Mac 7 on June 17, 2008, similar to Crossover Linux. The Standard version came with six months' worth of support and improvements, while the Pro version came with a year's worth of support and upgrades and a complimentary copy of Crossover Games.

MacOS turned 64-bit only in 2019, and 32-bit compatible libraries were removed. Code weavers published Crossover 19 in December 2019, which solves the problem of running 32-bit Windows apps on a machine that lacks 32-bit libraries.

Discontinued Products

The functionality of Crossover Games, Crossover Regular, and Crossover Professional editions are now included in a standard copy of Crossover. Individual versions of Crossover from the past have been decommissioned.

Crossover Games was a product announced on March 10, 2008, to allow customers to play a wide selection of games by supplying updated Wine updates. It was expected to be updated on a weekly to monthly basis to reflect the most recent Wine programming work accepted. The basic Crossover Office product, on the other hand, was more concerned with stability and productivity software, with a significantly slower beta and release timeline. Crossover Games' distinct development track was stopped in 2012 due to its inability to produce updates to justify its existence frequently. It was recombined into a single Crossover product.

Crossover Server was a version of Crossover Linux designed to run Windows applications on thin-client platforms. Many of its capabilities were included in the Crossover Linux Pro edition, which was discontinued in 2007.

Software giveaway

Code Weavers gave out all of their products for free on October 28, 2008, due to the Lame Duck Challenge. According to Code Weavers, at least 750,000 product registrations were given out on October 28. Due to exceptionally heavy traffic on the day, the main page of Code Weavers was briefly altered.

Code Weavers held a second software giveaway on October 31, 2012, named "Flock the Vote." In a nonpartisan effort to inspire activism, Code Weavers vowed to have such a giveaway if 100,000 Americans pledged to vote on election day. Because more than 100,000 people pledged, Code Weavers made Crossover Linux and Crossover Mac available to anybody around the globe to download and register.

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