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Himalaya Company

Himalaya Wellness Company is a popular Indian firm that works all over the world in the field of pharmaceuticals and skincare products. It was formerly known as Himalaya Drug Company. The Himalayan firm is situated in Bangalore, Karnataka, India. Mohammad Manal initially started it in Dehradun in 1930. It is one of the great firms which create health care products that are made with the help of Indian Ayurvedic Ingredients and sell them under the name Himalaya Herbal Healthcare. At this time, the firm is not only functional in India but is spread across India, the United States, the Middle East, Asia, Europe, and Oceania, and is also selling in almost 106 countries across the world. The firm has a huge number of researchers so that they can help in utilizing all the herbs and minerals used in Ayurveda. The firm got a great success when a hepatic drug, named Liv.52, proved to be a successful product, first brought in 1955.

Himalaya Company

Himalaya Global Holdings Ltd. (HGH) is the main parent company of The Himalaya Drug firm internationally. It is the worldwide headquarters of all Himalaya supplementary firms.

Overview on Himalaya

  • Founded by M. Manal
  • Year of foundation- 1930
  • Place of foundation- Dehradun
  • Formally known - as Himalaya Drug Company
  • Headquarters- Bangalore
  • Number of staff members- 10,000 employees
  • Providing services- pharmaceuticals, self-care, baby products, welfare, nourishment, and animal fitness products

History of Himalaya

Himalaya was established 90 years back when an entrepreneur Mr. M Manal, was focused on a villager who was calming the fidgety elephant by nourishing it with the root of the plant, Rauwolfia Serpentine, and it went successful. Mr. Manual was so enthralled by the plant's result on elephants he had it methodically tested and started researching, and later, he found the name of the herb, Serpina®. In 1930, he established a firm in Dehradun, and in 1934, Serpina was the world's primary natural anti-hypertensive drug, which was first introduced. In 1950, the firm was shifted to Bombay (Mumbai).

With this journey, Himalaya never stopped and looked back. In the year 1955, Himalaya released their most powerful liver formula Liv. 52, which is helpful in the functioning of the liver properly. In no time, the product became very popular, and even today, a vast number of people use it for their liver-related issues. No doubt, this medicine increased the success and the growth of the firm. In the starting, the firm was only able to create tablets from one hand-cranked tablet machine, but now the firm is creating more than 10 million tablets every day and selling nearby 30 elements every day of the firm. Slowly structuring its impartiality in methodically researching a lot for the natural goods, Himalaya prolonged its portfolio from medicines to self-care, comfort, and animal health, developing into a 'head-to-heel' herbal healthcare Firm.

After Mohammad Manal and his son Meraj Manal succeeded the firm, he established a working space in Bangalore. Due to the high demand for the products, the firm needed to grow its manufacturing capacity to make a global identity. For some time, the firm created a high level of fairness in methodically researched herbal products, which made it popular and successful. Today the firm is working in the various countries of the world, such as the United States, India, South Africa, and many countries of places like Asia, Europe, and the Middle East. The firm created various long and healthy living supporting Herbal Formulas but never left their legacy as they are still working with "Ayurveda".

Time gave Himalaya a modern technology to explore medical science and to reach all the untold secrets of Ayurveda and reform them. The firm also won a reward for its dedication toward Ayurveda and Good quality with an ISO 9001:2000 certification in the year 2003. Working in 67 counties, the firm is being recommended by more than 3 00,000 professional doctors in the whole world. And this is the reason why the firm focuses on green and safe formulas for their customers so that they can keep in touch with nature.

Brand Identification of Himalaya

When we talk about the name and logo of the firm, The Himalaya brand is mainly focused on one of the largest mountains, "Himalaya," and this is why it already justifies its offerings. In Indian culture, it is said that the Himalayas Mountain has a huge number of Ayurvedic secrets that are hidden from man, and this is why the name represents purity and many profitable ideas for nature.

Talking about the logo, there is a leaf that crossbar the letter "H" in the name. This H stands for herbal health care, whereas the green leaf shows nature, the use of orange color is the symbol of warmth, vivacity, and a pledge to be helpful. For centuries, the Himalayas have been an icon of aspiration, of man's quest to unlock Nature's secrets. They represent purity and lofty ideals. With the logo, the firm promises good health and well-being as well.

Why Himalaya?

When we talk about Himalaya, they offer various different products which are not available everywhere but still there is always a question that why one should choose Himalaya, so here is a quick analysis on every strength and weakness and a few further qualities of the firm;

Strength of the Firm:

  • Due to managing a long time in the market, now the firm has a very sturdy financial backup
  • The firm always focuses on qualifications before hiring its staff members.
  • The firm always focuses on what is the need of the markets and provides according to them.
  • No matter where they are selling their product in a city or village, people always trust them and buy.
  • The firm only sells herbal products, so nature lovers or people with sensitive skin issues don't hesitate to buy its products.
  • One more benefit of the firm is that they utilize natural fluoride instead of harmful fluoride picked up by further firms.
  • The firm has a high number of investors and growth in the market.
  • The firm provides various daily care products of very high quality, which makes them available in the future as well at lots of houses.
  • The firm does not have a huge number of competitors as it only provides herbal products.
  • The world is becoming more aware and educated about itself, which makes the chances of firms to keep growing worldwide.

Weaknesses of the Firm:

  • The firm provides herbal products, but the products are really high maintained and hard to create, which is the reason behind the huge cost of its products. Costly products are not affordable to the people of small villages or underprivileged people.
  • These days many other firms are also using (or at least claiming) to use herbal ingredients in their products and selling them at lesser prices which make firm less preferred by people with loose pockets.
  • The firm kept entering new markets and producing new products, but there is no guarantee of the success of every product they bring to the market.
  • These days' new firms with the same herbal product range are entering the market, which increases the level of competition in the market in the future.
  • Not every customer wants to trust "Ayurveda" (especially outside India), and this is why sometimes a firm has to face criticism and hate from a huge number of people all around the world.

Main Purpose behind the Products of Himalaya:

It is very important for any firm to work with a solid goal and inspiration; they should always be aware of what they want to achieve to be successful in any industry and understand who they are striving with. Another main thing to keep in mind is their goal should be smart as well; the word smart is meant by:

  • Specific: it is very important for any company to have a specific objective that can help them understand what they want from the industry.
  • Computable: to get success, it should always be calculable for the firm what the progress of the firm in achieving its goal is.
  • Possible: one other important point to notice is that the purpose of the firm should be accomplishable and possible. If you are spending time on something which is not achievable, then there is no logic to run after it, and it is wasting time and resources of the firm.
  • Realistic: it is also compulsory to make sure that the goals should be real and already determined to achieve them.
  • Time: one of the most important factors is that one should make sure their goal should not cross the time limits to achieve the goal.

The firm works on these main purposes and goals:

  • The firm is trying to develop 50% consciousness regarding the products before launching the products.
  • The firm also wants to get a 5% market year following 2 years of introduction to the market.
  • The firm wants to boost sales of the firm by 10% per annum.
  • The main goal of the firm is to get identification all around the world and make people aware of Ayurveda.
  • The firm works to preserve and keep brand loyalty for every product it launches.

Global Markets and Products

The firm kept its first step into the international market in the year 1996. The firm first launched its product in the United States with the beginning of the Dietary Supplement Health and Education Act launched in the year 1994. But with time, the firm then expanded further in different countries. By the year 2015, the firm had already become part of more than 91 countries with a huge number of loyal customers and more than 50% earnings of its firm from other countries.

The firm provides a huge product range in different industries such as "medical, self-care, baby care, health, nourishment, and animal health items" talking about the most popular products, "The Neem face Wash and the Liv52" are the two most popular products which are being used in the whole world with so many loyal customers. Since 2016, the firm is also providing products for maternity care, and due to being formulated with Ayurveda (which has the least side effects), the product went popular all around the world in no time. Currently, the firm is working in more than 105 countries of the world.

Ethics of the firm

The firm focuses on every product they make, and there are a few reasons why the company works only with Ayurveda and grows their own herbs for the products; here are a few glimpses of some of the work ethics or rules in the firm-

  • No Animal Testing

One of the most amazing factors about the Himalayas is that they do not agree with testing products on poor animals. Even the cosmetic products they provide are being tested with the help of technology and science instead of hurting these little creatures. They say, "We respect all life".

  • Good-for-Earth Practice

The herbs used in the Himalayas are completely grown organically, and the firm doesn't agree with the use of chemical fertilizers or pesticides. Because they want the goodness of nature in their products, and this is why they even use any chemical for the insects, but instead of using them, they use Neem oil to get rid of these insects and pest attacks.

  • Guidance to Farmers

When eco-friendly ways are used for growing any crop, it is very important that the farmer should take care daily of the herbal plants and flowers on the field, and this is why the firm keeps monitoring their crops and training local farmers to take care of these crops.

  • Sustainability

It is very important for a firm like Himalaya that the products they provide should be trustworthy and sustainable. Ayurveda is connected to nature, and this is why the firms make sure that they provide products that are better for nature as well as the future of the earth, as they believe in sustainability.

  • Supporting Local Communities

Himalaya's idea of growth is amazing. The firm not only works to make a profit, but they are also committed to the society they belong to, and this is why they invest in the community and make sure that the society nearby them should work more with the firm.

  • Female Farmer on Himalaya Herb Farm

The firm kept no difference in the male or female farmers as the male and female small farmers are equally welcomed in the market, and they call it their way to support the women and make them empower the society.

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