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Titan Company

Titan Company Limited, commonly referred to as Titan, is an Indian brand providing several luxury products. Currently, the head office of Titan is located in Bangalore, India. Titan is one of the most recognizable companies in India, which has a strong customer base for its different products. The Titan Company's current portfolio includes several brands that deal in watches, jewelry, and eyewear. Currently, the major stakes in the company are held by the Tamil Nadu Industrial Development Corporation (TNDC), which owns about 27.8% shares of Titan, and the Tata Sons, which owns about 25% share of the Titan company. The following article will give you many details about Titan Company Limited.

Titan Company


Xerxes Desai laid down the foundations for this modern-day retail giant with Tata Sons in 1984. Titan was initially started as a watch company that focused on attracting customers through its unique thin watch designs. Later, the company diversified to include several other products such as Jewellery and eyewear in their portfolio.

Another major role in the starting of Titan Company was played by the Tamil Nadu Industrial Development Corporation (TIDCO), which also provided a manufacturing plant for watches in Hosur, Tamil Nadu.

Products of the Titan Company Limited

Titan has launched its product in the following segments:

  • Watches and Accessories
  • Eyewear(Eyeglasses and Sunglasses)
  • Perfumes
  • Jewelry
  • Sarees

Brands of the Titan Company Limited

The Titan Company Limited owns the following brands-


Fastrack was launched in 1998 by the Titan Company to compete with Timex for the market share of the youth watch and accessories wearers. Currently, Fastrack deals in watches, sunglasses, wallets, perfumes, and bags. It sells several accessories other than the famous Fastrack watches as well. As a part of its expansion, Fastrack also established several stores in many cities across the country.

Titan Company


Sonata is another watch brand under the ownership of Titan Company Limited. It has been one of India's most successful watch brands since its launch in 1997.

Titan Eyeplus

Titan Eyeplus is a subsidiary of Titan Company Limited, which provides subscription-based eye care services in the form of Eyeglasses and Sunglasses. Many retail stores of Titan Eyeplus are available where the customers can visit for their eye checkups and get the prescribed eyeglasses in modern and trendy stylish frames.

Titan Company


Favre-Leuba is a luxury watch-making brand from Switzerland. The watch company was founded in 1737, and it is among the oldest watch brands in Switzerland. Titan Company Limited acquired the brand in 2011.


Taniera is one of the newest brands launched by Titan Company Limited. It is a brand launched by the company to sell high-quality Sarees made out of different materials and fabrics. The brand's name combines 'tan' meaning body, and 'Neira', a Sanskrit name for Goddess Saraswati.

Titan Company


Tanishq is a Titan Company Limited-owned jewelry brand that Titan launched in 1994. It was the first retail jewelry brand in India at its launch. Titan opened many stores of Tanishq in several parts of India, and soon the brand was able to attract a large number of customers. The company provides its services to its customers in India and many other countries in the world as well.

Titan Company


Titan also decided to enter the perfume segment in the Indian market with the launch of its perfume brand "Skinn". This brand provides high-quality and stylish fragrances for both men and women. As a part of its marketing campaign, the brand collaborated with several globally renowned perfumers, such as Alberto Morillas and Olivier Pescheux.

Senior Management

Position Personnel
Chairman Mr N Muruganandam
Managing director CK Venkataraman
Vice Chairman N N Tata
Independent director Mrs. Hema Ravichandar
Independent director Mrs. Ireena Vittal
Independent director Mr. Ashwani Puri
Independent director Mr. B. Santhanam
Independent director Mr. Pradyumna Vyas
Independent director Dr. Mohanasankar Sivaprakasam
Director Bhaskar Bhat
Director Mr. Arun Roy
Director Ms. Kakarla Usha
Company secretary Dinesh Shetty

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