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Canada-based Conseillers en Gestion et Informatique, or CGI, was founded in 1976 and is now one of the world's top providers of information technology and business consulting services with its headquarters in E-Commerce Place in Montreal, Quebec, Canada. Results-driven and insight-driven approaches to help you accelerate the returns on your I.T. and business investments; the businesses' mission is to establish trusting connections with clients by being close to them and by offering industry and technical knowledge to assist you in meeting the demands of your customers and residents.

CGI Company


CGI Group, Inc. is a technology and business process solutions company that serves clients worldwide. Canada, the United States, India, Europe, the Asia-Pacific region, and Global Infrastructure Services make up the Company's four main operating segments. Applications management, technology management, and business process outsourcing are only some of the Company's offerings. I.T. and business process outsourcing services are also offered to customers in Canada, the U.S., the E.U., and the Asia Pacific. "The firm was created in June 1976 by Serge Godin and André Imbeau and had its headquarters in Quebec, Canada."

1976-1986 (First 10 Years) CGI's first decade was marked by the development of a strategy, model, and set of management principles that have contributed to the Company's rapid expansion and that it has carried through to the present. It was in its infancy during this period that the I.T. services sector emerged. In the course of its development, CGI has gone from being a consulting firm to one that now provides systems integration services. CGI devised a plan to join the outsourcing industry towards the end of the decade in response to customers' consideration of outsourcing their I.T. activities.

1986-1996 (Second Decade Growth) CGI started purchasing outsourcing firms in 1986 and went public to help fund these acquisitions. As a result of these purchases, they were able to provide customers with a full range of I.T. services, including I.T. consulting, systems integration, and outsourcing. Additionally, they expanded into the business process services industry and positioned themselves for the upcoming globalization trend throughout this timeframe.

1996-2006 (Third Decade Expansion) Among CGI's clients were some of the most well-known corporations in their priority sectors by 1996, and our focus was on establishing critical mass in key client geographies, gaining an in-depth knowledge of business sectors in which their clients competed, and developing specialized practices and inventive solutions to meet their clients' requirements. Our "build and purchase" growth plan was implemented during the I.T. sector's fast maturation as the globalization and consolidation of the business rose, and a strategy that they continue to pursue to this day.

2006-Till Present (Recent Developments) CGI's strategic goal of doubling its size has been achieved, and this decade will be remembered for the Company's continuous dedication to the principles that allow all of CGI's stakeholders to flourish.

CGI bought Stanley Inc. in 2010, which included Oberon and Techrizon, two Stanley subsidiaries. CGI's U.S. operations were more than quadrupled as a result of the purchase. In addition, the combination of skills and competencies opened up new prospects for expansion in the important federal market in the United States.

Today, CGI is able to address the business demands of its customers everywhere and at any time because of its presence in 40 countries, significant experience in all target areas, and comprehensive I.T. services.

After merging with German company ckc AG in 2018, the Company expanded its offerings to include software development and management services with a focus on the automotive industry. The merger was completed in 2018.

This year, Acando, a renowned provider of information technology management and consulting services in Northern Europe and Germany, was acquired by the Company. It also completed the purchases of SCISYS, a prominent supplier of information technology services in the United Kingdom and Germany, and Sunflower Systems, a pioneer in asset management and services in the United States.

On January 1, 2020, the Company acquired Meti Logiciels et Services, a France-based company that provides integrated business solutions and consulting services to the retail industry, bringing the total number of acquisitions to four. Additionally, the Company announced its intention to acquire TeraThink, a leading I.T. and management consulting firm that provides services to the United States federal government in the areas of digitization, enterprise finance, risk management, and data analytics.

Products & Services

In the beginning, CGI concentrated its goods and services on information technology consulting, but the firm gradually expanded into other areas such as freelancing, application development, and systems integration. At the end of 2014, CGI made 52 percent of its income from delivering outsourcing services (particularly via I.T. services and, to a lesser extent, business process services) and 48 percent of its earnings from systems engineering and consultation. Business analytics, organizational restructuring, project management, cyber warfare, CIO advisory services, digitized enterprise, and other industry-specific services are some of the services that CGI provides in the context of business consulting, among others. Specifically, CGI provides business process services in the areas of customer care and billing; transactions; enterprise solutions; collections; engineering; logistics; document and data management; and a BPS service launch, among other things. Complete information technology outsourcing services are provided by CGI... According to CGI's 2015 annual report, the following are the services offered.

  • Business Consulting Business strategy, customer lifetime value, operational effectiveness, human-centered transformation, and digital leadership are among the topics covered by the Company's expert business consultants, who work in line with the business CIO objectives. Through close engagement with customers, CGI experts give a unique insight into strengthening end-to-end capabilities and enhancing overall security. CGI's professionals are familiar with industry-specific requirements and possibilities, and they can assist customers in optimizing their information technology infrastructure and operations.
  • Systems Integration As the supply chain comes under increased scrutiny, it is critical to orchestrating the hardware, software, and applications running in hybrid information technology systems. CGI has considerable expertise as a systems integrator, having worked with customers to integrate important data from both conventional and emergent technology sources for many years.
  • Managed I.T. Services As enterprises deal with an increasingly complex I.T. environment, managed service providers (MSPs) provide a competitive edge in terms of business agility. CGI understands this and considers its I.T. managed service solutions to be an extension of the infrastructure of its customers.
    Its worldwide network of 32 delivery centers enables it to offer global enterprises a governance model, I.T. service metrics, continuous improvement, innovation, as well as the structure, procedures, and tools necessary to operate in a global environment.
  • Application Services The application management services provided by CGI underline how critical the software employed by enterprises is to the organization's long-term success.
  • Infrastructure Services CGI aids customers in the implementation of hybrid cloud I.T. and DevOps environments in order to construct the next generation of information technology infrastructure (I.T. infrastructure). Business process automation, hardening security, establishing a sustainable governance framework, and optimizing the integration of new hybrid technologies with critical legacy systems are all goals of the Company's I.T. architecture professionals.
  • Business Process Services CGI Business Process Services (BPS) makes use of data insights, industry knowledge, and intelligent automation technologies in order to deliver smart processes to clients. Businesses may use the Company's mature, quick deployment technology to get access to capabilities such as a global delivery model and omnichannel services that will help them achieve operational success. CGI has more than three decades of expertise in business process management, and its services are now provided by 10,000 BPS specialists operating in 40 languages throughout the world.
  • Innovation & Research Being on top of the newest trends is essential to meeting the changing demands of businesses across all sectors. CGI's Research comprises industry studies for target markets as well as yearly results based on interviews with almost 1,700 industry leaders, which are conducted by the Company.
  • Partner Ecosystem Beyond its huge network of over 150 technology partners, the business I.T. solution provider also has a big and diverse network of some of the largest and most well-known I.T. suppliers across a broad variety of sectors. Because of its agnostic attitude to partners, CGI associates attempt to provide customers with a variety of solutions to meet their individual goals and requirements.

CGI's Growth

Because of its 17 acquisitions, CGI has seen tremendous expansion throughout the years. It increased its size by more than double when it acquired Bell Sygma in 1998 and IMRGlobal in 2001. Following the acquisitions of American Management Systems (2004), Stanley Inc (2010), and Logica (in 2011), CGI went on to extend its global reach even more (2012). As per CGI reports, it generated approx. $9.6 billion in 2021, putting the Company's market value just shy of $20 billion at the time of publication.


CGI has been a tremendous benefit to both the public and the government. In addition to producing strong income, these purchases aided the corporation in establishing banks and other institutions for the benefit of the general public all over the world. Millions of dollars are also reported to have been spent by the corporation as part of its corporate social responsibility program. As a business, CGI has had a tremendous impact on global health. Many individuals have been able to benefit from the expansion of health and insurance-based services thanks to the growth of these industries.

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