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Verzeo Company

Verzeo assists thousands of students in determining their occupations. They claim that Verzeo is the one-stop online learning platform that provides students with all of the resources they need to be prepared for the job. They want to spread the motto "Everything Learning" to every home that has a child that wants to be a careerist.

With its flagship Mentorship Programs, Verzeo bridges the gap between classes and workplaces. Their training is suitable for everyone, from children to professionals and even housewives. They strive to deliver high-quality education, equipping students for greater professional opportunities.

Verzeo functions as a virtual pool, creating channels via which students may maximise their learning capacity. It gives students access to interactive, collaborative programs that are supervised by industry professionals. Verzeo makes it easy to locate Mentorship and Job Opportunities.

They have worked with IT titans to develop a dynamic learning environment. They offer a comprehensive learning platform that can be accessed from any location and by any person.

Story Of Verzeo

Given the existing state of affairs, we may conclude that online education is ubiquitous. They, as a responsible institution, recognise that it has become critical for careerists to be aware of the correct location that will assist them in achieving their goals and experiencing the ecstasy of triumph.

Verzeo was created in 2018 by CEO V.V Subrahmanyam. He intends to teach pupils to be industry-ready. He feels that in order to provide everyone in the nation with the taste of excellent mentoring, the gap between technology and education must be bridged.

In addition to Kids Programs, Job-Guarantee Programs, and Pro-Degree Programs, they have developed a broad choice of courses that are jam-packed with real-world projects and interactive sessions. They also provide banking and accounting courses, as well as technical education. Their goal is to give a wide range of learning aids so that students from diverse areas may depend on Verzeo for a one-stop online learning solution. With over 900 staff on board, the CEO hopes to reach the company's 500 crore value by the end of 2022.

Learning at Verzeo is not restricted to a single subject; Verzeo gives its students many networking opportunities with industry experts in order to broaden their perspectives of growth and development.

Verzeo Edutech Private Limited Details

CIN U80900KA2018PTC109509
Company Category Company limited by Shares.
Company Sub-category Indian Non-Government Company
Company Class Private
Business Activity Community, personal & Social Services
Authorized Capital 10.0 lakhs
Paid-up Capital 1.0 lakhs
Paid-up Capital % 10.0
Registrar Office City Bangalore
Registered State Karnataka
Registration Date 15 Jan 2018

On 15th Jan 2018, Verzeo Edutech Private Limited was created. The Registrar of Companies in Bangalore recognises it as a Non-Governmental Organization (NGO). The authorised share capital of Rs. 1,000,000 and a paid-up capital of Rs. One hundred thirty thousand nine hundred are the company's assets. It's a part of a larger field of study.

According to Ministry of Corporate Affairs (MCA) statistics, Verzeo Edutech Private Limited's Annual General Meeting (AGM) was last held on 31 Dec 2020, and its balance statement was last issued on 31 Mar 2020. There are three directors of Verzeo Edutech Private Limited: Ramya Sai Vungala, Mridula Bhupendra Chhetri, and Subrahmanyam Venkata Vungal.

Verzeo Edutech Private Limited's CIN is U80900KA2018PTC109509, and the registration number for the company is the same. They may be reached at [email protected] or at No.675, 3RD FLOOR, 9TH MAIN SECTOR 7, HSR LAYOUT BANGALORE Bangalore KA 560102 IN.

About the Company

A group of scholars suggested the concept of blockchain far back in 1991. It was intended to date digital documents in order to safeguard them from manipulation. While the first began on 1st June and will conclude on 8th June at Delhi Technological University, the second will take place between June 20 and 28 in Bengaluru on the campus of Ramaiah Institute of Technology.

India is seeing a spike in the working population, which is expected to continue for many decades. It's both a blessing and a curse. This workforce, if properly taught and equipped, has the potential to boost India's GDP to stratospheric levels. However, if left untrained, the same would lose importance. This would not only increase the expense of sustenance for the working classes but would also exacerbate their problems with law and order.

The devil's workshop is an empty mind. They say, "Why should someone be unemployed? Train them and put them to good use". Verzeo is primarily concerned with student training. Verzeo, in conjunction with MNCs, is now offering more than 50 courses, as well as numerous training and internship programs, to students around the nation. According to the National Association of Colleges and Employers' Internship & Co-op Survey Report, the average job offer rate to interns increased to 73 % in 2017, the greatest since the height of the pre-recession labour market.

Verzeo is a one-of-a-kind educational platform that provides interactive, enjoyable courses that are readily accessible to anyone. Crowdsourcing projects benefit both businesses and students. Companies in need of a workforce turn to Verzeo, which connects the company's business needs with well-qualified personnel. This workforce is comprised of students that have received Verzeo training. Students acquire significant job experience and monetary incentives, while businesses satisfy their objectives at lower costs.

"The motivating reason behind Verzeo is the desire to create a more holistic educational environment in the nation, one where students graduate knowing that they can prosper in their jobs in industries selected," stated creator VV Subrahmanyam. This workforce is comprised of students that have received Verzeo training. Students acquire significant job experience and monetary incentives, while businesses satisfy their objectives at lower costs.

Another 2014 survey found that 70% of firms felt that high school students who completed their internship programs were either "extremely likely" or "totally probable" to secure a college internship with their organisation. According to a poll conducted by the National Association of Colleges and Employers (NACE), 67.7 per cent of interns were given full-time opportunities, with 83.6 per cent of those offers being accepted.

Aside from that, moreover, 45 per cent said that high school internships had a good likelihood of leading to a full-time position at their organisation. So, if you've been thinking about starting an internship program at your company, now is the time to get started. Subrahmanyam elaborated on the hard effort that has led to the success of this initiative, saying that the original finance of Rs 1 lakh came from our own wallets. We're attempting to carve out a place for ourselves by using cutting-edge technologies such as artificial intelligence (AI) to conduct our courses, he said.

Who Built EdTech Firm

In today's environment, when there are several possibilities for online training, it is critical for aspirants to be aware of the correct EdTech firms that can assist them in navigating their aspirations and achieving their objectives.

During the epidemic, an uplifting tale of a young entrepreneur who offered several online learning opportunities that reached individuals outside the metropolitan audience.

Subrahmanyam V V is a guy who has made a name for himself in the field of online education. He began this business when he was just 20 years old, with an ambitious bag full of quality and drive.

In 2018, he created Verzeo, an EdTech startup that employs Artificial Intelligence to teach students to be industry-ready. The approved courses equip departing students with practical instruction and enable them to intern from distant places.

The organisation thinks that in order to provide everyone in the nation with the taste of excellent coaching, the gap between technology and education must be bridged. As a result, the CEO pursued a new path in online education. He made certain that each worldwide corner gets equal access to the training that they provide.

With over 700 people, the CEO hopes to reach the company's 500 crore value by the end of 2022. The team works tirelessly to meet its CEO's goal of having over 1500 workers by 2021. Verzeo has produced courses ranging from kids programs such as coding to other verticals such as upskilling sections, banking, CA training, and many more that teach individuals to handle the most recent technological competency.

Due to a rapid increase in online educational training enrollment in 2020, the organisation is now one of the most suited platforms. They also give students the opportunity to network with trainers. "We want to maximise the potential of children all around the globe by equipping them with practical skill sets that will enable them to achieve maximum achievements. We provide personalised services to a broad spectrum of clients by giving AI-enabled real-time insights. Our courses enable participants to obtain the required skills for their topic, which will help them grow holistically for their vocation. We want to deliver efficient and high-quality education to individuals all across the world "Verzeo, CEO of Verzeo Subrahmanyam V V.

The organisation has a strong presence in Singapore and Dubai, and it now intends to provide content and lessons in all major languages across the globe.

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