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Persistent Company

Persistent Company

If you are a computer science student or investing money in the stock market, you must listen to the name Persistent. Persistent is an Information Technology-based company that provides some services related to this field. Persistent was established in 1990, and at that time, its name was persistent system private limited. At the end of 2010 company's directors and CEO decided to make it a public company, and from that, they opened their share for everyone, and from there, it became known as Persistent system limited. If you are an IT student or interested in Persistent, this article will give you brief information about this company.

Starting of Persistent

Dr. Anand Desh Pandey founded it, and at that time, it made its headquarters in Pune ( a city situated in the Indian state Maharastra). We saw that it was founded in 1990 but at that time in India, there was a small market for information technology, and because of that, this company has to take so much time to grow itself. At the start of 1990, Anand was doing a job in a software company. Still, after some time, he found that the projects done by him and his colleagues were too much expensive, and for making that, his company was paying them significantly less salary. To solve this problem, he started his own company and made it a powerful software company with the help of his colleagues.

Current Condition of Persistent

Maybe they start their company with a small office but are currently a big IT company and have captured a good market worldwide. It is a worldwide company with 50 offices in 18 countries and more than 17000 employees. If you will talk about India, persistent has started its branch in Pune, Goa, Banglore, Hyderabad, Mumbai, and Nagpur. Their current net worth is approximately 337.55 Million dollars, and a significant portion of their income comes from software development. It is an Indian company, but its considerable income comes from North America and Europe, and because of that, they always focus on capturing the market of these countries. Maybe they could generate good revenue from the Indian market, but because of so many software companies, they always prefer to make advertisements in Australia instead of India. Last year this company secured the "Creation and delivery of exceptional Solutions,' and they got this award for providing some brilliant products to its client. From these all, we can say that persistent is an Indian multinational IT company doing excellent work worldwide.

Services provided by Persistent

Persistent Company

If you want to start your IT-related business or want to launch your business digitally, then Persistent can help you. You can take so many services from Persistent; maybe their cost will be higher than other Indian companies, but they hire top-class employees to complete your work, so you should not worry about your work. Let's see the services provided by Persistent.

1. Digital Strategy and Design

If you want to launch your small business online, you should be aware of the online market, and only after this can you generate good income in the online market. Persistent will design your whole business from scratch. For example, they will make your website or app per your requirements and give you a perfect database, cloud operating system, or any other technology required for your business. If you are searching for a name or logo for your business, they can help you even in that condition.

2. Enterprises IT Security

If your business is based on online technologies, then it could be harmed by some hackers or by some other technologies. By this, you would have to face a significant loss in your business, but if you want to save your business with any technology, then you can contact persistent, and they will assure you that no one can harm your business.

3. Data Analytics

Nowadays, every company gets big data from their users or client, and it is a challenging task to analyze these data in a good way, so you can resolve this problem using persistence.

Suppose you want to complete any task with persistence. In that case, you need to contact them at their official site, and for this process, open your chrome and search persistent system. After this, you will see an interface on which you will see the contact us button at the right corner. After clicking the button, you will get a form in which you will have to fill in your basic details just as the name, address, and contact number, and in the main box, you have to write about your business or about that work which you want to complete via persistent. After filling out this form, they will contact you within a few minutes, and if your budget matches their fees, they will complete your task. Most Indian companies like to give their work to other IT companies like Infosys and TCS. They do this because of low budgets, maybe persistent charging a reasonable amount compared to Infosys. Still, their work quality will also be better than any other company.

4. Software Product

If you want to make software for your business or any other purpose, then you can make it through persistence, and they will design your whole software with the database at a reasonable price. The best thing about this category is they will give you a period until you face any problem with your software, then they will resolve it free of cost.

5. Intelligent Automation

Using persistence, you can implement artificial intelligence and robotic systems in your business.

Why Should You select Persistent for Your Work?

  1. They claim that for the last 30 years, they have been leading the software engineering field of Digital Transformation, and from this, they have completed the work of 840 million dollars.
  2. ISG is an organization that rates every IT company based on their client satisfaction, and last year Persistent got the highest client satisfaction score in their report.
  3. Currently, they have approximately twenty thousand industry experts, most of whom will always be available for your work.
  4. They are working in 18 countries from which you can understand their work in the Information technology industry.

How To get a job in persistent

Every year persistent provides so many vacancies in the tech field, and if you want to be interested in any of them, you can apply for them. To apply to them, you should visit their official website, and there you can click on the career section and get many jobs. Still, most of them will be for those people who are already doing some work in the tech field. Still, if you are a fresher, you have to wait for some time because every year they launch a vacancy for a new candidate, and in these jobs, you will get a good salary compared to any other company in this industry. If you can crack their interview, they will select you, and after some formalities, they will start your onboarding.


Persistent is a big tech company, and it shows us the power of tech in the current world. In 1990 Ananad Desh Pandey started this company with the help of his skills; at that time, he kept nothing except his skills. Now he has everything from this company, and you can understand the value of a skill. Their official website is; their current net worth is 5710 crores Indian rupees, and the company provides jobs for 17000 employees. Currently, they are working in 18 countries. They have celebrated with many big tech companies like Google, Microsoft, Adobe, and others, and they generated good revenue from this collaboration. These were some great things about the persistent company, but the main thing about this company is that it started with some of Dr. Annad Desh Pandey's skills. However, we can see that many people have more talent than this man, still working for a monthly salary. It happens because of our leadership skills and guts to take risks. You can join any technology company to improve your financial condition or to learn some skills, but within a few years, these needs will be fulfilled. After that, you should start your own company, and only with this mindset can you make a massive company like persistent neither you have to wait for your salary till your last breath.

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