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Asus Company

Asus, or Huáshu in Chinese, is the company's name. According to the corporate website, the name, Asus is derived from Pegasus, the Greek mythological winged horse. Asus has used the phrase "Rock Solid" as a marketing tagline. Heartfelt (2003-2009) and Inspiring Innovation Persistent Perfection (2009-2013) were the first two albums released. In Search of Incredible has been the tagline of the company since 2013.

Asus Company

T.H. Tung, Ted Hsu, Wayne Hsieh, and M.T. Liao formed Asus in Taipei in 1989, all four of whom had previously worked as hardware engineers for Acer. Taiwan had not yet established itself as a market leader in computer hardware. Intel Corporation would first supply new processors to larger companies like IBM, with Taiwanese enterprises having to wait six months after IBM received their engineering prototypes. According to Asus's history, the business developed a motherboard prototype for use with an Intel 486, although it did so without access to the actual processor. Intel had difficulty with its own 486 motherboards when Asus approached them to seek a processor to test. Asus found a solution to Intel's problem, and it turned out that Asus' motherboard functioned just fine without any additional modifications. Asus has been obtaining Intel engineering samples ahead of the competition since then.

On March 9, 2006, Asus, along with Samsung and Founder Technology, was confirmed as one of the first manufacturers of Microsoft Origami models. A joint venture between Asus and Gigabyte Technology was launched on August 8, 2006. At COMPUTEX Taipei on June 5, 2007, Asus introduced the Eee PC. Asus announced the availability of the BC-1205PT, a BD-ROM/DVD writer PC drive, on September 9, 2007, indicating support for Blu-ray. ASUS followed up with a slew of Blu-ray-capable laptops.

As a result of Garmin's decision to abandon the smartphone industry, Asus and Garmin announced in October 2010 that their smartphone relationship would end. The two firms collaborated on six Garmin-ASUS smartphones during the previous two years.

The Asus U36, the world's thinnest notebook, was released in December 2010 with an Intel Core i3 or i5 processor with only 19 mm.

Consumers rapidly migrating to tablets and Ultrabooks forced Asus to formally stop manufacturing the Eee PC series in January 2013.


The headquarters of Asus is located in Taipei's Beitou District. Asus had manufacturing facilities in Taiwan (Taipei, Luzhu, Nangang, Guishan), mainland China (Suzhou, Chongqing), Mexico (Ciudad Juárez), and the Czech Republic (Taipei, Luzhu, Nangang, Guishan) as of 2009. (Ostrava). The Asus Hi-Tech Park spans 540,000 square meters (5,800,000 sq ft) in Suzhou.

Asus has approximately 400 service partners and 50 service centers spread throughout 32 countries.


Asus also released several Android-based smartphones, including Intel CPUs rather than ARM processors, and often had two SIM slots. Asus has a significant presence in major mobile markets such as India, China, and other Asian countries. The ZenFone series is what it's called. Most Asus smartphones employ Intel Atom processors, except a few Padfone and ZenFone 2 models that use Qualcomm Snapdragon. In contrast, the following phones in the series now use Qualcomm Snapdragon or Mediatek systems-on-chip.


On June 27, 2012, two iterations of the Nexus 7, which were produced for and marketed as Google, were announced for release in July 2012. Asus unveiled a successor to the Google Nexus 7 on July 24, 2013. It was released two days later. In addition, Asus has collaborated with Microsoft on developing Windows 8 convertible tablets. In 2013, Asus unveiled the Transformer Book Trio, an Android-based tablet computer that transforms into a Windows 8 device when connected to a keyboard. A third-party monitor can be connected to the keyboard to create a desktop-like experience.

Republic of Gamers (ROG)

Since 2006, Asus has utilized the Republic of Gamers name to market a variety of computer hardware, personal computers, peripherals, and accessories geared mostly at PC gaming. The series includes both PCs and laptops with high specifications.

Asus unveiled and announced a ROG-branded gaming smartphone at Computex 2018 to compete with ZTE's Nubia Red Magic, Xiaomi's Black Shark, and the Razer Phone. In March 2021, Asus released the ASUS ROG PHONE 5 Series, which included an Octa-core Qualcomm SM8350 Snapdragon 888 (5 nm) processor. The ROG Phone will come with an overclocked Snapdragon 845 processor, vapor cooling, an external heatsink fan with USB-C and headphone ports on the bottom, and three different docks. It will be available in Q3 2018.


Asus got 11 EPEAT Gold Awards for their goods in October 2008, including four N-Series notebooks: the N10, N20, N50, and N80. The identical N-Series laptops were awarded EU Flower certification at an award event in Prague the following month. Det Norske Veritas awarded portable laptops the world's first EuP (Energy-using Product) certification in December 2008.

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