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Cipla Company

Cipla Limited is one of the leading multinational pharmaceutical companies based in India. Its headquarter is in Mumbai, Maharashtra. Khwaja Abdul Hameid was the founder of the company. Y.K. Hameid is the Chairman of the company, and Umang Vohra is the CEO of the company. Cipla appointed Dr Raju Mistry as Global Chief People Officer on 23 April 2019. There are 22,036 employees working in this company. Built on the foundation of 'Caring for life', the company assures the availability of quality and low-cost medicines to the population. Cipla Limited targets the evolution of new formulations and owns a large variety of pharmaceutical manufacturers to fulfil the everyday requirements of the patient.

Cipla Company

Cipla has become one of the most recognized pharmaceutical names in India as well as over 100 nations. Their portfolio contains more than 1500 products across an extensive variety of therapeutic categories. Along with the supply of long-term sustainable business, Cipla acknowledges its responsibility to come up with affordable medicines for the patients. Cipla basically produces drugs to treat respiratory diseases, cardiovascular diseases, diabetes, obesity and depression, arthritis and many other types of medical conditions. In 2020, during the covid 19 pandemic, Cipla came up with a variety of drugs to treat the infection caused by the virus, including a generic form of Remdesivir produced under the voluntary license agreement from Gilead Sciences. Cipla also sells APIs (Active Pharmaceutical ingredients) to other producers along with pharmaceutical and personal care goods. It also coordinates with other ventures like consulting, purchasing, engineering, project evaluation, traceability, quality assurance and plant supply.


In the last financial year (2020-21) ended in March 2021, the company saw a huge surge in revenue generated by them over the previous financial year. The total revenue generated by Cipla in the Financial year 2020-21 was INR 13,610.02 crores, which was INR 12,220.22 crores in the financial year 2020. This was one of the highest surges in the revenue generated by the company in terms of percentage growth.


The company was founded as "The Chemical, Industrial & Pharmaceutical Laboratories" by Khwaja Abdul Hamied, a disciple of Mahatma Gandhi, in 1935 in Mumbai. On July 20, 1984, the name of the company was changed to "Cipla Limited". The company's mass drug production services were approved by US FDA (Food and Drug Administration) in 1985. Yusuf Hameid, son of the founder of the company and a Cambridge educated pharmacist, supplied generic AIDS and other medicines to serve and treat the people living in the developing world who were unable to afford the drugs. After the death of Khwaja Abdul Hamied, the business was inherited by his son Yusuf Hameid and Mustafa in 1972. Deferiprone, the world's first oral iron chelator, was introduced by Cipla in the year 1995. In the year 2001, the company came up with antiretrovirals (drugs used for HIV treatment) for a fraction of the price (350 dollars per year per patient).

In 2013, the South African company Cipla-Medpro, was possessed by Cipla as its auxiliary. Later, the company's name was changed to Cipla Medpro South Africa Limited. At the time of possession, Cipla-Medpro were the distribution partner for Cipla and the third-largest pharmaceutical industry in South Africa. Previously, the company was known as Enaleni Pharmaceuticals Ltd. and was founded in the year 2002. Later in 2005, Enaleni purchased all the shares of Cipla-Medpro, which has been a strategic partnership between the two Cipla, and Medpro Pharmaceuticals. In the year 2008, the name was changed to Cipla-Medpro.

Awards and Achievements

Cipla Company
  • In the year 1935, Dr K A Hamied, founder of the Cipla, established Cipla Ltd, which made India a self-reliant nation in healthcare
  • In the year 2005, Cipla Ltd was honoured with the Pharma Excellence Award
  • In the year 2006, Cipla Ltd received the International Trade Award
  • In the year 2007, Cipla Ltd was listed in Forbes's Asia
  • In the year 2012, Cipla Ltd received the award for Outstanding Export performance
  • In the year 2013, Cipla Ltd was honoured with the Excellence Award in Environment Health & Safety
  • In the year 2014, Cipla Ltd received Economic Times Lifetime Achievement Award

Quality Assurance

Cipla ensures a tradition of agreement and acts in accordance with the organized interventions to frequently meet or exceed the quality standards.

The company believes that in order to build up the foundation of a level headed brand depends on achieving high standards of quality in their every manufacturing. In every phase of their operations, inclusive of acquisition, manufacturing, transportation and safe product disposal, quality is embedded. For the past few years, they have been focusing on strengthening their Quality Management Systems to fulfil and exceed the recent requirements of regulatory agencies such as CISCO, US FDA, MHRA, TGA, MCC, WHO and many more.

Cipla Limited is committed to reaching zero defects and executing uncompromising quality controls to assure that each product released from its manufacturing services sticks to every accessible quality and regulatory standard. This recognition of frequently serving high-quality products has played a significant role in making them one of the key partners of choice for non-Government and multinational Government organizations all over the world. The company organizes vendor audits orderly to assure conformity to applicable quality standards all over its value chain. The QbD (Quality by Design) and DQA (Development Quality Assurance) team work intimately with the R&D function to assess the quality while clinical experiments, tech transfer and molecules development.

The Quality Control team sets and carry out strong practices to assure quality during the manufacturing procedure. After the manufacture, this is assisted by cautious and harmless destruction of damaged and expired products besides strict pharmacovigilance. The Company works on a business strategy with an innovative viewpoint that visualizes the anticipated managerial evolution. The Company possess the latest manufacturing services that are cGMP flexible in accordance with national and international standards. Facilities provided by the company assures quality by persistently upgrading the products, adapting technological advances, and executing the company's graded processes.


This is one of the essential components of quality and standard checks, which enables not only Cipla but all the big drug manufacturers to adopt all the required measures which are necessary for identifying and enhancing awareness regarding side effects of the drugs manufactured by the company. Apart from the normal SOPs (Standard Operating Procedures) prescribed by the CQA (Centre for Quality Assurance) for addressing the quality and standard related complaints, Cipla has also adopted a global pharmacovigilance system in which they more effectively handle and process all the consumer complaints related to quality and standards of drugs manufactured by them. In this global pharmacovigilance system of Cipla, they have deployed a whole team of pharmacovigilance which handles all these consumer complaints and also undertakes measures and methods by which the company can review the current literature to understand the evolving drug reactions better. By investing in all these critical components of pharmacovigilance, the company aids in streamlining & standardizing processes and captures required improvement areas.

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