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Legato Company

Legato Health Technologies is a healthcare insurance company founded in 2017 in Bangalore, Karnataka. It is a private firm that deals with healthcare solutions and has developed a successful pipeline integrating digital technologies into the healthcare system.

Legato Company

As a completely owned subsidiary of Anthem Inc., the company's main aim is to revolutionize the era by introducing advancement in the world of healthcare through digital transformation, operational excellence, and innovation. Founded in 2017 by Mosur Saiseker, it has become a huge success with approximately 20,000 experienced and professional employees. Furthermore, starting from the United States, it has expanded itself to 3 more countries, India, Ireland, and the Philippines.

Legato company works in the following three domains:

  1. Digital and data analytics
  2. Technology services
  3. Business operations

Digital and data analytics

Legato's Data Analytics and Digital Solutions are designed to improve customer experience using data-driven insights, processes, customer analytics, and cutting-edge technology. Legato also employs cutting-edge artificial intelligence (AI) and cognitive technologies to tackle difficult medical problems and business obstacles that improve patient care.

Services in Technology

Legato delivers a solid and resilient technological backbone for health insurers, from application development and maintenance to IT modernization and cloud support. Legato dramatically simplifies member IT operations through intelligent automation and business process transformation.

Business Administration

Legato helps health insurers achieve their vision and goals by providing business support for all important business applications as well as strategic and transformational projects. They even assist health insurers in empowering their partner health care providers and aid them in providing a seamless client experience.

Legato provides health insurers with unique skills and a depth of expertise in all functional areas. Customers have access to end-to-end capabilities in Information Technology, Clinical/Rx/Admin Operations, and Data & Analytics.

Legato has effectively produced tens of millions of dollars in value and savings through lower costs and increased performance since its beginning in 2017.

Legato is progressively working towards fulfilling its mission to revolutionize healthcare - generating tens of millions in value while cutting costs and increasing performance - with a comprehensive emphasis on health insurers and the US healthcare system.

Success stories

For Effective Clinical Management, a Superior Solution Is Required.

A US health insurer with 40 million members and operations in 23 states experienced difficulties finding ready-to-deploy USRNs with extensive clinical domain expertise and keeping existing USRNs. Through the Clinical Build Program, Legato built an agile and scalable methodology to fulfill the need for clinical talent. This programme trains locally registered nurses in specific USRN clinical skills and offers them career advancement possibilities in the clinical setting, resulting in improved medical outcomes and lower medical expenditures.

Using proprietary AI technology to simplify enterprise claims

In the case of the US Health Insurer, 13% of claims were manually handled, resulting in inconsistencies in accuracy and long response times. Hours were lost on adjudication and rework as a result of this. To judge over 1.2 million claims each year, Legato created an AI system with machine learning and natural language processing capabilities.

Enrollment and billing optimization to reduce health insurer risk

Legato created a robotic system that auto-indexes 85 percent of safe and non-secure emails 24 hours a day, five days a week. Enrollment-related communications were previously received through a common email inbox and had to be manually indexed and submitted to the company's inventory system. The files were submitted to the company's work queues for further processing. However, now the operation has become seamless, resulting in easy enrollment and billing.

Key People
Ramon Villacorta Chief Operating Officer
Maynard Guilles Director, Service Operations
Salin Kataria Director, Clinical Operations
Pawan Sachdeva Staff Vice President
Andrew Abrenica Director, Procurement
Ed Gilman Director, Provider Operations
Office Locations
Bengaluru, IN (HQ) Manyata Embassy Business Park Floors 7-10 Block L1, Banyan Outer Ring Road
Kokapet, IN ORR Service Road Opp. Babukhan Arena
Bengaluru, IN No 31, 1, Marathahalli - Sarjapur Rd, BTM Layout, Kaverappa Layout, Hadosiddapura, Chikkakannalli
Iloilo City, PH Iloilo Business Park, Enterprise Rd, Mandurriao
Taguig, PH Makati Ave
Company Competitors
Hero healthcare provider private
Infosystems healthcare provider public
Conversa health healthcare provider private
Welldoc healthcare provider private

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