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AWPL Company

AWPL Company

AWPL is a abbreviation for the Asclepius Wellness Private Limited; it is a multilevel marketing firm working in India. It is headquartered in Dwarka, New Delhi.It is a startup founded in 2014. AWPL sells Ayurvedic Products for wellness, food, oral concerns, hair products and also beauty related products, and many more. The firm is working with a legal and proper marketing plan to assure the security and safety of the products and of the company. The firm is not only providing employment to the people, but it is also providing a good environment and growth to all those people who are part of their team or working with them.

History and Establishment of the firm

Talking about the AWPL foundation, the firm's founder is Sanjeev Kumar and ShriMam Chand Raipuriya. Asclepius Wellness Private Limited was first registered in 2013 under the Companies Act of the Indian Government, and in 2014, the firm started working in the field. The main purpose of the firm is to provide people with good products and promote the use of herbal products in the country. They are also trying to support the finance of the firm and for the betterment of the country as well.

Achievements of the firm

Year Name of the award Given by
In the year 2019 International Excellence Award Mrs. Kareena Kapoor Khan
In the year 2021 Champion (1st price) By Change Award
In the year 2019 India's Greatest Brand & Leaders By Asia One
Not given Sankalp Se Siddhi Award By the former judge of the high court (RS Sodhi)
Not given Indian Icon Award (IIBA) By Actress Tanaz
In the year 2018 Bharat Shaurya Shree Award Not given
In the year 2019 Millennium Brilliance Award Actress Ms. Kangna Ranaut

Management Team

The firm is praised by the Management group, which is well trained and experienced for more than 15 years in the field of health and wellness as well as beauty products. The leaders of firms are well aware and work with a focus on the quality, trust, and transparency of their customers. Mentioning all the team members isn't possible, but here is information about the head members of the team.

CEO of firm

Mr. Sanjiv Kumar is working as the CEO and the MD of the firm. He belongs to the small city of Uttar Pradesh, Ghaziabad (ModinagarCity). He completed his schooling as well as his higher studies in the same city and got his first job in the Indian Army. While working in the Army, he also took part in border security. He facedharsh situations many times, but this developed a determination to work more for the country and its people. And with this thought, he decided to leave the army after working in it for nearly 16 years to serve the country in different ways.

Later, He started learning the fundamentals of direct marketing, and after spending almost 3 years in the same market, he created a qualified team with thousands of people. His team followed him with the whole dedication and worked hard with him to develop the firm and assisted many people in becoming financially free and established.

The Director of the Firm

Mr. Mam Chand Raipuriya is the director of the firm. He was born and bought up in the small town of Rajasthan, Alwar, and completed both his early schooling and higher studiesinthe same city. He did his post-graduation in Business Administration from a renownedcollege Symbiosis Institute of International Business. As Sanjiv Kumar, he also took his first job in serving the country through the Indian Navy, where he worked as an Administrative Officer and also a finance person for 20 years. Later he worked in the field of sales and marketing for nearly 7 years. In the year 2014, he made a decision to utilise his knowledge in the right place and use his expertise in the field of finance and marketing for the betterment of people. He gained his experience through the Indian Navy's finance department, and this makes him ready for every tough situation and manages all the activities in the firm more sturdily. He is using all his knowledge in the right place and bringing more new ideas to grow and provide better products to the customers with the experience he holds.


This corporation is giving more than 52 goods into five different groups; these groups are divided to cover mostly all main diseases.The firm provides a huge range ofproducts which are mainly in the different sectors such as products regarding the health care, daily fundamentals, food supplements, beauty products, products that can help with hair growth concerns, oral choices, and agricultural linked products. The firms made sure that theproducts must be created with the help of correct scientific methods, contains only green ingredients, and get done with the latest manufacturing procedures.

Own Manufacturing Plant

The firm is so concerned with providing the best products to their customers, and that is why they manufacture all the products that are being produced with the help of their team at their manufacturing plants. Every product they are providing assures the quality,and it is created with a customer-focused approach and is being provided in the entire country. The corporation currently has more than 550 C&F (channels) PAN India and storehouses in all main states; this ensures that the customers don't suffer to get the products no matter where they are in India.

The Goal of the Firm

Asclepius Wellness Private Limited is one of the fastest firms to grow in the field of health and welfare. The chief reason behind the firm is not only to earn money but also to give power to every customer to choose what they want and how they desire to live their life. Many firms are earning huge revenue by selling their welfare and health products to their customers without caring about quality, what customer expects the product to be,or what effect it can make on their lives, and this is why the firm is trying to provide the best to all their costumers and also grow the firm as well.

Social Conciousness

The firm is not only doing all their business-related activities, but they are also working for all their social duties as well as helping the world to be a better place. The corporation makes sure that whatever they do makes an effort and helps the world do better. They are following every rule and volunteer all trade practices.

The firm provides services related to the physical condition, prosperity, and pleasure. It pays attention to inspiring the lives of the entity who comes and turns into the division of their business experiences.

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