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When agriculture is appropriately valued, food is sustainable, and farmers are allowed to develop and succeed, we will have a far more significant effect on society. After acquiring Arysta LifeScience, UPL, the fifth-ranked agrochemical firm in the world, became a leader in the world's food systems.

UPL Company

UPL is presently present in more than 138 countries and has annual sales of $5,040 million. 90% of the world's food supply is accessible to us on the market, and UPL Company is dedicated to encouraging growth and advancement for the whole agricultural value chain, which includes producers and distributors. UPL Company is now a Leading Biosolutions Company and the World's Leading Provider of Sustainable Agricultural Solutions

UPL Company
  • More than 10,000+ Employees in the world.
  • Almost 13,000+ Registrations for products.
  • The UPL Company has 138 Nations with a Sales presence.
  • 50+Years Of Perfection.
  • UPL Company has 462 Billion in Revenue in FY22.
  • UPL Company has a $1.4B Ebita in FY22.
  • UPL Company has 19% Growth per Year
  • UPL Company has 43 Manufacturing Facilities.
  • UPL Company has 18 R&D Centers.
  • Partners in innovation and suppliers.
  • UPL Company provides a comprehensive range of patented and post-patent products as a successful entrepreneur.
  • Agricultural solutions, such as biological crop protection for a variety of specialty and arable crops
  • spanning the entire agricultural value chain, post-harvest solutions, and seed treatment.

Agricultural Solutions:

UPL Company

Applications with a Specialty:

  1. UPL Company has a more significant competitive advantage thanks to its concentration on specialized applications and regionally specific uses in high-growth agricultural regions while preserving a lesser vulnerability to commodity grain prices.
  2. Crop protection products for specialized and niche crops, solutions for neglected or difficult-to-control pests, alternative application techniques including seed and soil applied technology, and bio-based products are examples of specialty applications.
  3. UPL Company's capacity to produce customized local products made up of one or more formulated, ready-to-use combinations of various active chemicals that fulfill the needs of growers of a given crop in a particular country is improved by our global and local marketing initiatives in our key markets.


1. Vegetable and Crop Seeds:

UPL Company

An essential investment for farmers is in seeds since more vital seeds result in higher harvests. UPL innovates for regional demands to supply complex, top-notch seeds all over the world.

2. Management of Plant and Crop Protection:

UPL Company

UPL is dedicated to increasing food security. We assist farmers in protecting and enhancing the growing crops using advanced tactics and specialized solutions to meet local demands.

3. Complete crop protection and nutrition strategies:

UPL Company

UPL company uses top-notch formulation technology and a specialized strategy to create combinations that are incredibly adaptable and sensitive to customer demands. UPL's company goal is to outperform the crop protection chemical industry by concentrating on high-growth, high-value, and high-differentiation areas through novel products and thoughtful treatment strategies. UPL company target every step of the lifecycle of crops and plants.

Growth & Biosolutions Of Plants:

UPL Company
  1. UPL's significant Plant Stress & Stimulation (PSS) pipeline heralds the beginning of a new age in sustainable agriculture as a crucial component of integrated crop production intensification initiatives.
  2. When used with conventional products, UPL's PSS portfolio supports crop stimulation, nutrition, and protection while improving crop resilience to weather risks and biotic stress for increased yield, quality, and sustainably enhanced grower financial wellbeing.
  3. A portfolio was created mainly to Unlock crop growth potential at each of the five stages of the crop life cycle for more efficient and sustainable output.
  4. Developing a crop's genetic potential for increased yield and quality is one of five crucial and interdependent growth phases essential to plants' life cycle.
  5. UPL's PSS portfolio improves agricultural life cycle development by encouraging plant growth.
  6. biological efficiency across each of the five primary development phases, as well as assisting plants in dealing with several stress and growth-limiting factors
  7. By utilizing the energy provided by nature,
  8. Many advantages are available to growers, including increased nutrient availability, absorption, and plant usage efficiency due to improved soil health
  9. Crop emergence and Greenup that is quicker, stronger, and more consistent strong photosynthesis, structure, and growth of plants
  10. Improvements in pollination, grain, fruit, tuber, bolt set, and retention, and uniform enhanced and earlier blooming.
  11. Better harvest quality and shelf life, earlier and more consistent harvesting.
  12. Increased farmer profitability and net marketable yield

UPL Portfolio PSS

Unique multi-component technology boosts plant metabolism at critical junctures of the crop life cycle for a more robust establishment, vegetative development, and optimum reproductive growth. It may be given as a seed, in-furrow, drip, or foliar treatment for higher marketable output.

  • From planting to reaping
  • Growth Vitality Technology

1. Fruit Set Technology (NUE)

UPL Company

This innovative seaweed extract-based technology has boosted more consistent biological activity due to a unique cold/physical extraction technique conserving active components and removing alginate for superior playability and tank mix compatibility for producers searching for new tools to unleash their crop yield & quality potential. Secures & enhances fruit set while also securing & increasing the efficiency of nutrient utilization, enhancing harvest quality.

2. Finishing Technology

UPL Company

A proprietary, bio-available, and organically-certified technological platform that may be administered as a soil drench, drip, or foliar spray throughout the early vegetative/active tillering, pre/early blooming, and grain/fruit-filling phases for better crop standability (anti-lodging owing to increased cell wall strength), vigor (resistance to abiotic stress), grain & fruit set (reduced flower/fruit abortion), and grain/fruits

3. Anti-Stress Technology

UPL Company

This technological platform accelerates physiological mechanisms that improve photosynthetic efficiency for farmers searching for strategies to lessen the effects of abiotic stress?particularly helpful under nutritional pressure. Maintaining crop vigor and output while under stress, which happens during the vegetative development stage, is a significant benefit for growers.

4. Food Security And Post-Harvest

UPL Company

Post-harvest losses may significantly impact food security. Thousands of tonnes of food have been prevented from being destroyed thanks to UPL's post-harvest solutions, which are acknowledged as some of the most efficient.

"Food Gained Is Food Preserved"

UPL is committed to minimizing food loss brought on by pests, illnesses, and poor storage techniques. QUICKPHOS™ by UPL is a strong fumigant. An ammonia-free formulation with a fast-gas release action serves as the UPL MAGNAPHOS™ active component. Modern application technologies patented in most nations work well with UPL QuickPHlo-R™. The only company offering a full selection of fruit coating materials, storage options, services, and equipment is UPL's Decco, which has a global presence.

Storage Of Grain:

  3. QuickPHlo-R™.

About 30% and 20% of post-harvest losses come from cereal crops and root crops. UPL offers quick, easy, and secure methods to safeguard grains and alter this reality.


UPL Company

With Aluminum Phosphide as its main component, UPL Quickphos is a powerful fumigant that comes in tablet, pellet, and bag forms. For the fumigation of unprocessed foods, some other nonfood products, animal feed, and feed additives, and raw agricultural commodities, QUICKPHOS may be used.

  • Multiple applications; 100% efficient.
  • Uniform distribution.
  • High level of safety.
  • No toxins remain.


UPL Company

The main component of UPL MAGNAPHOS is magnesium phosphate, formulated without ammonia, and its most well-liked presentation is fast-gas release. It is a flexible fumigant that may be used on materials for feed, processed foods, animal feed, and raw agricultural commodities that have been kept.

  • Most harmful pests are stopped.
  • Dependable, top-notch formulation.
  • Fast-Acting fumigant that leaves no trace.

3. QuickPHlo-R™:

UPL Company

Modern application technologies thrive on the UPL system QuickPHlo-R, which is patented in most nations.

Fruit Preservation:

Nearly half of all fruits and vegetables are wasted. UPL's Decco offers solutions for improving shelf life with its specialty fruit coatings and storage technologies. Additionally, it guards against damage during shipping and packaging. Deco has also created equipment solutions in various countries, and teams of mechanical representatives are on hand to help you with your packaging requirements.

  • Portfolio of solutions
  • Coatings
  • Sanitisers and cleaners
  • Fungicides
  • storage procedures
  • excellent post-harvest goods and services
  • service group

Zeba Water And Soil Technologies:

UPL Company

UPL Zeba™ is a patented, solid, free-flowing technology that falls under the soil conditioner or amendment category and is designed for the in-furrow application. It has a track record of successfully managing soil solution water while boosting soil health parameters. Increasing the life of water. They allow producers to use water more effectively and fertilize soil solutions to benefit their crops, the soil, and the environment. Zeba may be used in various applications and leaves no residue because it is biodegradable.

Advantages Of Zeba:

UPL Company
  • It lowers the quantity of water required for irrigation in agriculture, allowing for higher output with less water. In addition to assisting with a water supply and related expenses, this reduces the water impact of agriculture.
  • Zeba helps reduce leachates and other environmental toxins while enhancing soil's ability to hold onto water. The crops and the soil microbiome benefit from the moisture maintained in the soil.
  • Zeba interacts positively with vital soil nutrients, which increases the efficiency with which nutrients are used in the rooting zone.
  • It supports the soil food web's health and positively impacts the soil microbiome.
  • Zeba™ is a material product that influences soil function and health aspects.
  • Zeba also has a physical presence in the soil profile, although water is a crucial factor in how soils work. As a result of its starch-based formula, which draws individual soil particles to its surfaces and holds them in aggregates after drying, these aggregates are precisely what many of our soils today need because they directly contribute to soil aeration and bulk density, which in turn creates the ideal environment for the growth of roots and beneficial soil microbes.
  • Zeba may also interact with soil nutrients and has a high capacity for exchange, which improves the soil's ability to exchange nutrients within the soil environment.
  • Zeba is the best solution to support a healthy soil and plant environment because it is well-known that the efficiency of nutrients and water are correlated.
  • This relationship between soil and water is also why Zeba effectively prevents unwanted soil leachates from entering the environment.


1. Nutrient Leaching Is Reduced:

The ability of Zeba to maintain soil aggregates and the microbiome, as well as the soil's increased capacity to store water, all work together to reduce the number of unwelcome leachates.

2. Holding Water:

One of the most significant distinctions between items identical to Zeba is its favorable effect on the environment. Zeba breaks down into a material that is a source of food for bacteria and leaves no behind since it is unequally based on maize starch.

3. Environmental:

Using natural bacteria reduces the environmental effect by improving soil health, plant vigor, resilience, and climatic impact. While reducing water leaching and increasing soil aggregation, the bacteria do not leave behind any damaging residue. They improve the soil profile and make it simpler for crops to absorb nutrients efficiently throughout their life cycle.

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