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Godrej Company

One of the biggest names in the Indian manufacturing industry, Godrej Industries is an Indian-owned international corporation that has been working for more than 125 years successfully and is owned by one of the richest families in India (Godrej family). The firm is headquartered in Mumbai, Maharashtra, and is working in various sectors such as real estate, consumer products, industrial engineering, appliances, furniture, security, and agricultural products. The firm was first started as a lock firm by the Ardeshir Godrej and Pirojsha Burjorji Godrej in the year 1897 as the support for the Swadeshi Moment. Being a huge firm in India, the firm has various subsidiaries and firms which are affiliated with it, like Godrej Industries and its contributory firms Godrej Consumer Products, Godrej Agrovet, and Godrej Properties, also a very popular private investment firm Godrej & Boyce Mfg. Co. Ltd.

Godrej Company

At present, the firm is not only spread in India but all around the world, with various offices and more than 1 Billion customers in the whole world. Also, Godrej is providing various types of assistance to the aerospace department and scientists of India for various space missions. If we talk about the revenue of the firm, it is earning more than 4.1 billion US Dollars, and this amount can vary as they are growing every day. The firm not only focuses on its good performance but has also been preferred for the amazing quality of services and products for a long while, and this is why a vast number of investors trust the firm. The firm also played an important part in the environment, health, and education of the country and supports the Good & Green strategy named 'Shared Value', which can help in getting much clean and green India. According to the firm, its main focus is its customers and their health.

They take much pride in developing an inspirational workplace with a responsive and high-performance ethnicity. They are extremely dedicated to identifying and valuing a variety of cultures and work styles among their staff.

Overview on Godrej

  • Founded by Ardeshir Godrej and Pirojsha Burjorji Godrej
  • Year of foundation- 1897
  • Place of foundation- Mumbai, India
  • Subsidiaries- Godrej Consumer Products, Godrej Agrovet, Godrej Properties, and Godrej & Boyce
  • Number of employees- nearby 28,000 professionals
  • Headquarters- Mumbai, India
  • Providing services- estate, consumer products, industrial engineering, appliances, furniture, security, and agricultural products


The firm was founded in the year 1897 when the Ardeshir Godrej and the Pirojsha Burjorji Godrej put a root of the Godrej Group in India and established a business of locks. The founder of the firm, Ardeshir Godrej, was a Lawyer at first but was already trying to establish a business so that he could contribute his part to India's Independence and Swadeshi Movement; he failed many times in many fields, but luckily Godrej locked business worked for him, and this was a new revolution and start as an entrepreneur for him. But he wasn't satisfied with only this business and decided to grab other opportunities as well.

In 1918, Godrej planned to launch oil soap, but due to Indian nature, they made sure that no animal fat should be used in the soap, and they launched Chavi, which was the first vegetable oil soap in India. This helped Godrej not only have a good image in India and as well as in all the parts of the world where (Ahimsa) nonviolence is supported.

In 1922, when India was struggling with freedom and was fighting against British products, Godrej was authorized by freedom strugglers such as Annie Besant and Rabindranath Tagore. During the year 1923, Godrej was already established as a lock and soap firm. They entered a new field which was the business of Furniture and Almirahs (Indian steel cupboards). Even after so many years, Godrej Almirah is one of the essential parts of Indian marriages as a gift to newlyweds.

In 1943, Godrej (Pirojsha Godrej) bought a village Vikhroli village from an auction by the Government of Bombay. Surprisingly within the next 50 years, the small village changed into Industrial Township with complete care for its people and the surroundings as well. In 1944, when Bombay suffered from a really bad and terrible blast at the Bombay docks, only a few things were able to survive; one of them was "Godrej Safe," and this is when they proved themselves most trustworthy, and the customer loved it.

In the year 1951, to support Indian democracy, they created 1.7 million ballot boxes for the country. Their member K. R. Thanewalla memorized that at that time, they were creating 22000 ballot boxes every day. They proudly accepted that they would be at the plant from seven to seven beyond and hardly ever left earlier than midnight. Just after a year, in 1952, the firm Godrej made a new revolution in the market with a launch of "Cinthol" on the Indian Independence Day that year. Cinthol is a soap brand that was one of the second major soap competitors in India, whereas Godrej No.1 was already one of the most used soaps in India. In 1955, the firm created its first original typewriter in India, which was an achievement.

Until 1957, the firm established a big name in the field of locks, soap, and furniture, but the firm had no plan to stop there. They decided to enter a new market, which was electronics. As being a tropical country, India suffers a lot in summer, and due to this high temperature, it is hard for Indians to keep food or buy expensive refrigerators from foreign companies. This is why Godrej decided to bring budget-friendly Indian refrigerators into the Indian market, and in 1958, the firm launched its first refrigerators in India. This move gave the firm more recognition and trust from the customers in the country. In 1961, the firm also started developing Forklift Trucks in the country, which was also an achievement for the country.

In 1974, the firm was ready to again make a boom in the market, and this is why they launched a hair color product, which was a hair color die, and it was also an immediate success. But the firm kept working on other products and now is full of huge ranges and colors in the product in upcoming years. At present, the firm is one of the main brands of hair colors not only in Asia but also in Africa as well as Latin America. Also, in the same year, the firm obtained a different vegetable oil division in Wadala, Mumbai, for soap and other products. In the year 1989, the firm achieved the milestone of being the first Indian firm to create the PUF, i.e., polyurethane foam as well.

Another revolutionary decision of the company was to enter the real estate market by Godrej in 1990. the firm started working in real estate as Godrej Properties, and this made the firm relive its philosophy of modernism and brilliance in the real estate business in India; just another year, the firm launched Godrej Agrovet in 1991. Godrej Agrovet is an integrated, expanded, Research & Development backed agri-business Corporation, and it is devoted to the Indian farmers to supporting Indian agricultural crises. It is one of the best efforts by Godrej as India has a wide range of agriculture businesses. Although the firm was already working as the food establishing division in the firm, now the firm was a subsidiary and firm of its own. This was their first step in the food industry as well. This made Godrej one of the best names in the country and trusted by both citizens and the governments as well. Until now, Godrej was a firm that was well established in Real Estate, Locks, Soap, Furniture, and agriculture as well.

In the year 1994, another huge step was taken by the firm when they attained the Tanselektra Domestic Product Ltd group. It was beneficial for the firm as the group gave him control over huge brands such as Hit and the Good Night. At that time, the Malaria cases were at their peak, and these brands and products became the first choice of customers to fight from them.

In 1955, the Transelektra planned an alliance with the Sara Lee USA, which helped the firm to create an identity in other countries as well. While the success of the firm was at its peak, the firm celebrated its 100th birthday in the year 1997 as a successful and well-known Indian Brand and took a pledge to do more for the betterment of the country and world. Later in 1999, the firm took a huge decision to include Godrej Infotech with the Transelektra and also changed the name of the firm to Godrej Sara Lee Limited.

In the year 2001, Godrej Consumer Goods were shaped as a consequence of the demerger of Godrej Soaps Limited, and this is when the Godrej Soaps changed its name to the Godrej Industries Limited. Next year in 2002, the firm started its Tea business. Also, in 2003, they decided to create more revolution by entering the BPO solutions and offerings room with the new firm named Godrej Global Solutions Limited.

In early 2003, the firm was delighted with one more achievement when the Chairman and the Managing Director of the firm Godrej & Boyce were awarded the National Honor Padma Bhushan. He was working and giving an extremely important contribution to the Indian economy and industries through his firm. In the year 2004, the firm established the Godrej Hi Care Limited so that they could offer a Safe, Healthy Environment to clients by giving them the expert pest management services

After a year, in 2005, the firm launched Godrej Nature's Basket, which was their next big step in the food market by gourmand retail. Even today, the Godrej Nature's Basket is the leading retail objective for excellent quality foods not only in India but all over the world market. With the time, the number of stores in Godrej Nature's basket is increasing day by day (currently more than 30). In 2006, when the firm was already stepped into the food market, the firm focused on the Godrej Tea and connected it to the Food business by changing it to Godrej Beverages & food Limited. In 2007, Godrej Beverages & Foods Limited created a JV with The Hershey corporation of North America, and thus the firm changed its name to Godrej Hershey Foods & Beverages Limited.

Until now, the firm was making a huge boom in other markets, but this was a time when the firm looked back and made the decision to grow the products that gave them this many customers and success, which was locks. The firm started making some improvements in its locks, and in 2007, they launched India's first revolutionary locks. The locks were the Mechatronic Door Locks with the key with a chip, and also the exclusive Dual Access organized Padlocks which were first locked with two keys so that the owner of the house could give another key to someone they love or trust; it helped so much to the people who had different timing and wanted to stay in the home even when the owner is in not at home.

In the year 2008, when India was working with the Chandrayaan-1 mission (an uncrewed space mission for sending a satellite to the moon). This mission was the greatest scientific space mission for the country because this had the strength to make India one of the greatest nations. Godrej again gave their support to the nation with the help of their expert engineers, who created all launch vehicles as well as the Lunar Orbiters for the mission. Also, in the same year, Godrej made a re-launch of its brand with new colors and with the latest music for the firm.

In 2009, Godrej developed a sky-touching building in Mumbai's Mahalaxmi and named it Planet Godrej, which is an enormous model of sustainable progress. One most interesting fact about the building is it has huge gardens and space, which is hard to find in the most populated cities like Mumbai. Within a year, the firm launched GoJio, which was free and easily accessible through any browser 3 d virtual world and was an innovation by any firm. In the same year, the firm decided to create buildings and workplaces much greener and healthier. Luckily by 2020, they will provide India with a workplace that is healthier, green, and environment friendly and also more good and green products for their customers.

In 2011, the firm set up a Godrej India Culture Lab, which was a place for fluid experiments so that it could help cross-pollinate thoughts and citizens to discover what they meant when they call themselves Modern Indians. Also, in the same year, the firm Godrej & Boyce took a huge decision to stop its typewriter development plant, which was also the last left plant in the world. After two years, In 2013, the firm created a ground-breaking India's hygienic energy landscape, which was built in the Calandria for a 700MW nuclear power reactor for the Nuclear Power company of India and surprisingly just in less time than 30 months only.

In 2014, when the nation was planning a huge mission to transit on Mars for the first time, the firm again gave its support to the mission by providing Godrej Aerospace engines to the Indian Space Research Organization (ISRO). These engines were used in the Polar Satellite Launch Vehicles. Also, Godrej provided accuracy components, which helped in calculating the satellite's route to the millisecond and helped in a successful journey. Also, on 18 November 2014, the firm got going for the Masterbrand 2.0, which was much superior & brighter, and Launched FreeG, which is India's first non-web-based mobile browsing practice. In the next year, the firm launched Godrej One, which is the merger of the Pelli Clarke Pelli Architects and Godrej Properties and also is headquartered at Vikhroli (Mumbai).

In 2016, the firm welcomed the Indian circus as part of them when they acquired the 51% share of the Krishna Mehta's Indian Circus so that they could support the Indian Culture even more. The firm grew even more when in 2017, for the first time name of Godrej Agrovet Limited was on the list of the Bombay Stock Exchange and the National Stock Exchange and made a global presence.

Next year in 2018, the firm made a partnership with the World Green Building Council and decided to create Net Zero Carbon Buildings. This was a new concept by any firm in the country. In the year 2019, the Godrej group created the world's largest reactor, which was 95 meters long and was created for Nigeria's Dangote Oil Refinery. It is said that the reactor's length was more than the Qutub Minar.

In the year 2020, the firm decided to secure the country's border with the army and gave a contribution by being partners with the Ordnance Factory Chandrapur. This partnership was mainly aimed at the creation of the Pinaka rocket assembly line so that the factory could develop the Pinaka rocket assembly line to improve production with high-class and advanced-safety skills for the weapon. Also, in the same year, the firm took an entry to the financial market by providing home loans with the help of Godrej Housing Finance (GHF).

How does the firm operate?

One of the broadest firms in India, the Godrej group works in two main divisions, which are as follows.

1. Godrej Industries Ltd

It is the main investment company that works for the Godrej Group and has a headquarters in Mumbai, India. The firm mainly works in four divisions which are:-

  • Godrej Chemicals
  • Godrej Agrovet
  • Godrej Consumer Products
  • Godrej Properties

2. Godrej & Boyce

This is the extensively working firm by Godrej group working in 10 different industries such as the building complexes, custom engineering, Aerospace, defense ministry, cleaning energy, railway, and even automotive industries. Godrej & Boyce Mfg. Co. Ltd. (G&B) is the flagship corporation that was founded in 1897 in Mumbai, India. The headquarters of the firm is in Pirojshanagar at Vikhroli, Mumbai, India. Still, it also works in foreign places like Europe, the United States, the Middle East, Africa, and Southeast Asia. Mr. Jaymshed Godrej is handling this firm.

This firm has a huge range of Godrej products, and one-third of all these products are environment-friendly products. It not only provides this service, but the G&B also offers a skill development plan which is named Disha, which has been active for the last ten years. The Company is mostly centered on three main supports to go green initiative which is as follows:

  1. Make sure employability
  2. To develop a greener India
  3. Working more for Good & Green goods and stuff.

Units of Godrej & Boyce

G&B mainly works in these divisions

  • Godrej Aerospace for the space departments.
  • Godrej Appliances for the home products.
  • Godrej Construction for buildings
  • Godrej Electrical & Electronics for the electronic products
  • Godrej Interio, which works for home decoration etc.
  • Godrej Locking Solutions & Systems (oldest division)
  • Godrej Lawkim Motors
  • Godrej textile Handling
  • Godrej Precision Engineering
  • Godrej Process Equipment
  • Godrej Security Solutions
  • Godrej Storage Solutions
  • Godrej Tooling
  • Godrej Vending
  • Godrej Koerber
  • Godrej Infotech
  • Godrej Infotech Limited
  • Godrej Korber
  • Veromatic International B.V.
  • Godrej (Singapore) Pte. Limited
  • Godrej (Vietnam) Co. Limited
  • Godrej & Khimji (Middle East) LLC.
  • Godrej Americas Inc.

Godrej is one of the oldest and most prestigious firms in the country, which is working for the betterment and growth of India. It is still working for a healthier and greener country. We can also say within the duration of a few years; this firm can be listed among the successful Indian company at the world level and help India to grow more and develop fast.

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