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Noise Company

Noise is an Indian company for producing and distributing wearables and other such products. It is an electronic industry that leads the current market to manufacture smartwatches as of June 2020. It is positioned among the top 5 brands in India for its blooming creation of Bluetooth-connected earphones. This company came to force due to the collaborative efforts of two brothers, Amit Khatri and Gaurav Khatri.

Noise Company

History of Noise Company

Two founders inaugurated this company - Amit Khatri and Gaurav Khatri, eight years ago. Before making smartwatches and entering into a fine technology, they specialized in manufacturing smartphone outer cases and accessories.

With the expansion of technology and introduction of Noise shots in 2016, their business started taking off. There emerged a vast hope in the upcoming electronic items of this company. The Noise shots became available online on various platforms like Amazon and Flipkart. The Headquarters of this company is in Gurugram in India. The vision of Gaurav Khatri inside a cell phone was the main aspect that made Noise stand where it exists today.

The Reasons for choosing Noise by Amit Khatri and Gaurav Khatri

  • There is a sound within every individual that acts as a pushing factor to pursue one's dreams and work on to realize them fully.
  • The two founders recognized a noise within them, and so was the company established and stands on the ground today.
  • The two founders, having realized a noise that took off their dreams to the next level, named their company after it.

Products and Offerings

The Noise offers personal technology-equipped products of top-notch quality and easily accessible by a young Indian consumer. They became a bestselling brand for the past four years. The products sold by this company are:

i) Wireless Bluetooth Earbuds

The characteristics of these buds include:

  • A charging case with a raven black outer color. The charging can be performed for about 3 hours until 100% battery, and it can be charged more than 10 times a day.
  • It is splashproof and can be carried without much concern.
  • High-quality HD sound and avoids voice cracking, offers comfort to the user.
  • Easily paired with smartphones with the help of a blue tooth facility that could easily be availed in the settings. There is no complexity.
  • A large battery capacity.
  • It can be used while making audio calls and video conferences.
  • It can be utilized for several hours.
  • Easy replacement in 7 days if the user is dissatisfied with the product.
  • One year warranty is guaranteed.

ii) Noise Colour Fit Pulse Grand

  • LCD display for giving a brand new view to the users.
  • Displays analytics of the heart rate and exact digital statuses like sleep monitoring, oxygen monitoring, stress monitoring, menstrual cycle monitoring, and so on.
  • The battery of these devices remains for 15 days.
  • It is a partner of everyday life and is not hindered by water splashes due to its quality of being water-resistant.
  • Due to the exhibition of health status and other such data, it is an everyday friend of the user and helps in guiding him from time to time for taking necessary actions in enhancing the quality of his or her life.
  • You can also select a wallpaper of your choice on the watch's screen.

iii) Noise Smart Watches

  • It offers the facility for calling with a blue tooth connection.
  • Assistant for voice, availability of locale Music, Voice Recorder, SPo2 Monitoring, Heart rate monitoring, and display on full HD.
  • Meditative Breathing, sleep, Menstrual, and other health aspects monitoring.
  • You can also store your favorite music on this device and play it at any time.
  • Normal use for calling purposes is 8 hours.
  • You can quickly and frequently access to quick access dial pad and save and view contacts as well as recent calls.
  • You can save up to 10 recordings in a voice recorder.
  • The price of this watch is rupees 3999.00

iv) Noise shot Neo 2 wireless earbuds with gaming mode

  • Available in several colors like cobalt blue, lime green, amber orange, Raven black.
  • The whole package consists of blue tooth earbuds, a charging case, USB cable, 1 Earmuff, 2 Extra Ear tips, a user manual, and a warranty registration card.
  • Dimensions of these buds are 6.62×3.03×3.98cm, and weight is about 43 g.
  • Protection against splashes of liquid.
  • 20 hours of playtime and hands-free calling.
  • Pay online through debit or credit cards or net banking to place an order for your equipment online or offline.

The success story of Noise

The two brothers had the ambition to introduce their brand among millennials in the technological niche and attract wide traffic for its products. They were inspired by a noise within every human which raises him towards action to realize unfulfilled dreams. The success was not achieved overnight, and both of them had to struggle hard to take place in the market.

The Khatri brothers didn't spend any amount on advertising and marketing in the initial years. The duo decided to pool over rupees 7 crores from their savings and start trading smartphone outer covers.

In 2015, stylish covers successfully made their place in the market, and revenue of rupees 10 crores was generated in the first year.

Though things worked out, in the beginning, a lot easier, the chaos started to rise in the mid. Many competitors emerged for the same segment, and prices began to drop as the local sellers began to take off their business. The duo decided to travel and glimpse into the world of smart accessories after peeking at such a notion.

Over the next two years, Khatri sold smart wearables and wireless earphones, becoming the first among several brands in India to do so. Its starting was a hope to the duo to prosper their business. In the March-end, they earned rupees 72 crores which rose up to 225 crore rupees in the next year and so on. The business became a matter of enthusiasm and building fame for them.

Future plans of the company

  • Wearables are getting known among the people and gaining wide acceptance due to people's desire to stay healthy and free from illness, especially after the pandemic. This gave birth to several opportunities for brands like Noise to keep on producing new variables and introducing them in the market.
  • It is expected that Noise will be adding on new-age technology and characteristics to the wearables and launching premium smartwatches in the coming few months.
  • It also works to improve the quality of its still well-equipped products to make a better portfolio, maintain it and enhance its richness.
  • The motto is to launch a hero product in the market instead of throwing large stocks of products that hardly serve any good.

Customer Reviews about the product

Customer reviews refer to the star ratings, feedback, and other suggestions that a customer shares about a product appraising or criticizing its functionality, favoring or disfavouring the product, and drop advice for improvement in the existing products and preferences for the future. Some of the surveys and feedbacks of this company and its products are given as follows:

  • It has a star rating of about 2.9 out of 5.
  • It has got 5 stars from 33? of the population, and 67 global ratings have been received at present from the overall general public. The public's views have the power to fame and defame a company and its products. Some of the reviews of these products are given in detail as follows:
  • It has good battery It can easily go for 15 to 17 days without charging.
  • Some customers marked it as a top-notch product with a smart look and a facility for adjusting contrasts and technical aspects.
  • It offers better heart monitoring, and battery life is again suitable. The suggestions include improvement in notifications and timely updates inside the watch.
  • Better Bluetooth connectivity and uses less battery can be put to other uses that were not fulfilled previously.
  • A unique model and worth the money paid for it.
  • Some customers expect improvement in notifications, caller name, WhatsApp alert steps, Hr monitoring, and other such functionalities, rest all the services are worth the price paid for it by the customers. Everything works fair, and customer satisfaction is ensured.
  • The functionality of this product declines after 6 months of usage, but until then, it offers top characteristic services, and hardly any discrepancies originate from the customers' side.


Every individual has a sound within himself that drives him to act in favor of his dreams and realize them in actuality. The noise company was a result of the sound within two founders who had sound planning and vision towards their life. Starting from a few stocks to relatively large accessories, smartphones, blue tooth earphones, this company struggled hard and, in the end, successfully made its place in the market and set an example for others to learn and follow from it.

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