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Petrol Company

Petrol Company is a very popular oil allocating firm that belongs to Slovenia. It is one of the main petrol firms in Slovenia and the erstwhile Yugoslavia. There are more than 500 petrol stations under the Petrol Firm, out of which 300 are in Slovenia itself. The other 100 are in Croatia, approximately 42 of those Petrol stations are divided in the area of Bosnia and Herzegovina, 15 of them are in Montenegro, and nearby 15 are successfully running in Serbia. This firm has been working for more than 75 years, and it is reflecting and adapting the improvement every day in the Adriatic area. They are trying to be the primary break-in every ride and are working to provide the power for all the forthcoming modifications.

Petrol Company

The firm is working with the support of all the latest technologies. This is why it is getting better energy effectiveness, providing renewable resources, and renovating traditional behavior of how energy goods are sold or been used in past days. They are trying to smash new positions with more trustable mobility. They feel very confident to be an element of ongoing pilot missions that emphasize all they are doing.

As the partner of the manufacturing firms, the community sector, research centers, dealers, and housekeepers, the firm is moving forward in the direction towards attaining key ecological objectives and understanding the fact that power is us, collectively.


The corporation was founded in April 1947 as Jugopetrol (inital name) in the beautiful metropolitan of Ljubljana. Later in 1953, the firm changed its name to "Petrol" and moved ahead with the same name in 1953. After some years, in the year 2010, the Petrol Company obtained another gas firm, Croatian Gas Corporation, which mainly works for the gas storage space and the business dealings of liquid gasoline gas.

Area of Significant Activities of the Petrol Company

The firm earns a huge amount of income by supplies of these products:

  • Sale of oil goods

As the name suggests, this firm earns a good amount of income with the sale of gas or oil products that are related to petroleum. Calling petroleum their core business isn't wrong in any way, as they secured a huge part of shares in Slovenia with the help of it. They work with the motive of inspiring others and supplying the energy to achieve what they desire, so sales of oil production are their main field of earning.

  • Sale of products

Petrol Company is pleased with the capability to sense what their clients wish and to please their true wants determinedly. They sell products that are necessary by having the insights of the clients. They provide different products from the well-known merchandise and service products like Petrol Klub, Fresh, Hip Shop, Tip Stop, Petrol travel, eShop, etc. A whole lot of stuff from repair, car wash, and auxiliary items related to food and the coffee, it provides everything to someone who travels a lot.

  • Gas trading

They believe each thought conceals the chance for expansion. They are speeding up the commerce idea by constructing and increasing the network of providers of natural gas and watery petroleum gas.

  • Power supply

Petrol Company is kin to increase the power of their dream. And this is the reason why they are offering inclusive energy contribution to households and tiny and medium-sized enterprise clients. The vicinity of energy discovered its area in the portfolio of Petrol's activities in 2001. It moderately advanced the prevailing delivery of energy sector items and positioned Petrol among the vendors of the energy sector supplier.

  • Power and environmental structures

The surroundings have constantly been a supply of ideas and accountability. The power and environmental structures of Petrol Company include the allocation of herbal gas, regional heating, ecological solutions, power solutions, and power production. They're concentrated on power-efficient solutions and nature-pleasant services.

Products and Services

Petrol Company not only provides petrol and types of diesel but it also provides many other services, so let's have a look at them.

1. Petrol stores

This is one of the best services by them where you can discover a store at each Petrol station. You can buy the product while getting fuel as you can easily go and purchase all the items you need, whether you need drinks or a detergent for your laundry; you can also get magazines, items for your car, and other goods for daily use.

2. Coffee on the Go

This service is unique where the customer can get a coffee break while they are at the Petrol station for refreshment and treat themselves with a handily available coffee. They can buy and enjoy the amazing taste of their freshly-ground (Claimed by them) Coffee while traveling. The person who is traveling or driving for a long while or is tired can find this service life savior for them.

Supplementary Services

There are many other services available at the Petrol store. You can pick up your parcel, buy a ticket for the concert, even pay for the daily bills (such as phone, electricity, and many others), and participate in the fun lottery with ease. You can also avail the service of printing documents that you need. There are further services available in these stores, which are as follows.

1. Fresh food and Snacks

The Petrol Company provides their customer with the service of picking up the sandwiches. They can also enjoy freshly baked bread; they can order their favorite food items or snacks such as a tasty burger, different kinds of pizzas, or smoothies at the petrol station.

2. Q Max Fuel

The firm provides excellent quality fuels, which boost your vehicle with top performance. It helps you in Driving economically and reduces damaging environmental impact. Petrol Company makes sure the highly-satisfactory range of motor fuels with the help of a complicated and professional management system that is substantiated through several global certificates and officially approved documents. Petrol Laboratory functions within the Petrol Company and is permitted according to the ISO/IEC 17025 for trying out and examining fuels, lubricants, and chemical merchandise, and at the same time, it works as an unbiased group and the primary Slovenian oil laboratory. High-quality fuels integrated with the maximum superior necessities of present-day engine technology with an emphasis on environmental friendliness. They meet all of the necessities that allow the execution of the strictest Euro emissions requirements for engines in phases of fuel which is a work of excellence.

3. Q Max Diesel

The Petrol Company is providing Q Max Diesel which helps in improving the necessities in the EN 590 European standard, which is required for a good quality diesel gas. It helps you in decreasing the gasoline expenditure by up to 3.7%. This diesel provides you 100% advanced hygiene of engine components. Q Max Diesel provides up to 3.2% recovery of energy and 4.4% advanced responsiveness. It helps in lesser resistance coefficient (-46%)

Q max diesel provides you 95% improved safety towards rust. It also condenses the release of NOx and also particulate substances. With the help of Q Max, you can keep total safety towards injector jamming and also decrease the foaming. This latest diesel gasoline is meant for all people who function in the maximum frigid situation, in which cars need to perform even at very low temperatures.

4. Car tires

It helps you in finding your new tires at the Petrol station and picking them up from a huge variety of most amazing brands like Nokian, Hankook, Laufenn, and plenty of others.

5. Car wash

The petrol groups make sure your car glints and shine. All Petrol automobile wash place functions most effectively with the excellent and most flexible bristles and the ultra-modern automobile washes expertise for your vehicle.

Products for your automobile

Petrol provides a vast variety of business lubricants and chemical merchandise, which help them make certain the clean actions of their business procedures; it provides you various products for your automobile to do well.

The major enterprise activity of the agency is buying and selling oil-derived products, fuel lines, and different electricity products. It is an enterprise wherein Petrol single-handedly generates greater than eighty percent of all income they earn. It also has a main marketplace in the Slovenian markets. At the same time, Petrol additionally operates with other items and services, with which it easily creates the other 20 percent of the income. The bulk of Petrol's functions is presently being found in the Slovenian marketplace. It has a different familiar products or services brands which are Petrol Klub, Fresh, Hip-Shop, Tip Stop, Petrol travel, and eShop. The agency is likewise outstanding through a gigantic market and monetary position. The current retail community is Petrol's total advantage.

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